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Sunday, January 6, 2013


Joshua Boston, Our Special Patriot Of The Week

Yesterday's blog seems to have touched a nerve or two with the American Taliban, so in keeping with tradition, we here at NFTOS aim to please, [which is pissing of the right] more on this "special patriot", Joshua Boston.

Since it is fifteen minutes of fame that he seeks, we shall oblige him.

"Patriotism" has always been the last refuge of scoundrels, and in this case, Josh fits this bill to a "T".

Between the Patriot Act and the rise of the tea baggers, the term "patriot" shall forever carry the connotation for members of this political body, who promote intolerance, hate and oppression against anyone who is not of this radical culture, lifestyle, religion, ethnic heritage, or political ideology.

When Josh was asked if he thought there should be any change in gun laws after the recent mass shootings in America, he responded that there were already extensive gun laws in place. “The fact of the matter is predators are amongst us and we have to recognize that fact,” he said. “Our citizens have to be armed to protect themselves from these mad men.”

Spoken like a true "patriot"! The American Taliban claiming to be patriots - when they clearly do not support the government or the rule of law, is like saying Napoleon Bonaparte was a great hero - for he thought he was being a "special patriot" as well.

The American Taliban says they are misunderstood lot. Of course they support the rule of law. That is what they are about, law abiding citizens. They are defenders of the constitution. They do not support overarching by federal government. It is limited government that they seek, not the abolishment of it. Yes, true, but only when it suits them.

Only when it comes to regulating vagina's do they overreach, and disenfranchising voters, and equal pay for women, when corporations are not humans, when repealing affordable healthcare, when taking down unions and teachers, yes these are only a smattering of times when these special patriots become un-glued and radical - when they become "true patriots".

Boston's intent was to [as all gun huggers do] hide behind the second amendment. Boston is trying to appeal to a sentiment, and he espouses the same infantile binary morality that LaPierre did in his infamous "press conference." He blames Newtown on an "evil man," when that is ridiculously simplistic, as well as only a small minute part of the problem. Boston adheres to the NRA diatribe that "only good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns." This sheer stupidity of this "special patriot" is a quality only attributed to these unlettered Americans - that this kind of thinking - that somehow this antiquated right applies to circa 2013.

Boston's misunderstanding of the Constitution also hurts the argument immenesley. Boston's letter more aligns himself with the "sovereign citizen" [like the Bill Looman's  of the world, no Bill we haven't forgot about you] movement, which really isn't doing much for his argument. His extremist opinion and extremist solutions unfortunately overshadows his intent, which means that any true patriots will unlikely fail to listen to his vituperation. He's not doing any favors to his cause: he's kind of just shot himself in the foot.

When do Boston and his kind learn - that they are not the kind of patriots that we admire? In most cases its usually the brain-dead oxygen thief's whining about the US Constitution - who have absolutely little understanding of the US Constitution. Mr. Boston is just one special American, who chooses to display his ignorance to millions via CNN. Congratulations Joshua Boston, you are today's winner of the "special patriot" of the week award. 

Roger West