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Friday, November 14, 2014



It's very difficult to present both sides of an issue when one of those sides is composed of Dana Loesch, a conservative wingnut who is well known for misinformation, blatant lies, interruptions and shouting matches.

The Ed Show attempted just such a feat yesterday with disastrous results. Delusional talking points from uneducated loud mouths can't replace reality.

Watch the freight train below that is Dana Loesch


Loesch says she is doing Schultz a favor by being on his show. As if! This from a woman who enjoys pissing on dead corpses of dead enemy soldiers.

Fact, Loesch is a D-list hack, but an A-list asshole. The difference between a woman and a troll - Krystal Ball is the woman, Loesch would be the troll.

Anytime Loesch gets her fifteen minutes of fame on cable news, it often ends in shouting matches - always eluding facts and answering questions with a question.

In typical tea bagger fashion, Loesch is "frothy-at- the-mouth", smug, and argumentative.

What often disturbs me about Loesch, like most of her ilk - they are all college drop outs that have zero SME [Subject Matter Expertise] on any topics that she argues on.

Why give this clueless dipshit hack a microphone on MSNBC [almost as bad as Chris Hayes the other night inviting the KKK Imperial Wizard to speak on killing protesters in Ferguson] ? If I want a wing nuts version of reality I'll go over to bullshit mountian [Fox] or the Blaze and [shudder] to read their non-whimsical bullshit. Then, of course, after viewing a Loesch segment, scrub and rinse often.

This segment on the Ed Show provided to us two great answers, never ever ask Loesch to be on your show, and the other is that you just can't fix stupid.

Loesch's history - her modus operandi if you will is too:
"never answer the question that is proposed to you, only answer the question that you wish had been asked of you."
The old adage of:
"when you can't dazzle with brilliance baffle with bullshit" always applies to Dana Loesch.
I am quite positive that in Loesch's mind, that after exiting stage left, that she thinks she accomplished her directive from Glenn Beck - but actually, in reality, her refusal to answer the simple questions put to her spoke volumes about her - more than anything she did say.

Like Glenn Beck [her current boss], like her pervious boss, the dead Breitbart, Loesch is an idiot with a right to spew what ever lies that suits the moment, ir-regaurdless if facts are involved or not. Loesch and her ilk:
"never let facts get in the way of a good story"
To Ed Schultz, why even have this robot on his show in the first place? Like all the rest of these media trolling conservatives, she's built her career out of being a professional bullshit artist and a journalistic hack. You might as well have just invite a Beck, Breitbart, or Koch whore sock puppet.

Congrats Dana, for about the hundredth time at NFTOS, you are my asshat of the day.

Roger West