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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I have many words for this election cycle, but I have no strength left to put it into a blog.

Setting the tone for moving forward, we have to consider many things, the biggest one is, do I keep blogging.

Last night, hate and evil won over what is good in America. Last night and today, from watching speaker Ryan, very archaic America beat out new progressive America.

An America chock full of wing nuts - that being the Senate, the House and the Presidency, leaves a sane America, and the world, trembling in their boots.

For those whom Trump called out during his campaign, be very concerned.Our only hope, that this potential child rape case sends Trump to where he belongs.

I will not ever join Trump and his basket full of deporables. I'll let him sink us into oblivion on his own. His values are not mine, his vision for a radical alt right insanity, I will never co-champion.

I sit in wonderment, as to what the all powerful Oz [God] has planned for this country. So it is He that I have to lean on for guidance and strength.

NFTOS will be taking a respite to discuss our future. What transpires, I have no clue. If this is indeed the end, I'll be back for one more blog to thank both; our loyal readers and those 75 million visitors whom have visited this site.

For now, stay safe and be at peace!


Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Bill Maher appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show the night before the 2016 presidential election, and he tried to be funny despite the fact that he was feeling fairly somber.


“It’s not funny,” Maher said of Trump’s presidential candidacy. “This is a different thing. I did a whole mea culpa on my show Friday night, I talked about Mitt Romney, George Bush, Reagan, McCain like it was the end of the world. It would never have been the end of the world with those guys. This is different. This guy is different.”
Fallon then asked Maher if he had anything to say to voters who were still undecided between Clinton and Trump. Maher took a deep breath and, with an exasperated look on his face, went down the litany of Trump’s sins.
“First of all, really? I mean, he’s a racist, a liar, a tax cheat, a deadbeat, a Russian agent, and a sexual predator,” Maher said. “‘How do you find your way out of the door in the morning?’ is what I would say to the undecideds.”
Maher then got serious again and said he’d tell undecided that Trump really is a “different beast” from other presidential nominees we’ve seen.

Roger West

Monday, November 7, 2016


Jake Tapper called out Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Sunday for falsely suggesting that Donald Trump was the target of an assassination attempt at a rally in Reno where a protester was beaten by fans of the billionaire candidate.

After 33-year-old Austyn Crites was pummeled by Trump fans on Saturday for holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign at the GOP nominee’s Reno rally, Donald Trump Jr. and Trump aide Dan Scavino falsely called the incident an “assassination attempt.”

On Sunday, Tapper asked Conway to explain why the Trump campaign was “retweeting misinformation that this was an assassination attempt.”
“It’s scary,” Conway opined. “All the coverage is usually about our protesters wreaking havoc and making people feel afraid. And it certainly goes both ways. I’m with Mr. Trump and the Secret Service routinely. They do an amazing job.”
“I also want to point out because some people are spreading misinformation about the protester,” she continued. “He had canvassed for Hillary Clinton and he had donated to her campaign. So, this is a Democratic plant or operative trying to disrupt our rally. And I think people saw a nimble resilient Donald Trump who would be nimble and resilient as president as well.”


“Except it wasn't an assassination attempt,” Tapper pointed out. “It was apparently a local voter, a Republican who says he is supporting Hillary Clinton. He has given money to Hillary Clinton. He has canvassed for Hillary Clinton. But he says he’s a Republican. But most importantly, he was not trying to assassinate anyone.” 
“This was not an assassination attempt, but why is your campaign spreading that it was?” Tapper wondered. 
“That’s really remarkable,” Conway replied. “That that’s what the story line is here.”
Pivoting to the Democratic nominee, the Trump campaign manager asserted that Hillary Clinton was traveling with Beyonce because she was having trouble getting people to come to her events.

Conway concluded by defiantly offering to retract the assassination claim if CNN retracts “all the storylines, all the headlines, all the breathless predictions of the last two weeks that turned out not to be true.”
“You guys retract that and I'll give a call to Dan Scavino about the retweet,” Conway quipped.
“I never reported anything along those lines,” Tapper stated.
“CNN certainly has,” Conway shot back as Tapper shrugged. “You’ve got to be honest here.”
“We’ve been saying all along that Donald Trump has a path to the presidency,” Tapper insisted.
“Wow!” Conway exclaimed.
“You can say ‘wow’ all you want, I’ve never said that the race was over,” Tapper laughed. “We can replay as many tapes as you want.”


Sunday, November 6, 2016



With 72 hours remaining until Election Day, Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) appear on Erin Burnett (Cecily Strong) OutFront to make their final pitch for the presidency.

Roger West

Saturday, November 5, 2016



Bill Maher last night thanked Donald Trump for exposing his evangelical Christian supporters as the shameless hypocrites they've always been.

Roger West

Friday, November 4, 2016


Melania gave a speech yesterday about cyberbullying during a campaign event for her deplorable husband.

Panelists joined CNN anchor Don Lemon on Thursday night to discuss Melania’s interest in the cause. Lemon started the segment with a chuckle, “She spoke out about online bullying — I wonder if it came as a surprise to her husband.”

Republican strategist Ana Navarro joined the conversation as well with an important message for Melania. Before offering her opinion on the matter, Lemon read off some of Trump’s mean tweets about himself and Navarro.


“He has called me a lightweight, dumb as a rock. He’s called you a flunky, one of the dumbest people in politics, and said you have no talent.”
Navarro explains that yes, it’s an important topic to discuss and an important issue to address.
“It’s often time done under anonymity,” she says. “Donald Trump does it on his own.”
She offers Melania some solid advice and says, “If Melania Trump wants to something against online bullying, really, all she’s gotta do is put a little melatonin in his night time milk, and maybe lullaby him to sleep.”
“Take his phone away, tie his hands up,” she continues as Lemon laughs with her.
She says she understands why Melania finds the issue important but that, “It’s a very difficult argument to make when you’re sleeping next to Donald Trump, who’s tweeting at 3 in the morning and tweeting really ridiculous things.”
“Her spouse is crazy!” Navarro continues, “And tweets crazy stuff in the middle of the night!”


Thursday, November 3, 2016


Yesterday Fuckface Von Clownstick repeatedly called out MSNBC reporter Katy Tur in front of 4,000 people after the Secret Service took precautions to protect her from his supporters at an earlier event.

While speaking to a crowd in Miami, Trump egged on hatred of the media and accused reporters of being “the most dishonest people.”
“There has never been dishonesty like we’ve seen in this election,” he bellowed. “Don’t worry, they won’t spin the cameras and show the kind of massive crowds. They won’t do it.”
“Never before have so many media organizations, old and new, abandoned all pretense of fairness to take sides to try to pick a president,” Trump charged. “It’s unbelievable. For instance, we’ll have a great story. We’ll give it out to the media and they’ll make it look as bad as possible.”
“CNN sucks! CNN sucks!” the crowd chanted in response.

Several minutes later, Trump again complained that the cameras “are not turning around to see this incredible group of people.”
“We have massive crowds, there’s something happening,” he opined. “They’re not reporting it.”
“Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy,” Trump said, pointing to MSNBC’s Katy Tur. “But there’s something happening, Katy. There’s something happening, Katy!”
Tur revealed in an April essay for Marie Claire that the Secret Service had taken steps to protect her after Trump called her out at an event in December.
“It’s unlikely, however, that any of Trump’s future attacks will be as scary as what happened in Mount Pleasant, where the crowd, feeding off Trump, seemed to turn on me like a large animal, angry and unchained,” she wrote. “It wasn’t until hours later, when Secret Service took the extraordinary step of walking me to my car, that the incident sank in.”
“The wave of insults, harassment, and threats, via various social-media feeds, hasn’t stopped since. Many of the attacks are unprintable,” Tur added. “But I’m still ready with a wave. And whether or not Trump wins the White House, I’ll still run for those live shots. What else am I supposed to do?”

Roger West

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


CNN discussions last night over the FBI’s sudden decision to release old files on Bill Clinton, just days before voters go to the polls turned into a shouting match as boosters of Donald Trump ridiculed the idea that there was something suspicious about the document dump.

Trump mouthpieces Kayleigh McEnany and Corey Lewandowski attempted to make the case that there was nothing odd about the release of information about the Clintons so close to the election.


Commentator Angela Rye was quick to point out that the FBI suddenly activated a dormant Twitter account to disseminate information — mostly to the detriment of the Clintons.
‘This is from an account that has not been used since October 2015, before Sunday,” Rye explained. “On Sunday they released the I.G report about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. On Sunday they released surveillance requests about the Baltimore protests having to do with Freddie Gray. The only thing on the Trump side was an investigation about Donald Trump and his father donating to city council members at the time.”
“It hasn’t been used since October and it just so happens that the Friday after Director Comey sends this letter out to the Republican chairmen on the House and Senate side,” she continued. “All of a sudden this account needs to be used?”
“Questioning the integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is not going to win you a single voter –” McEnany began before Democratic consultant Keith Boykin jumped in.
“The election is rigged is an OK thing for you to do?” he exclaimed. “You guys are the kings and queens of the conspiracy theories!”

Roger West

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Keith Olbermann called for the immediate resignation of both FBI Director James Comey and Rep. Jason Chaffetz for their handling of the latest Hillary Clinton email revelations.

A furious Olbermann said Comey and Chaffetz — who had rescinded his endorsement of Donald Trump over a hot mic recording that revealed him boasting of sexual assaulting women — appear to have colluded on the release of the statement Friday afternoon for partisan political gain.
“Why did (Chaffetz) late Wednesday night suddenly pivot back to supporting Trump?” Olberman said. “Why did he reverse 36 hours before Comey’s historically slovenly, craven note that left Pandora’s box unjustly unlocked so that a sniveling little coward like Chaffetz could peek inside (and) then deliberately exaggerate what he saw and fuel Donald Trump’s latest delusion rage.”
Olbermann said Chaffetz put words in Comey’s mouth by saying the investigation, which had never been officially closed, had been reopened, although other FBI agents have said Clinton did not send or receive the newly recovered emails.


“Then Donald Trump said that — and lied,” Olbermann said, and then much of the media reported those inaccurate claims throughout the weekend. “By the time they started backtracking, the toothpaste was already out of the tube.”
Olbermann said the timing suggests that Chaffetz is either a prophet or he knew Comey’s note was coming.
“If Chaffetz knew Comey’s note was coming, then he and Comey or other sources in the FBI have colluded to try to manipulate the election, in which case Mr. Chaffetz and Mr. Comey may need the best criminal defense attorneys that money may procure,” Olbermann said.
He wondered whether Chaffetz tipped off Trump about Comey’s note, and Olbermann wondered who could “clear this up a week and a day before the most important election since before the Civil War?”
“(Chaffetz) and James Comey may have been the lynchpins in a plot to turn over this country by treachery to Donald Trump,” Olbermann said. “It is a plot that is indeed, as Trump boasted, worse than Watergate.”

[h/t rawstory]


Monday, October 31, 2016


Pete Williams reported on Sunday that Donald Trump’s baseless claim of a “rigged” election influenced FBI Director James Comey to break with the Justice Department’s policy against taking actions that could influence elections.

Although longstanding Department of Justice guidelines have cautioned against disclosing investigative steps within 60 days of an election, Comey recently informed Congress that he had directed the FBI to investigate newly found emails that may or may not be relevant in the probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Williams explained on Sunday that Comey, in part, broke with tradition — just 11 days before the election — because of Trump’s bogus warnings about a “rigged” system.


“They believe that they did the right thing by telling Congress about this development,” Williams said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “And their logic goes something like this, that the fact that the discovery of these emails was going to leak, that if it leaked it would come out in all sorts of different ways and be interpreted in all sorts of different ways and that the best way to handle it was just to get out in front of it.”
“And secondly,” he continued, “they thought that if they waited until after election and then it was discovered that they had found these emails, that would play into this whole scenario about how the system is rigged.”
Williams also pointed out that Comey and the FBI still did not know what was in the emails.
“They don’t know whether they are significant to the question of the email investigation,” he explained


Sunday, October 30, 2016


FBI Director James Comey acted against the directives of U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials when he sent a letter to members of Congress on Friday about new emails that may or may not relate to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, according to three media outlets.

The New Yorker, Washington Post, and ABC News all report that DOJ officials, who oversee the FBI, made it clear to Comey that the letter would go against long established protocol.

An anonymous DOJ official who spoke to the Post told Comey that the letter would go against the position that the agency doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations, nor that it takes any actions that could be seen as influencing an election. “It was conveyed to the FBI, and Comey made an independent decision to alert the Hill. He is operating independently of the Justice Department. And he knows it,” the source said.

The New Yorker even reports that the issue went as high as Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who, according to an anonymous administration official, told Comey that her preference would be not to send the letter for the same reasons.
“You don’t do this,” a former senior Justice Department official told the magazine. “It’s aberrational. It violates decades of practice.”

That practice was codified even further in 2012, when then-Attorney General Eric Holder sent a memo to all DOJ employees about “election year sensitivities.” It reads, “As Department employees…we must be particularly sensitive to safeguarding the Department’s reputation for fairness, neutrality, and nonpartisanship.” It instructs anyone with questions “regarding the timing of charges or overt investigative steps near the time of a primary or general election” to contact the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division.

A DOJ spokesperson declined to comment to the New Yorker as to whether Comey contacted that division.

According to the New Yorker’s source, Comey told Lynch that he had to break with the agency’s protocols because he had told Congress he would inform lawmakers of any developments in his investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private server. He also “felt that the impending election created a compelling need to inform the public,” New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer writes.

In his own explanations of his actions to FBI employees in a letter he sent to them on Friday obtained by the Washington Post, he wrote, “Of course, we don’t ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations, but here I feel an obligation to do so given that I testified repeatedly in recent months that our investigation was completed. I also think it would be misleading to the American people were we not to supplement the record.”

The Clinton campaign has already accused Comey’s letter of being “long on innuendo and short on facts,” as campaign Chairman John Podesta put it in a call with the press, and called on him to give more information to the public. “His first duty is to the American people,” Podesta said. “We hope that he will take the occasion to explain why he decided to take this extraordinary step.”

[cross-posted from thinkprogress]


Saturday, October 29, 2016


In his Editorial New Rule, Bill Maher cautions young voters against characterizing the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as picking between "the lesser of two evils."


Roger West

Friday, October 28, 2016


Jimmy Kimmel, Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick punk Donald J. Trump.

From the producers who brought you “The Producers,” #Trumped is a new musical starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Cloris Leachman and the unlikely candidate himself, Donald Trump.

Just Hilarious!

Roger West

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Ana Navarro had a few things to say on CNN about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s now famous meltdown on the Kelly File Tuesday night.

None of them good things about the Trump supporter.

After Trump backer Scottie Nell Hughes attempted to say the conversation should be about Gingrich discussing Hillary Clinton’s “pay for play speeches,” Navarro questioned the wisdom of using Gingrich in any capacity as a spokesperson considering his sordid history.


After host Anderson Cooper called Gingrich’s “sex obsession” tirade “ironic,” Navarro corrected him.
“I think the word you were looking for was ‘hypocritical,'” Navarro began. “Remember Newt Gingrich’s wife? When he was running in 2012, told all of us, told the media the media, said it to the camera. Newt Gingrich offered her the choice between an open marriage or a divorce. So maybe, just maybe, if all of that baggage is on your shoulders, maybe you shouldn’t be the surrogate out there wagging your finger and accusing the woman who was reporting on sexual assault — let me explain it slowly — sexual assault and sex are two things. One is unwanted. One is wanted. So maybe they need to understand that to begin with.”
“Let us not confuse sexual assault and sex,” she continued. “And if you are going to get a surrogate to speak on it, and wag his finger on national TV, maybe, just maybe, go find the Pope or somebody that’s been on his knees in a chapel for the last 20 years. Not Newt Gingrich.”

Roger West

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Amanda Carpenter called out the entire party for letting its nominee Donald Trump get this far. Specifically, she called out the party for not standing against his misogyny.

She started off with a bold claim that, “Somehow this decision was made along the way during the primaries that it was OK to appeal to this very angry, vulgar, alt-right section of the party at the expense of women. There are signs being printed and shirts being made. I can’t even repeat what is on those shirts.”


“At some point, someone in the Republican party should have stood up and said, ‘This is not okay. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior. This is not what the Republican party is about,'” Carpenter says. “No one did that in any concentrated way.”
At the end of the day, her point rings true. It’s on them. Carpenter explained that her fire is not aimed at Donald Trump, but at men within the party generally.
She says, “I want men in the Republican party to be accountable for not standing up and defending women,” adding, “Where are these conservative men that talk about family values, but then go on tv and defend locker room talk? That’s not OK.”
When it came down to solutions, though, Carpenter’s head was in the right place. “They need female supervision from now on,” she says.

Trump nutter Kayleigh McEnany, per her norm, came to the Republican nominee’s defense, suggesting that the party needs to think about the Supreme Court justices that his Democratic counterpart would appoint.
Carpenter had an answer, though. She shot back unapologetically and said, “Once you have someone who has tyrannical impulses in the White House, forget the Supreme Court, it’s over. This guy has no boundaries.”


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Samantha Bee absolutely unloaded on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday night, over his debate comments on partial birth abortion, literally yelling at him: “It’s not a thing!”


“I’m sure Donald Trump would love to outlaw it, she ranted. “It makes the pussies too gross and screamy for grabbing. and while Donald may not understand how abortion works, he should be familiar with the concept of unviable. For instance, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine — not to mention the entire Trump brand on November 9.”
During her attack on the GOP nominee, she labeled him a “dick-waving, Belusconi-knock-off, little bitch.”

Roger West

Monday, October 24, 2016


Scottie Nell Hughes insisted Sunday that she’s not concerned about Trump’s falling poll numbers because his rallies are so big and enthusiastic. In 2012, the Romney campaign believed the same about its large and enthusiastic rallies, but the big crowds there did not foreshadow an electoral rout.

First, CNN anchor Poppy Harlow played video of Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway on Meet the Press Sunday finally admitting that the campaign is “running behind” in the polls. Then Harlow played the Republican nominee himself saying that the polls that say his campaign is losing are all wrong.


“The numbers are looking phenomenal, don’t believe the media,” Trump said.
So, who’s right? Harlow asked. “Are you concerned that your candidate seems to be on a very different page than your campaign manager when it comes to where they stand two weeks out?”
“Well, I don’t think they’re on a completely different page,” Hughes replied. “They’ve been probably on the same page closer than you see Robby Mook and Hillary Clinton on, after some of the disastrous comments he made this morning.”
“But when it comes to Florida, there really is a lot of optimism,” she said. “The reason why the Trump team is extremely happy. Right now, they’re up in absentee ballots. You have the four events that will have the 50,000 in attendance who Mr. Trump will be eye-to-eye with in the next three days. Early voting just is now starting in Florida in 50 counties tomorrow. They’ve not even started really to vote in the lines like we’ve seen in North Carolina and other areas, in Georgia, we’re seeing actually the rural areas are the high voter turnout. And you’re not seeing the same enthusiasm in the more urban areas which often skew more Democratic.”

When asked whether the Trump team is concerned that their ground game is millions of dollars and months behind Clinton’s, Hughes airily dismissed the concerns and pivoted to attack Clinton.
“We always knew going into it that the ‘Clinton Machine’ was going to be huge to defeat, especially when paired up with the amazing machine that the Democrats have built,” Hugues said. 
“Overwhelmingly, right now,” she continued, “females are turning out to vote.” All over the country, she said, women are turning out to early voting in record numbers, which “might” help Hillary Clinton, she said, but not with women who are unswayed by the “recent scandals” around Trump.
Author Hilary Rosen countered with the fact that Clinton is getting the overwhelming majority of women voters.

Hughes replied that the huge numbers of people turning out to Trump rallies puts her mind at rest about the polls. If people are willing to wait in line, sometimes for hours, to see Donald Trump, then they’ll do whatever it takes to get to the polls.

In October, 2012, Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney was actually drawing larger crowds to his rallies than Pres. Barack Obama. However, Romney lost in the polls. Empirically, crowd size is a lousy predictor of electoral success.

[h/t rawstory]


Sunday, October 23, 2016


Saturday Night Live,” actor Tom Hanks went full deplorable. He donned a red “Make America Great Again” hat and sported an over-grown, graying goatee to hilariously channel a “typical” Trump supporter as a guest on “Black Jeopardy.”
“They told me a fella can win some money, so let’s win some money. Get ‘er done,” Hanks said as contestant “Doug.”

Some of the skit’s “Black Jeopardy” categories included, “You Better,” “Big Girls,” and “White People.” After answering a few of the questions, Tom Hanks’ “Doug” offered that he ignores the $40 a month he’s required to put into his 401K, adding that lottery scratchers are the way to go. When there was a question about the new iPhone requiring a thumbprint “for your safety,” Doug answered correctly that it was all a con.

Another question was about the claim that “every vote counts” where Doug replied, “Come on, they’ve already decided who wins even before it happens.”


Saturday, October 22, 2016


Cheeto Jesus' recent rhetoric about rigged elections and a constitutional crisis would fulfill the fantasies of a few of his nutters [followers], who’ve been stockpiling weapons and food as they look forward to what most people would consider a worst-case scenario.

Jim Moseley, a self-described “Christian soldier” from Greenville, South Carolina, is buying extra ammunition and canned goods to prepare for what he believes will be a second civil war, reported The (Toronto) Star.

“Once the trucks stop rolling, the grocery shelves will go empty and gasoline rationing will go into effect,” Moseley wrote in a Facebook message early this week.

The newspaper caught up with Moseley, a 59-year-old retired salesman, earlier this week to discuss Trump’s darkening campaign rhetoric.

It’s clear that, whatever words Trump is using to question the integrity of the election, Moseley and at least some other supporters are interpreting his message as the declaration of a war they’ve been itching to fight.
“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident,” Moseley posted. “Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!”
It’s not clear, of course, whether any of these lone-wolf patriots will act out their violent fantasies — but election officials in some states aren’t taking any chances.

Denver is requiring its 350 election judges to complete active shooter training ahead of the Nov. 8 election, just in case.

A Republican campaign office in North Carolina was fire-bombed over the weekend in a still-unsolved attack, and a Democratic campaign office in the same county was targeted by vandals on the same day.

Right-wing militias, which have grown dramatically during the presidency of Barack Obama and the concurrent popularity of social media, are using the prospect of a Clinton election win to recruit new members.

Three militia members in Kansas were arrested last week in a plot to bomb an apartment building where Muslim refugees — including dozens of children — live on Nov. 9, both the anniversary of Kristallnacht and the day after Election Day.


Friday, October 21, 2016


Keith Olbermann seemed visibly shaken yesterday after Donald Trump said at the third presidential debate that he might not accept the results of the election.
“It was the first time in American history, through dozens of venomous painful campaigns and a series of impossibly close elections, the first and only time that a candidate of a major party had violated the fundamental precept of our democracy,” Olbermann explained. “It shakes every one of our freedoms, it mocks every dead American soldier, it spits in every sacrifice made under our flag.”
“This time it slipped passed no one. Not the moderator, not Fox News, not even,” he continued. “It was not a flash of anger from a man who gets angry once an hour. It was not another slab of red meat thrown to his crazed supporters. It was not another outrageous statement to throw up against the wall in this cheap reality show version of a presidential campaign. He meant it! He means it!”


Shouting at the camera, Olbermann declared: “Donald Trump is not invested in Democracy! Donald Trump is not invested in our Constitution! Donald Trump is not invested in America! Donald Trump is not invested in preventing people from being killed on the streets after an election like this were a Third World police state!”

“Burn. In. Hell!” the broadcaster yelled.

Olbermann concluded by calling on the Republican Party to force its nominee to withdraw.
“Compel him to withdraw! Now!” Olbermann demanded. “Litigate against him, find enough doctors and have him declared psychiatrically incompetent. At minimum, cut off his funding completely and denounce him in the strongest possible terms because this nightmare, this fascist, this Trump is now your responsibility.”

Roger West

Thursday, October 20, 2016


In a CNN a very contentious CNN panel, analyst Van Jones was given a moment to speak after Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany attempted to spin Trump’s stunning declaration that he would “Look at it at the time,” when the polls close as to whether he would concede or not.


One thing is clear, if Trump wasn't done prior to the debate, he is now.

Roger West 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


During a telephone interview with CNN”s Don Lemon, billionaire Mark Cuban was asked if he was surprised by all of the women who have come forward to accuse GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexually assaulting them.



Tuesday, October 18, 2016


GOP representative Renee Ellmers, a Trump nutter surrogate for Donald Trump, told CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that it was “not fair” to make her defend the GOP nominee’s claim that U.S. elections were being “rigged” for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In recent days, Trump has pushed the suggestion that Hillary Clinton will be an illegitimate president if she wins because of “large scale voter fraud,” a claim which experts say is not only preposterous, but it also undermines the democratic system.

Ellmers cried foul on Tuesday when Cuomo asked her about Trump’s remarks.
“We’re talking about the Clintons and we’re talking about Hillary Clinton who is the most corrupt politician to ever run for office,” Ellmers opined. “Ninety-six percent of political contributions have been given to Hillary Clinton from you in the media.”

“Everything you just said has nothing to do with election fraud,” Cuomo pointed out. “There has been a lot of exhaustive research on this. And the idea of widespread fraud in any election, let alone this one, has almost no basis in fact.”
“You are focusing on one area, the democratic system,” Ellmers complained. “That’s not fair! That’s really not what Donald Trump is talking about. He has talked about the rigged media against him… We’re even finding out that the FBI and the State Department was asking for quid pro quo! He is looking at this from a 30,000-foot level. And he is saying when you add it all up, it does amount to fraud.”

“But that’s not election fraud,” Cuomo interrupted. “Don’t undermine the process.”
“What you are doing is you are taking one piece,” the North Carolina Republican replied. “These aren’t individual silos, these aren’t all in a vacuum, they are all cumulative. And they all add up.”
“If you are going to say there’s fraud, you have to prove it,” Cuomo insisted. “This is very dangerous, otherwise, to undermine the election.” 
“No! It’s not very dangerous,” Ellmers remarked. “What’s very dangerous is electing someone like Hillary Clinton behind the backs of the American people. You want proof? I’ll give you proof. I’ll give you proof that this woman is corrupt.” 
“All I’m talking about is the election fraud,” Cuomo shrugged. 
“So, if she’s elected will you have me back afterwards, after there’s proof?” Ellmers pleaded. “It’s the American people that are saying this, the American people think this is a rigged system. So when you criticize, you are criticizing the American people.”


Monday, October 17, 2016


Scottie Nell Hughes suggested on this morning that 1.8 million voters were committing “some sort of fraud” because of outdated voter registrations.

Hughes told CNN host Chris Cuomo that the 2016 election is being fixed in two ways: The media is biased for Hillary Clinton and it is “rigged by the voters on election day.”
“Pew research in 2012 came back and said one in eight voter registrations are inaccurate,” she said. “There is significantly that they’re no longer valuable. That’s 146 million voters in the United States today, 1.8 million has some sort of fraud or has something wrong with their voter registration.”

“The solution?” Hughes added. “Voter ID laws! That’s why the Republicans are pushing so hard for it.”
While the Pew Center on the States did publish a paper on the voter registration system in 2012, Hughes grossly misstated its findings.

The research found that 24 million registrations were “significantly inaccurate,” and that 1.8 million deceased voters were listed on the rolls. Pew did not, however, find that incorrect registration information amounted to “voter fraud.”

Hughes also noted that the purpose of ginning up fears of a rigged election “was all about who’s going to turn their people out to the polls.”
“The Clinton camp has one way of doing it, on strategy,” she opined. “The Trump camp is saying, you have to turn out, there’s no way you can just stay home this year if you want to see a Republican take over the White House.”
In 2014, Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt examined voting data and found just 31 legitimate cases of fraud in over 1 billion votes cast.

[h/t rawstory]


Sunday, October 16, 2016



Ive been saying it for months, and now a video from Media Matters [Carlos Maza] titled, “CNN has a Trump surrogate problem” is here for all to see in all its glory of just how fucked up a Trump surrogate is. Maza, who vivaciously scorches the “Trump Liars Club” pointing to their derelict in honesty and failing to uphold journalistic integrity in the process.

The foursome of bloviated idiots are — Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany, Scottie Nell Hughes and Cory Lewandowski — can be seen nightly mingling alongside ordinary, educated well read people of both parties on CNN. The foursome go about their duty of defending whatever putrid, disgusting thing Fuckface Von Clownstick has said or done in the previous 24 hours.


“At first glance, this seems harmless enough,” Maza said. “Need to show both sides, fair and balanced, yadda yadda yadda, we get it.”
“But these aren't normal political commentators,” he continued. “They are professional bullshit artists. They argue in circles, they change the subject” and use any tactic they can to “bring the segment to a screeching, unwatchable halt.”
In the end, the commentators set up to argue against these appalling liars are all either “tearing out their hair” or “just kind of blankly staring at the camera” in numb, shocked horror and disbelief.

Lewandowski, he said, has appeared as a “political commentator” on CNN" - all while pulling down paychecks from Donald Trump simultaneously, yet no one seems to find this a problem.

At the Media Matters website, Maza has details of the non-disparagement agreement Lewandowski signed as part of his contract with Trump that forbids him from saying anything negative about Donald Trump on the air even if he wants to.

Maza went on to say:
 "But don’t be mad at these four sad, morally bankrupt wind-socks who will defend any and every contemptible thing their candidate does..........“Be mad at CNN,” because what’s happening underneath all of this is that people are being “desensitized to bullshit.”
“It sets a dangerous precedent for all of us,” he said.
When I think of #basketsofdeporables, Nell Hughes, McEnany, Lord, and Lewandowski are at the forefront.

Roger West

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Last night Bill Maher lamented the fact that, even if Trump doesn't become president, we live in a country where nearly half the people think he should be.


Roger West

Friday, October 14, 2016


Jake Tapper yesterday asked Cheeto Jesus surrogate Kayleigh McEnany how it is that she and the Trump campaign can attack Trump’s accusers but not accusers of former President Bill Clinton.
“Every person who accuses of sexual assault should be heard and so should every person accused should be heard,” McEnany said, then saying that many of these accusations against Trump . But in the next breath, she said, “There are a lot of reasons, the facts that lead us to question these accusations.”

Tapper, showing frustration with McEnany:
“Kayleigh, I have to say, because we had a conversation on Sunday during the debate after Mr. Trump brought out the three women who have accused Bill Clinton, two of them of sexual assault and one of them of rape. And you didn’t go into detail questioning their accounts,” he said. “One of them signed an affidavit saying that there had not been any nonconsensual sex and then recanted it. You didn’t have a problem with that inconsistency. One of them didn’t report the alleged incidents to police. You didn’t have an incident with my question is why do you have a that. Different standard for Mr. Trump’s accusers than you do for Mr. Clinton’s accusers?”
“I certainly don’t,” McEnany claimed. “These women did wait to come out with their stories.” In truth, many of women did come forward with their stories prior to the election, in some cases with a civil suit against Mr. Trump that he settled out of court.
“Many victims of sexual assault do wait,” she continued. “These women didn’t take their stories and splash them over the New York Times before an election.” In truth, many of these women did do exactly that during Bill Clinton’s campaigns in Arkansas and for the presidency in 1992. “They took them, at least two, to a court of law, to a lawyer, an attorney, as they should have done.”

Roger West

Thursday, October 13, 2016



As multiple woman come out of the woods saying Trump is indeed the sexual predator that we all thought he was - with his campaign in a death spiral ever since the infamous “pussy grab” video leaked — and at least one GOP strategist thinks he’s trying to drag the rest of the country down with him.

Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, longtime GOP strategist and former McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt compared Trump right now to Japanese kamikaze pilots at the end of World War II who launched desperate attacks aimed solely at causing as much damage as they could with limited resources.


“I think it’s a signal of desperation in the campaign, and he is advised by people who largely come out of the world of Clinton conspiracy theories and they’ve made a decision that they want to run their fantasy campaign targeting the Clintons in the way that they are,” Schmidt told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. “At the end of World War II, the Japanese launched kamikaze attacks using fully loaded manned aircraft with bombs and gasoline to fly into and crash into allied planes, into American ships.”
Schmidt then went on to note that while those attacks caused a lot of destruction, they didn’t affect the final outcome of the war — just as Trump’s suicide attacks won’t alter the outcome of the election.

That said, he also believes that Trump’s horrific campaign will leave a permanent stain on civic life in the United States that it will take a long time to get over.
“While this race is a grotesquery, it is a stain on our civic life and it is something the country will have to recover from,” he said.
There are very few republicans who will admit the reality of their destiny, Schmidt is one and I applaud him for speaking out against - what has to be a trying time for the strategist.

Roger West

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


On CNN last night, several panelists on Don Lemon’s show rolled their eyes when Trump advocate Kayliegh McEnany attempted to say that the candidate had prayed his “grabbing a woman’s p*ssy” comments away and it was time to move on.

After guest Maria Cardona pointed out that the GOP presidential nominee has yet to make an unconditional apology, McEnany took offense — then played the Jesus card.
“We can all stand here in judgment and say he didn’t apologize when in fact he did five times now, and it was heartfelt,” she frantically explained. “And Dr. Ben Carson came out today and he said, ‘I saw him pray for forgiveness before the debate.’ You have James Dobson saying he’s a recent Christian and recently accepted Christ into his life. You have Sam Clovis, his co-campaign chair, saying he’s a witness to his faith conversion. This is someone who is a changed person, and he’s apologized for it. I’m not going to stand in judgment. On the is panel, we can be self-righteous or we can forgive.”


Given a chance to respond, former Bernie Sanders campaign spokesperson Symone Sanders — who grimaced through McEnany’s ‘holier than thou spiel’ — had a few things to say.
“First of all, Donald Trump only apologized because the tape came out and people found out he was saying it,” she began. “Let’s not forget that he led with, ‘These are just words.’ Well, words have power, first of all. Secondly, these aren’t just words. He described predatory sexual behavior that women all across this county can identify with.”
“Let’s not bring Jesus down on into the gutter where Donald Trump and his thugs are,” she continued. “Let’s leave the Lord out of this one. I think Donald Trump definitely has to own up to these actions and he’s not helping himself or the party.”


Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Ana Navarro has been torching Scottie Nell Hughes on CNN. Hughes the light headed Trump nutter offered up a freakish defense of the GOP nominee describing grabbing an unsuspecting woman’s “pussy” — which Navarro promptly hit out of the park with a brilliant comeback.

Host Anderson Cooper asked Hughes about Trump’s grotesque description of sexually assaulting women, saying, “Let me ask you about that. Where have we made it okay to talk like that?”


According to Hughes, a popular erotic book is to blame.
“Unfortunately, we’ve made that to be a culture, a “50 Shades of Grey” culture in today’s society,” Hughes responded. “Men can talk like that. There’s nobody on that bus, as we’ve seen today, with someone [Billy Bush] losing their job over being suspended. 80 million copies of “50 Shades of Grey” was sold. “Magic Mike” was one of the most popular movies.”
“I didn't read the book but I assume that was a consensual relationship, ” Cooper admitted.
“No, it was not all the time,” Hughes shot back. “The things that were done were not. You look at the vampire trilogy, pop culture itself has become very stretched in these areas. This is just a part of it, if you read anything from Sports Illustrated to Playboys, sex, unfortunately, sells.”

Hughes added that it makes her “crazy ” when she hears women talk to other women using foul language.

When it was Navarro's chance to respond, she was fit and ready to lambast the shameful nutter.
“It makes you angry except when the person running for president of the united states says it,” Navarro began. “Let me tell you something, everything you just said is 50 shades of crazy! To compare running for president to an erotic film or erotic movie, an erotic novel, it’s crazy. If he wants to be held to that standard, great, then go write” The Art of the Groping.” But if you are running for president of the United States, you are a role model. You’re a role model for children like your daughter who you keep quoting. You’re a role model for all Americans. you’re held to a higher standard, you should not be behaving like if you are in a locker room. You should be behaving like if you are in the Oval Office.”
When it comes to either Nell Hughes or Kayleigh McEnany, the term useful idiots comes to mind. Trump and his band of deplorables are in scorched earth mode, what ever he utters, these ladies will gobble up like a pig eating shit - defending him no matter how grotesque, vile or putrid. In thirty days, Fuckface Von Clownstick will be nothing but a horrible memory, as for Nell Hughes and McEnany, they'll have to quantify for a very long time - their support of Satan's spawn.

I am not a big fan of any conservative, but at least Steven Schmidt and Ana Navarro are honest and living outside the wing nut bubble.

Roger West

Monday, October 10, 2016


One of the most confounding moments from Sunday night’s presidential debate was Republican nominee Donald Trump’s threat to “have a special prosecutor” investigate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and jail her.
CNN’s Dana Bash said after the debate, “Okay, not to sound too corny, but what makes this country different from countries that have dictators in Africa or Stalin or Hitler or any of those countries with dictators and totalitarian leaders is that when they took over, they put their opponents in jail.”

“To hear one presidential candidate say — even if it was a flip comment, which it was — ‘You’re gonna be in jail’ to another presidential candidate on the debate state in the United States of America? Stunning, just stunning.”
Former Attorney General Eric Holder responded angrily on Twitter, writing, “In the USA we do not threaten to jail political opponents. @realDonaldTrump said he would. He is promising to abuse the power of the office.”

Roger West

Sunday, October 9, 2016



Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) interrupts an encore presentation of the vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine (Mikey Day) and Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) to address the vulgar putrid comments he made in 2005.


I've never respected De Niro more!

Roger West

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Donald J. Trump is a shit stain, I've been writing about it for 12 months. Trump's words are not just banter in the locker room. Grabbing pussy unsolicited is sexual assault.

Scottie Nell Hughes, an extreme nutter surrogate for Cheeto Jesus on CNN said: "women won't care about Trump's pussy grabbing comment." If women don't care, this is a problem which is much larger than the sexual deviant grabbing pussy.

The reality is, Trump is a sexual predator, always has been, the video only confirms what many have been saying for years.

Trump is Satan's spawn, he is Unfit, unqualified, undisciplined, undignified, unstable, uncivilized, unacceptable, uninformed, unkind, unwell, unreliable, un-suited and unreasonable.

In this instance, it looks as though the GOP pond scum has risen to the top. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Sean Hannity, you own this pussy grabbing monster. It's really only fitting, that a campaign, which started accusing Mexicans of being rapists, ends with the world knowing who the rapist was all along.
Mathew 15:18 of the Bible says: But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and these things defile a man.

Roger West

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Cheeto Jesus in a town-hall last night said as many as 70 percent of federal agency regulations could be eliminated if he is elected in November, just hours after an adviser said the candidate would seek to cut 10 percent.

Trump, who blamed regulations for stifling business, told a crowd at a town hall event in New Hampshire on Thursday night that regulations for the environment and safety would remain.
“We are cutting the regulation at a tremendous clip. I would say 70 percent of regulations can go,” Trump said. “It’s just stopping businesses from growing.”
Earlier in the day during an online discussion with Reuters, Trump campaign adviser Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier who has raised campaign money for Trump, said Trump would eliminate 10 percent of regulations.
“We need regulation but immediately every agency will be asked to rate the importance of their regulations and we will push to remove 10 percent of the least important,” he said.
Another Trump campaign adviser reached by Reuters confirmed the 10 percent regulatory cut was part of their economic plan.

Jeff Holmstead, a former assistant administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency under George W. Bush’s presidency, said the goal was hard to comprehend.
“You could reduce the number of regulations by 10 percent without accomplishing very much,” he said.
He added it would make more sense for Trump to try to reduce the cost of regulatory compliance by 10 percent.
“I think it probably would be possible for a new administration to make changes that would reduce the cost of these programs by at least 10 percent while still maintaining essentially the same level of environmental protection,” he said.
Officials at the EPA and the U.S. Department of the Interior declined to comment, citing internal policies.

Scaramucci also said that Trump, a fierce critic of the Federal Reserve, would probably get along well with Fed Chair Janet Yellen.

Trump has repeatedly accused the Fed of serving as a political arm of the Obama White House. He says Yellen has put off raising interest rates in order to let President Barack Obama end his term in January without the economic shock that a rise in interest rates might entail.

Scaramucci, a founder of SkyBridge Capital, joined Reuters Global Markets Forum to discuss his views of the campaign. He said Trump would strive for a better balance in federal regulations.

Scaramucci was not as dismissive of Yellen as Trump is, saying he believes the New York property developer would warm to her eventually.
“There are many well-qualified candidates but I think Mr. Trump has to spend some time with chairwoman Yellen. I think knowing what I know about his personality he will like her,” he said.
Trump would seek to streamline regulations as a way to generate economic growth and help the flow of capital, the adviser said. Trump has specifically singled out the energy industry as an area that he would look at for reducing regulations.
“Wall Street is not the devil,” said Scaramucci. “In fact we are at our best when (there) is harmony between Main Street and Wall Street and we hope to restore that.”
Scaramucci singled out several areas that Trump would look to for reforms:

–Labor Department rules expanding the fiduciary standard for financial brokers who sell retirement products would likely be stopped.

–Legislation similar to the former Glass-Steagall Act that limited the banking industry would be on the table for review.

— The Dodd-Frank banking reforms that emerged from the Great Recession of 2008-09 will be reviewed and “the worst anti-business parts of it will be gutted.”

— The Volcker rule will be adjusted. Named after former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, it is part of the sweeping 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law. It aims to reduce risk-taking by preventing banks from using their own capital to make speculative bets.

[h/t Reuters]



A once Orange Hitler campaign adviser tried to tell Republican Ana Navarro how upset he felt about her calling Donald Trump a racist — and she proceeded to rain the wrath of hell on him.

During a panel on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo said it was “outrageous” that Navarro would accuse Donald Trump of attacking Mexicans from the very first day of his campaign.


Navarro then pointed out that Trump not only accused the Mexican government of intentionally sending “rapists” into the United States, but he also said that Judge Gonzalo Curiel was unqualified to oversee the case against Trump University because of his “Mexican” heritage.

Caputo didn't back down, however.
“Ana, for you to sit here and call Donald Trump a flat-out racist is outrageous,” he said.
“Well let me do it again, and let me do it in two languages,” she shot back. “Es un racista — he is a flat-out racist, and it’s what he’s played on for 16 months. He is a bigot, he is a racist, he is a misogynist. He has said horrible things about women. He has said horrible things about immigrants, about Hispanics. He has yet to say one good thing about immigrants, and for your to shake your head and tell me that I’m the outrageous one, that’s what outrages me.”
As Navaro spoke, Caputo was left defenseless and could only rolls his eyes. Typical of one who is left defending a shit stain racist.

Roger West

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Kate Bolduan laughed out loud in Tuesday’s pre-debate panel discussion, when Donald Trump surrogate André Bauer tried to claim that Trump actually pays millions in taxes.
“Number one, Donald Trump pays more in taxes in one year than most people pay in a lifetime,” Bauer claimed, before the panel erupted screaming foul. Trump should pay a lot in federal income tax, but he doesn’t. For most people, when you have a lot of money, you generally pay a larger percentage in taxes. If Trump only earned poverty wages, he would pay less in taxes. As it currently stands, Trump appears to pay little to nothing in federal income taxes if the forms are any indication.
“When people say he didn’t pay tax, that’s not true. He pays hundreds of millions of dollars,” Bauer continued.
“You think that issue is a winning argument?” Bolduan asked.
“Absolutely,” Bauer argued. “Number one, you say 22,000-plus people currently employed by Donald Trump. Over $9.5 billion in annual revenues. So there’s a lot of people that may say you say he’s not paying income taxes but I have a job because of him. Everybody has down years. For Hillary Clinton to talk about what kind of business man is he, she wrote off $700,000 and all she does is give political speeches.

So, no, she doesn’t know what it’s like to have things you can appreciate. To say he wrote off 18 years is incorrect. That’s what, by law, he has. That’s how long he has to use that write-off. That’s not what he wrote off. This is totally a misnomer. It’s the media not clearly stating what’s happening.”


“We would love to know exactly,” Bolduan noted about Trump’s taxes.
Matt Schlapp wondered how Clinton was able to go from poverty after leaving the White House to being a millionaire while serving in public office. Clinton files her tax returns jointly with her husband former President Bill Clinton. After leaving the White House, while his wife was in the Senate, Clinton toured the country doing paid speeches and also published an autobiography. The book My Life led the bestseller list for quite awhile and Clinton was given a record-breaking advance for over $10 million.

Former Bernie Sanders press secretary Symone Sanders broke in trying to be a voice of reason, “The story here is the Republican nominee for president has gamed the tax system, gloated about it in the first presidential debate and is now out here actively trying to spin it into something good for the American people.”

Clinton surrogate Bakari Sellers brought up the charitable giving for the candidates. Bauer tried to make it a big deal that the Clintons give to their own foundation, but that is a double edge sword as Trump hasn’t donated to his foundation since 2008.Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold is still searching for any charity that has received any donations from Trump, so far he hasn’t found any.
“I love hearing Matt and Andre spin themselves about this,” Sellers grinned. “Because the fact is if Donald Trump was making all of this money, why is he stiffing the contractors who worked every single day?”
Bauer got a little unruly and Bolduan shouted his name several times before resorting to to holding her arms out to stop everyone from speaking.

[h/t the raw story]


Monday, October 3, 2016


Charles Blow, a New York Times columnist unloaded on Orange Hitler as an immature and dangerous man who should be too ashamed to show his face in public.
“Donald Trump is a domestic terrorist; only his form of terror doesn’t boil down to blowing things up,” Blow wrote in a column published Monday morning. “He’s the 70-year-old toddler who knows nearly nothing, hurls insults, has simplistic solutions for complex problems and is quick to throw a tantrum. Also, in case you didn’t know it, this toddler is mean to girls and is a bit of a bigot.”
Blow’s comparison echoed remarks made Sunday night by HBO’s John Oliver, who called Trump “incoherent” and compared him to a “racist toddler coming out of dental surgery.”

But the columnist went even further, attacking the Republican presidential nominee’s principles, integrity and personality.
“It isn’t so much that he is a strict disciple of radical ideology, but rather that he is devoid of fixed principles, willing to do anything and everything to gain fame, fortune and power,” Blow wrote. “He has an endless, consuming need for perpetual affirmation. This is a bully who just wants to be liked, a man-boy nursing a nagging internal emptiness.”
“He’s fickle and spoiled and rotten,” he added.
Blow catalogued some of Trump’s worst offenses from just the past week and deemed him dangerously unfit for the presidency.
“He shouldn’t be ushered into the White House; he should be laughed into hiding,” Blow wrote. “His querulous nature shouldn’t be coddled; it should be crushed.”
“America is in need of a leader, not a puerile, sophomoric sniveler who is too easily baited and grossly ill-behaved,” he added. “Go to your gilded room, Donald. The adults need to pick a president.”

Roger West

Sunday, October 2, 2016


SNL has been promising a major portrayal of Cheeto Jesus all week. They did not disappoint.

Actor Alec Baldwin has been brought on to portray Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump until the November elections at the urging of former cast member Tina Fey, according to USA Today.
“She said, ‘You know who would be a great Trump is Alec!'” executive producer Lorne Michaels recalls. “I talked to Alec, who was finishing a movie, he was getting ready to have a baby — it couldn’t have been worse timing. But, slowly, the idea grew on me. People on the show liked it, and I thought he’d be great with Kate,” he said referencing Kate McKinnon, who plays Hillary Clinton.


Baldwin donned Don’s signature hair, pasted on some fuzzy eyebrows and pursed his lower lip and he was ready to go. Kate McKinnon came out coughing in a pantsuit and fell over doing a summersault like Willie Wonka.
“Good evening America,” Baldwin said as Trump. “I’m going to be so good tonight. I’m going to be so calm and so presidential that all of you watching are going to cream your jeans.”
At one point Baldwin refers to moderator Lester Holt as “jazz man” and perfectly pronounced China the way Trump often does. He then quickly takes credit for already winning the debate, “If Hillary knew how, she would have done it already. Period. End of story. I won the debate. I stayed calm. Just like I promised. And it is over.”

Holt then told him he couldn't leave because it was a 90-minute debate.
“My microphone is broken,” Baldwin as Trump said, looking panicked. “She broke it with Obama. She and Obama stole my microphone and took it to Kenya and they broke it and now it’s broken.”
He then starts sniffling and pretends like it’s someone else before ultimately blaming it on Clinton. “She’s been sniffling all night.”
“Secretary Clinton, what do you think about that,” Holt asks.
“I think I’m going to be president,” McKinnon said.

When given time to respond McKinnon said, “Oh, its ok, he can have mine.”

“The thing about the blacks is that they’re killing each other,” Baldwin as Trump said. He then went on to claim all of the blacks live on one street in Chicago and are shooting each other while McKinnon as Clinton stood aghast.

The Alicia Machado issue came up and Trump quickly turned his attention to calling Rosie O’Donnell names. McKinnon as Clinton began to cry because the debate was going so well.

Roger West

Saturday, October 1, 2016



Bill Maher last night examined Orange Hitler's "inexplicable" surrogates, and questions whether this cast of misfit toys would be fit to serve in a Presidential administration.

Roger West

Friday, September 30, 2016


The ongoing battle between David Fahrenthold and Fuckface Von Clownstick is going to round three. Fahrenhold’s newest exposé in the Washington Post, which details his ongoing investigation into the secret dealings of the Trump Foundation. In this latest installment, Fahrenthold found that the Trump Foundation wasn’t registered with the New York state government requiring it to be.

New York requires a certification process before any charity can solicit $25,000 or more. Trump’s didn’t do this. Had the foundation registered, however, there likely would have been audits and investigations into the spending and some of the dealings that are now being revealed. They did manage to file the required IRS reports.

The New York Attorney General has opened an investigation into the foundation, but it is unclear if these new findings will be part of the investigation.

The foundation has received over $2.3 million from businesses owing Trump or his company money, however, they were instructed by Trump or his company to pay the foundation instead. The Trump Foundation also solicited small-dollar donations from supporters under the guise that the money would be donated to a veterans charity. The website advertised that the donations totaled $1.67 million.

On two different occasions, the foundation was used to settle legal disputes. In 2007, it dolled out $100,000 for a suit involving Mar-a-Lago Club. Just five years later it paid $158,000 to Martin Greenberg on the same day he settled a lawsuit against Trump’s golf courses. Most recently, Trump’s foundation made a donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s campaign just four days before her office decided not to participate in a lawsuit against Trump University.

The Trump Foundation has also purchased paintings of Trump, one of which is hanging in his hotel property. The campaign claimed that the resort is merely “storing” the painting. Trump also purchased a signed Tim Tebow helmet with the foundation’s money.

While Trump may have initially been the only donor in the 1990s, he began soliciting and scoring major donations in the early 2000s and never filed the appropriate paperwork. According to the law soliciting money means “to directly or indirectly make a request for a contribution, whether express or implied, through any medium.”

Trump admitted earlier this year that he doesn’t know whether or not his foundation has broken the law. When accusing Hillary Clinton and her family’s foundation of impropriety, Trump demanded a special prosecutor be appointed.

When pressed on the issue during an interview, son Eric (Uday) Trump shut it down.

Roger West

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scathing Report Reveals Donald Trump’s Company Violated US Trade Embargo With Castro’s Cuba

September 29, 2016
Kurt Eichenwald

A company controlled by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, secretly conducted business in communist Cuba during Fidel Castro’s presidency despite strict American trade bans that made such undertakings illegal, according to interviews with former Trump executives, internal company records and court filings.

Documents show that the Trump company spent a minimum of $68,000 for its 1998 foray into Cuba at a time when the corporate expenditure of even a penny in the Caribbean country was prohibited without U.S. government approval. But the company did not spend the money directly. Instead, with Trump’s knowledge, executives funneled the cash for the Cuba trip through an American consulting firm called Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corporation. Once the business consultants traveled to the island and incurred the expenses for the venture, Seven Arrows instructed senior officers with Trump’s company—then called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts—how to make it appear legal by linking it after-the-fact to a charitable effort.

The payment by Trump Hotels came just before the New York business mogul launched his first bid for the White House, seeking the nomination of the Reform Party. On his first day of the campaign, he traveled to Miami where he spoke to a group of Cuban-Americans, a critical voting bloc in the swing state. Trump vowed to maintain the embargo and never spend his or his companies’ money in Cuba until Fidel Castro was removed from power.

He did not disclose that, seven months earlier, Trump Hotels already had reimbursed its consultants for the money they spent on their secret business trip to Havana.

At the time, Americans traveling to Cuba had to receive specific U.S. government permission, which was only granted for an extremely limited number of purposes, such as humanitarian efforts. Neither an American nor a company based in the United States could spend any cash in Cuba; instead a foreign charity or similar sponsoring entity needed to pay all expenses, including travel. Without obtaining a license from the federal Office of Foreign Asset Control before the consultants went to Cuba, the undertaking by Trump Hotels would have been in violation of federal law, trade experts say.

Officials with the Trump campaign and the Trump Organization did not respond to emails seeking comment on the Cuba trip, further documentation about the endeavor or an interview with Trump. Richard Fields, who was then the principal in charge of Seven Arrows, did not return calls seeking comment.

But a former Trump executive who spoke on condition of anonymity said the company did not obtain a government license prior to the trip. Internal documents show that executives involved in the Cuba project were still discussing the need for federal approval after the trip had taken place.

OFAC officials say there is no record that the agency granted any such license to the companies or individuals involved, although they cautioned that some documents from that time have been destroyed. Yet one OFAC official, who agreed to discuss approval procedures if granted anonymity, said the probability that the office would grant a license for work on behalf of an American casino was “essentially zero.”

‘He’s a Murderer’

Prior to the Cuban trip, several European companies reached out to Trump about potentially investing together on the island through Trump Hotels, according to the former Trump executive. At the time, a bipartisan group of senators, three former Secretaries of State and other former officials were urging then-President Bill Clinton to review America’s Cuba policy, in hopes of eventually ending the decades-long embargo.

The goal of the Cuba trip, the former Trump executive said, was to give Trump’s company a foothold should Washington loosen or lift the trade restrictions. While in Cuba, the Trump representatives met with government officials, bankers and other business leaders to explore possible opportunities for the casino company. The former executive said Trump had participated in discussions about the Cuba trip and knew it had taken place.

The fact that Seven Arrows spent the money and then received reimbursement from Trump Hotels does not mitigate any potential corporate liability for violating the Cuban embargo. “The money that the Trump company paid to the consultant is money that a Cuban national has an interest in and was spent on an understanding it would be reimbursed,’’ Richard Matheny, chair of Goodwin’s national security and foreign trade regulation group said, based on a description of the events by Newsweek. “That would be illegal. If OFAC discovered this and found there was evidence of willful misconduct, they could have made a referral to the Department of Justice.”

Shortly after Trump Hotels reimbursed Seven Arrows, the two companies parted ways. Within months, Trump formed a presidential exploratory committee. He soon decided to seek the nomination of the Reform Party, which was founded by billionaire Ross Perot after his unsuccessful 1992 bid for the White House.

Trump launched his presidential campaign in Miami in November 1999. There, at a luncheon hosted by the Cuban American National Foundation, an organization of Cuban exiles, he proclaimed he wanted to maintain the American embargo and would not spend any money in Cuba so long as Fidel Castro remained in power. At the time, disclosing that his company had just spent money on the Cuba trip, or even acknowledging an interest in loosening the embargo, would have ruined Trump’s chances in Florida, a critical electoral state where large numbers of Cuban-Americans remain virulently opposed to the regime.

“As you know—and the people in this room know better than anyone—putting money and investing money in Cuba right now doesn’t go to the people of Cuba,’’ Trump told the crowd. “It goes to Fidel Castro. He’s a murderer, he’s a killer, he’s a bad guy in every respect, and, frankly, the embargo must stand if for no other reason than, if it does stand, he will come down.”

‘Its Stock Price Had Collapsed’

By the time Trump gave that speech, 36 years had passed since the Treasury Department in the Kennedy administration imposed the embargo. The rules prohibited any American person or company—even those with operations in other foreign countries—from engaging in financial transactions with any person or entity in Cuba. The lone exceptions: humanitarian efforts and telecommunications exports.

The impact of the embargo intensified in 1991, when the collapse of the Soviet Union ended its oil subsidies to the island and triggered a broad economic collapse. By 1993, Cuba faced extreme shortages and Castro was forced to start printing money solely to cover government deficits. Three years later, the U.S. Congress passed the Helms-Burton Act, which codified the embargo into law and worsened Cuba’s economic decline. With many financial options closed off, Cuba attempted to find overseas investment to modernize its tourism industry and other businesses.

The first signs that American policy might be shifting came in March 1998, when President Bill Clinton announced several major changes. Among them: resuming charter flights between the United States and Cuba for authorized Americans, streamlining procedures for exporting medical equipment and allowing Cubans in the U.S. to send small amounts of cash to their relatives on the island. However, Americans and American companies still could not legally spend their own money in Cuba.

That fall, as critics pressured Clinton to further loosen the embargo, Trump Hotels saw an opportunity. Like the communist regime, the company was struggling, having piled up losses for years. In 1998 alone, Trump Hotels lost $39.7 million, according to the company’s financial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its stock price had collapsed, falling almost 80 percent from a high that year of $12 a share to a low of just $2.75. (After multiple bankruptcies, Trump severed his ties with the company; it is now called Trump Entertainment Resorts and is a subsidiary of Icahn Enterprises, run by renowned financier Carl Icahn).

The company was desperate to find partners for new business which offered the chance to increase profits, according to another former Trump executive who spoke on condition of anonymity. The hotel and casino company assigned Seven Arrows, which had been working with Trump for several years, to develop such opportunities, including the one in Cuba.

On February 8, 1999, months after the consultants traveled to the island, Seven Arrows submitted a bill to Trump Hotels for the $68,551.88 it had “incurred prior to and including a trip to Cuba on behalf of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc.”

The 1999 document also makes clear that executives were still discussing the legal requirements for such a trip after the consultants had already returned from Cuba. The government does not provide after-the-fact licenses.

“Under current law trips of the sort Mr. Fields took to Cuba must be sanctioned not only by the White House but are technically on behalf of a charity,’’ the bill submitted to Trump Hotels says. “The one most commonly used is Carinas Cuba.”

The instructions contain two errors. First, while OFAC is part of the executive branch, the White House itself does not provide licenses for business dealings in Cuba. Second, the correct name of the charity is Caritas Cuba, a group formed in 1991 by the Catholic Church, which provides services for the elderly, children and other vulnerable populations in the Caribbean nation. Caritas Cuba did not respond to emails about contacts it may have had with Trump Hotels, Seven Arrows or any individuals associated with them.

The invoice from Seven Arrows was submitted to John Burke, who was then the corporate treasurer of Trump Hotels. In a lawsuit on a different legal issue, Burke testified that Trump Hotels paid the bill in full, although he denied recognizing the document.

‘Totally False’

The Cuba venture was one of two assignments given to Seven Arrows at that time, and the second has already emerged as an issue in the GOP nominee’s bid for the presidency. Trump Hotels also paid the consulting firm to help develop a deal with the Seminole tribe of Florida to partner in a casino there. Knowing that the Florida governor and legislature opposed casino gambling in the state, Trump authorized developing a strategy to win over politicians to get the laws changed in an effort named “Gambling Project.” The law firm of Greenberg Traurig was retained to assemble the strategy. A copy of the plan prepared by the lawyers showed the strategy involved hiring multiple consultants, lobbyists and media relations firms to persuade the governor and the legislature to allow casino gambling in the state. The key to possible success? Campaign contributions.

The plan states “the executive and legislative branches of Florida government are driven by many influences, the most meaningful of which lies in campaign giving.” For the legislature, it recommends giving to “leadership accounts” maintained by state political parties, rather than to individual lawmakers, because “this is where the big bucks go and the real influence is negotiated.” Records show that Seven Arrows also incurred $38,996.32 on its work on the Gaming Project, far less than it spent for the Cuba endeavor.

Aside from deceiving Cuban-Americans, records of the 1998 initiatives show that Trump lied to voters about his efforts in Florida during that period. At the second Republican presidential debate in September, one of Trump’s rivals, Jeb Bush, said the billionaire had tried to buy him off with favors and contributions when he was Florida’s governor in an effort to legalize casino gaming in the state. “Totally false,’’ Trump responded. “I would have gotten it.”

The documents obtained by Newsweek give no indication why the $39,000 spent on Seven Arrows’ primary assignment—arranging for a casino deal with the Seminole tribe—was so much less than the $68,000 expended on the Cuba effort. The former Trump executive could not offer any explanation for the disparity.

Though it has long been illegal for corporations to spend money in Cuba without proper authorization, there is no chance that Trump, the company or any of its executives will be prosecuted for wrongdoing. The statute of limitations ran out long ago, and legal analysts say OFAC’s enforcement division is understaffed, so the chances for an investigation were slim even at the time.

And perhaps that was the calculation behind the company’s decision to flout the law: the low risk of getting caught versus the high reward of lining up Cuban allies if the U.S. loosened or dropped the embargo. The only catch: What would happen if Trump's Cuban-American supporters ever found out?

Story in its entirety from Newsweek and Kurt Eichenwald

Roger West