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Thursday, January 10, 2013


BREAKING NEWS: UPDATED 18:24 [Yeager issues second rant, see "PART II "THE APOLOGY]

Yet another "patriot" seeking fifteen minutes of fame. Most humans would consider it rational to prevent the possession of firearms by the obviously mentally unstable. James Yeager is NFTOS' first project - A project ensuring that this American Taliban er is picked up by the Secret Service.

James Yeager the CEO of a Tennessee company that specializes in weapons and tactical training is threatening to "start killing people" if President Barack Obama moves forward with gun control measures.

In a video posted to YouTube and Facebook on Wednesday, Yeager went ballistic over reports that the president could take executive action with minor gun control measures after the mass shooting of 20 school children in Connecticut last month.


James Yeager is one of the NRA "good guys" who will protect all of us from the bad guys. Yeager is the poster child for what's wrong with the second amendment!


After the Drudge Report likened Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin on Wednesday, pro-gun conservatives expressed outrage over the idea that the White House could act without Congress.
"Vice President [Joe] Biden is asking the president to bypass Congress and use executive privilege, executive order to ban assault rifles and to impose stricter gun control," Yeager explained in his video message. "Fuck that."

"I'm telling you that if that happens, it's going to spark a civil war, and I'll be glad to fire the first shot. I'm not putting up with it. You shouldn't put up with it. And I need all you patriots to start thinking about what you're going to do, load your damn mags, make sure your rifle's clean, pack a backpack with some food in it and get ready to fight."

The CEO concluded: "I'm not fucking putting up with this. I'm not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I'm not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I'm going to start killing people."

As The Atlantic noted on Wednesday, gun advocates can stop "freaking out" because Obama cannot ban assault weapons or close the gun show loophole without Congress.

The president, however, can take small steps like modernizing the background check system and limiting importation of assault rifles.

By Thursday morning, the video promising violence in response to gun control measures had been removed from Yeager's YouTube page, but the link had not been removed from Facebook.

Yeager is one of these special patriots whom will tell the world how responsible he is with weapons. I believed him right until he said "Fuck That".

I am going to state unequivocally that I want Yeager's guns taken away! If you say things like this, you should never ever again be trusted with adult scissors. You should never be allowed anywhere near a plastic spoon. And this opinion has nothing to do with gun control: it's just plain common sense.

Yeager is not shouting fire in a crowded theater; he's promising to start a fire in a crowded theater. The FBI and Secret Service should be knocking at his door any minute now.

Roger West