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Monday, July 19, 2010

Palin and New Words!

Its the train wreck that never ends, you just have to laugh at this tool!

In another story, Larry King Live has Dana Loesch back tonight with Ronnies oldest Kid on should be good for future banter and we will wait for this asshat to finish up so that we can blast her in our blog tomorrow!


Sarah Palin Won't Repudiate 'Refudiate'

Sarah Palin Won't Repudiate 'Refudiate'

What a fucking idiot, and this is what you all want to be the next President. Holy shit, what next Tea baggers and right wing republicans?!?!
The scarey thing here is this baffoon could potentialy have the key codes to nuclear weaponry....How's that make you feel America?

I am all for a woman President, Hilary tops the list, she gets it, Ms. Soccer mom, now grizzly badass, how about raising kids to
be non teenage making baby production lines! After you have mastered that then meybe just maybe you can be a mayor pr podunk town Alaska population


BP 91 Days in

Why is that we are now 91 days into this fiasco and we are still letting BP lead our hand? As a engineer I tell you that this seep that now exists should have been known as this cap is like you placing your hand over your garden hose at your home with spiget fully open, only the pressure 1 mile below sea is much greater than your garden hose and its probably a good stab that your house pipes and garden hose didnt take the brunt of 100 mega ton bomb either. The stress fractures these "Single... See More walled pipes" took (yes president GW omiited data from reports and this allowed BP to drill and assemble oil pipes with single wall not the 2 and 3 required by standard, yes all this 3 months prior to the tool or baffoon leaving office) was so incredible that its only logical that this capped well will loss pressure due to stress factures throught the miles of incorrect piping! Structual integrity is what we are looking for here and I just can't beleive that the current systems has much left!

Second - even if the cap should hold this is not the kill the well needs to stop completely! This is what the 2 relief wells are for and we learned in earlier discussions that this is like hitting a dinner plate from 5 miles away and statistics show it will be 10 15 attempts to kill the well in this fashion

As a engineer I ask why wasnt this type of cap standing in some property just ashore so as we could have capped this with in a week instead of ninety days! Unacceptable business practice and ethics! If you cant create a "Risk Assessment" document to mitigate fubars then Mr. CEO you should see prison time and your BS to this point deems your business be disbanded for ever.