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Monday, August 30, 2010


The story of the year turned out to be a boring waste of time for both whom chose to visit the "Beckoning" and those whom chose to report on it.

While Beck showed us that if he is trying to solidify a seat at the top rung [head prophet] to the Mormon church he has a long way to go. I would image Mormonville, [Utah] Deseret central was cringing at the bumbling Beck!

It appeared to this blogger that the event was a two headed monster, one being the prophet Beck and the other being the three hundred thousand tea baggers pushing a political bashing on the current administration. Clearly the tea bagger doesn't understand their leaders "Beck and call". Speaking of "Beck and Call girl" Sarahnoya showed up to give her two cents worth as well.

While reading Dear Dana's blog today she was more miffed at Reverend Al and his message, as she clearly lost her flame on her fellow bagger Beck. We suspect that she was expecting a tea bagger bash party which may have happened behind closed doors but at the mall all was quiet on the western front, that is until the plethora of reporters queried the masses. None of the interviewed spoke on religion, all the rhetoric was more of the same.....woe is me the country has let me down and the President doesn't care about the constitution.

The bagger claims exceptional turnout....lets see less than .001 % of our country showed up and or tuned into the show. Obviously mathematics is not Dana's or Glenn's forte, but with both barely getting a HS education we would expect nothing less!

After the show was more entertaining as Beck showed up on Fox Sunday news with Chris Wallace and Beck would not retract his "B-ROCK is a racist" saying he would only 'amend' his fubar. Glenn you certainly live up to asshat of the year!

We only look forward to the future "projects' that God tells Beck to cocncoct.

At the end of the day readers, Glenn Beck is a radio and tv talk show host, nothing more. While his dreams of granduer are ever entertaining, he soon too will go away! While Glenn and his cohorts are great propogandist the true American will see these schmucks for what they really are.......hate broadcasters!



This is why we can't revert back to a G.W. Bush regime. This story hits close to me and it bothers me to this day! While the stooge rendition is hilarious the true story behind the outing of a CIA operative is at best treason which in our country if found guilty is solidified by execution!

The above flow chart depicts a vile corrupt President and Vice President with the seething loathing despicable vindictive fecal matter trickling or cascading down the power tree.

And now the rest of the story;

PLAMEGATE - On July 14, 2003, Washington Post journalist Robert Novak effectively ended Valerie Plame's career with the CIA (from which she later resigned in December 2005) by revealing in his column her identity as a CIA operative. Legal documents published in the course of the CIA leak grand jury investigation, United States v. Libby, and Congressional investigations, allegedly establish her classified employment as a covert officer for the CIA at the time that Novak's column was published in July 2003.

In his press conference of October 28, 2005, Fitzgerald explained in considerable detail the necessity of "secrecy" about his grand jury investigation that began in the fall of 2003 — "when it was clear that Valerie Wilson's cover had been blown" — and the background and consequences of the indictment of Lewis Libby as it pertains to Valerie E. Wilson.

Fitzgerald's subsequent replies to reporters' questions shed further light on the parameters of the "leak investigation" and what, as its lead prosecutor, bound by "the rules of grand jury secrecy," he could and could not reveal legally at the time. Official court documents released later, on April 5, 2006, reveal that Libby testified that "he was specifically authorized in advance" of his meeting with New York Times reporter Judith Miller to disclose the "key judgments" of the October 2002 classified National Intelligence Estimate (NIE). According to Libby's testimony, "the Vice President later advised him that the President had authorized defendant to disclose the relevant portions of the NIE [to Judith Miller]." According to his testimony, the information that Libby was authorized to disclose to Miller "was intended to rebut the allegations of an administration critic, former ambassador Joseph Wilson." A couple of days after Libby's meeting with Miller, then-National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice told reporters, "We don't want to try to get into kind of selective declassification" of the NIE, adding "We're looking at what can be made available." A "sanitized version" of the NIE in question was officially declassified on July 18, 2003, ten days after Libby's contact with Miller, and was presented at a White House background briefing on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The NIE contains no references to Valerie Plame or her CIA status, but the Special Counsel has suggested that White House actions were part of "a plan to discredit, punish or seek revenge against Mr. Wilson." President Bush had previously indicated that he would fire whoever had outed Plame.

A court filing by Libby's defense team argued that Plame was not foremost in the minds of administration officials as they sought to rebut charges – made by her husband – that the White House manipulated intelligence to make a case for invasion. The filing indicated that Libby's lawyers did not intend to say that he was told to reveal Plame's identity. The court filing also stated that "Mr. Libby plans to demonstrate that the indictment is wrong when it suggests that he and other government officials viewed Ms. Wilson's role in sending her husband to Africa as important," indicating that Libby's lawyers planned to call Karl Rove to the stand. According to Rove's lawyer, Fitzgerald has decided against pressing charges against Rove.

The five-count indictment of Libby included perjury (two counts), obstruction of justice (one count), and making false statements to federal investigators (two counts).

Libby trial
United States v. Libby
On March 6, 2007, Libby was convicted of obstruction of justice, making false statements, and two counts of perjury. He was acquitted on one count of making false statements. He was not charged for revealing Plame's CIA status. His sentence included a $250,000 fine, 30 months in prison and two years of probation. On July 2, 2007, President George W. Bush commuted Libby's sentence, removing the jail term but leaving in place the fine and probation, calling the sentence "excessive."[38][39] In a subsequent press conference, on July 12, 2007, Bush noted, "...the Scooter Libby decision was, I thought, a fair and balanced decision." The Wilsons responded to the commutation in statements posted by their legal counsel, Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and on their own legal support website.

On July 13, 2006, Joseph and Valerie Wilson filed a civil lawsuit against Rove, Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other unnamed senior White House officials (among whom they later added Richard Armitage for their alleged role in the public disclosure of Valerie Wilson's classified CIA status. Judge John D. Bates dismissed the Wilson's lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds on July 19, 2007; the Wilsons appealed. On August 12, 2008, in a 2-1 decision, the three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the dismissal. Melanie Sloan, of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which represents the Wilsons, "said the group will request the full D.C. Circuit to review the case and appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court." Agreeing with the Bush administration, the Obama Justice Department argues the Wilsons have no legitimate grounds to sue. On the current justice department position, Sloan stated: "We are deeply disappointed that the Obama administration has failed to recognize the grievous harm top Bush White House officials inflicted on Joe and Valerie Wilson. The government’s position cannot be reconciled with President Obama’s oft-stated commitment to once again make government officials accountable for their actions."

To learn more Valerie wrote a book title "fair game" and the same titled movie is due out this year 2010 with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts starring in the movie.


Friday, August 27, 2010


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tap tap this thing on? [tapping microphone] "The Beckoning" is just about upon us. If you could all take your seats for Becks version of the Simpson's character "Side show bob".

Its like a friggen freight train wreck that never ends! 24 hours from now this asshat will make a mockery of an event 47 years ago to the day. All the 'followers' shall be in tow for the debacle called 'restoring honor".

I am hopes that calmer heads prevail, but I believe that Glenn and his hate monger patriots are going to meet resistance to his shameful attempt to be Dr. M.L. King!

Glenn Beck, a man whom barely received a H.S. education and yet he wants you to believe that his theology and grandeur are of one with a PHD. Beck like his mentor [yet another delusional extremist AKA Joe Smith jr founder of the cult called Mormonism] have derailed long ago, and the Beckoning shall only solidify Beck and the tea baggers as.........Asshats!


The Mormon Prophet Called Beck

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I have thought about this seriously before posting but it is the truth that we seek. So to save the blogger much time Google Joseph Smith and read the first pages of the book called Mormon. Once you have done such you'll be up to speed with this blog.

The Mormon church believes that the top echelon of the church are "prophets" meaning getting advice from above, that they regularly speak often personally one on one, mono V mono, with GOD or the founder Joe Smith jr. Glenn Beck in his own mind is a self proclaimed prophet. Having lived in Utah for a few years I can tell you State and church are intertwined like the plethora of wives a Ute takes on! While residing in Utah I can tell you its the only time in my life where I have been prejudiced against. Why, because I was not of the Joe Smith faith.

I can tell you that the Mormon is as radical and extreme as the tea party enthusiasts. And its now wonder the prophet called Beck is like he is! He certainly has the mentality of a Mormon in Utah! Now if he is packing Deseret tuna and drinks and he has a baby Quonset hut behind the pulpit you know he is one to watch!

This must be his reasoning for the "rally" and for the future banter that shall commence at his pulpit tomorrow in D.C.

We normally take weekends off from blog land and our sister Internet radio show. But we have decided that Beck is deserving of his 15 minutes and we shall be with you every step of they way!

Beck has stated that [Beck is also self proclaimed history buff} he didn't know that when getting visions from the angel Moroni that his festivities scheduled for tomorrow where the same as Dr. MLK famous speech, and yet Beck will be at the very same spot as the late doctors event so many years ago. Coincidence, not to this blogger. The extremist tea bagger is calculated in their attack on B-ROCK and their distribution of hate and discontent.

Some early foot notes prior to the prophet speaking through GOD tomorrow;

1. Rich tea baggers meet today [8/27/10] at a power pow wow and claim B-ROCK is a modern day Hitler and Mussolini? Are you f*&^ing kidding me!!?? Is this your stance Republican?!?!?!?

2. Beck is claiming no written words for his rhetoric from the pulpit tomorrow. He is said to be "reclaiming" "civil rights" WTF Einstein your WHITE for Christ sake and you clearly despise the current POTUS [see fox am news show where he calls out the black POTUS] because of his color, yet today the buffoon was visiting Sirius radio and was coaxed into a black radio show...bad mistake called out Beck on his hate for the colored POTUS and other blacks.....the prophetic leader of the Republican troops retracted stating that he misunderstood POTUS position....clearly a save face maneuver 24 hours prior to the Beck speech which Beck is quoted as saying "that GOD will be speaking through him"......Hows that make you feel both Christians and Americans?!?!?! NFTOS wonders if Beck will be Benny Hinn like and smack folks on the head and heal them?

3. Dr. King will be attending Becks prophetic session this Saturday...Yes Dr. "ALVEDA" King neice to Martin will stand with Beck at the pulpit. Your first clue she is FUBAR is Dr. Martins offspring have ousted Alveda years ago due to visions of grandeur and her taking credit for Uncles works and trying to ride the coat tail of the famous uncle to millionairedom......Idiots that flock together...................


Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Why are we surprised that the Republicans lie and bullshit and hate everyone to include their mother? The only difference between now and the past is that they have gotten angrier and more direct in there precision of inciting anger.

Right wingers, tea baggers, Republicans, conservatives hate everything that is of not of their FUBAR policies. Delusional, misguided, and when will the tea bagger run out of people to hate?

The Republican can't speak of their own performance and that's why B-ROCK is sitting where he is.

The hate mongers will converge on Washington D.C. this weekend for their "church revival" host by none other than Glenn "Restoring Honor" Beck. Yes this self infused Mormon prophet whom just yesterday was bashing the dead mother of one Keith Olbermann. Pretty christian of there Glenn!

Our number one enemy AKA Dana Loesch states on her blog that she will be at the festivities. Why is NFTOS not shocked. Its funny how the tea bagger seems to be pulling the wool over eyes. I look forward to seeing how Glenn recites his "I have a dream speech" to the droves of tea baggers.

Today on Beck's show he was obviously worried about the "anger" and potential for violence at his pulpit this weekend. Come on Einstein, you incite humans till their blood boils and at the 11th hour you cry foul. There is a reason Glenn you and Dana are #1 asshats of the country! We hope that this remains cordial but we can foresee trouble on the horizon. Beck also stated that when he concocted this revival "he had no idea that this very day was the same as MLK speech." He was aware that MLK spoke at the very place of the Beck pulpit but the tool couldn't put two and two together and do a little fact checking, something the tea bagger lack [to not have a handle on getting the story right, their is a reason they are called the "make up shit party"].

At the end of the day its irrelevant whether he knew the date or not, but he made sure his viewers knew that the 'date' was not the vision for this freak side show.

It amazes me the plethora of humans that will "follow" another. Glenn Beck attained a high school diploma at Sehome High School, with attempts to further his education but could never cut the mustard. There is a reason military officers are leaders....they went to college. Its no wonder our dear Glenn was a drunk, like his mentor G.W. Bush its hard to swallow the pill of misinformed, misguided, delusional, hate mongers known as the conservative.

A foot note to the angered brought forth by the tea bagger, a young man hoped in a cab seeking a "Muslim". Just by happenstance his luck was on his side. His cab driver was of the Muslim faith and hence the tool tried to kill Mr. cabbie by slicing and dicing. This is the through put or the outflow of the hate radio, show called Glenn Beck. Dana Loesch, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and dear Andie Breitbart. This blood and future blood as at your hands darling dana!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When it comes to the Tea Party’s concrete policy proposals, things get fuzzier and more contradictory: keep the government out of health care, but leave Medicare alone; balance the budget, but don’t raise taxes; let individuals take care of themselves, but leave Social Security alone; and, of course, the paradoxical demand not to support Wall Street, to let the hard-working producers of wealth get on with it without regulation and government stimulus, but also to make sure the banks can lend to small businesses and responsible homeowners in a stable but growing economy.

Ones hypothesis might be is that what all the events precipitating the Tea Party movement share is that they demonstrated, emphatically and unconditionally, the depths of the absolute dependence of us all on government action, and in so doing they undermined the deeply held fiction of individual autonomy and self-sufficiency that are intrinsic parts of Americans’ collective self-understanding.

This is the rage and anger I hear in the Tea Party movement; it is the sound of jilted lovers furious that the other — the anonymous blob called simply “government” — has suddenly let them down, suddenly made clear that they are dependent and limited beings, suddenly revealed them as vulnerable. And just as in love, the one-sided reminder of dependence is experienced as an injury. All the rhetoric of self-sufficiency, all the grand talk of wanting to be left alone is just the hollow insistence of the bereft lover that she can and will survive without her beloved.

In truth, there is nothing that the Tea Party movement wants; terrifyingly, it wants nothing.

To date, the Tea Party has committed only minor, almost atmospheric violence's of propagating falsehoods, calumny and the disruption of the occasions for political speech — the last already to great and distorting effect. But if their nihilistic rage is deprived of interrupting political meetings as an outlet, where might it now go? With such rage driving the Tea Party, might we anticipate this atmospheric violence becoming actual violence, becoming what Hegel called, referring to the original Jacobins’ fantasy of total freedom, “a fury of destruction”?


COMING SOON!!! "COVERT POLITICS" If you despise the very being of the extremist radical tea baggers, right wingers,
Republicans, this Internet talk radio show is for you. If your tired of enemy number one AKA Dana Loesch and her side kick
fanatics then we are for you. Stay tuned we are "live" soon!

Radio host Roger West has spent the last 25 years protecting America in two facets of work. Roger being a double degreed
engineer is a subject matter expert in many arenas, to include weapons and military functions. As a senior official
at the DOD Roger gained a vast amount of knowledge from behind the scenes. I feel its time to right
the wrongs of the garabage spewed by the tea bagger. Dana Loesch, Andie Breitbart, Annie Coulter, and Laura Ingraham have met there
match! We shall provide you with factual evidence that most of the crap they speak are half truths, bold lies, and edited content
to suit there FUBAR positions.

We look forward to the talk show and hope that you get "THE NEWS FROM THE OTHER SIDE"..........


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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Yes we have to add John Boehner to the exclusive club. A man whom will dis his own party to get into Nancy Pelosi's seat! Are we really that desperate to gain the lead in congress. Well obviously of late we say with a resounding yes the right winger would throw their own mother under the bus to gain another rung on the ladder.

How resonating do these numbers reverbiate!
Just the facts:
1. When Billy [Clinton] leaves office he hands Georgie [bush II] 237 Billion in surplus.
2.When Georgie {Bush II] hands off too B-ROCK he aquires 1.3 Trillion in the negative and the national debt had quadrupled... reiterating all before B-Rock takes office!

So roughly a 2 trillion dollar about face from the dearly departed G.W. Bush!

HMMMMMM Mr. Republican your stories of grandeur just don't add up!!

The tea bagger will invoke "by any means necessary" to gain stock and control of their very slighted and FUBARED views, policies, and positions.

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 25 Aug 2010 at 01:10:38 AM GMT is:

The estimated population of the United States is 308,988,252
so each citizen's share of this debt is $43,263.56.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$4.11 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

Georgie W. Bush got the USA in a bind that we may never recover from....Thanks Asshat!

These are the facts and they are undisputed, while the defense rests its case we reserve the right to call rebuttle witnesses!



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This is how stupid the tea baggers are! They will see this video and still be oblivious to the asshat they are!!! What tools the right wing extremist is, don't believe me, watch the video until it sinks into that mush you call a brain Mr. Republican!!

Be afraid as BROCK is going to turn us all into Muslim hating mongers and plane flying death seekers. Hoarding weapons until the day when BROCK calls all his followers into flesh eating zombies whom shall overtake the world and rid all Americans of all that is bad ["tea bagger society"]!

Its all a conspiracy Mr. Republican where all out to get you! If BROCK is not a citizen of the USA and a Christian, legally permitted to be President, then EVERY SINGLE Congressman, Senator and Justice of the Supreme Court needs to be shot for treason as they are complicit in the greatest crime against this country. This would be the BIGGEST conspiracy EVER. Yet, 1 in 5 seem to believe it.

So how ludicrous is this Sarahnoya, Beck, Limbaugh, Loesch followers.

Republicans....your the dumbest species to walk Terra firma....JUST SAY"N


Monday, August 23, 2010


Is there a bigger asshat on the republican war path than Sharron Angle? Your first clue is this woman is a buffoon is that she has the backing of Dana Loesch. Which is a death sentence on any platform!

Her views are so skewed and extreme that they fail to be measured on the Richter scale. Tea baggers across the land speak of outlandish bullshit daily, but this chick is just "whack"! It is so easy to point the finger at another like Harry Reid. Omitting Social Security, hmmmmmm, eliminate the EPA, ahhh yes, yet another chick we don't want being anywhere near making state laws, US laws, or being on any committee affiliated with US military functions. The scary thing is humans follow this twit and voted for her!

Yet another whom has reached her fifteen minutes fame 6 months ago. Sitting here in blog central I am just amazed at the far reaching efforts of the right wing extremist called the tea bagger society.

Immediately after Angel won the GOP primary she and her tribe of idiots deleted her original website to hide her extremist and dangerous agenda! I will not post and quote the entire website but a group has archived the lovely Sharron's original site which host the ideology of this genius seeking a U.S. Senate seat. See see link for the rest of the story. I would imagine after reading this your going to be amazed that she has made it this far. But be alarmed because this is the mentality of the tea bagger society circa 2010!

Political radicalism is no less dangerous than a serial killer or a third world dictator. The Tea bagger is so far off base with their banter and rhetoric. While there mental thought process is funny I say in the same breath its sad that ones mind can be this FUBAR!

It's as if these little minions are brainwashed or that some molecular structure within the cranium fails to allow them common sense!

Why did the handlers of Angle change the website? Once enough voters from 'dumbfuckistan' solidified her GOP primary they realized that the rhetoric of this idiot is not a platform for all the USA to see.

The Internet is a great tool and be careful what you post as once you do someone is watching and will hold you accountable for your information. So that when time comes they steal your thunder and your 15 minute ride in glory is over. This is why Angle will only speak to Fox News. This is why she avoids a serious reporter, this is why she runs to her car in total horror with no comment. Its easy for her to duck a real question propsoed to her on her original positions. This is why she re-directs to Harry Reid.

Ms. Angle we are on too you and you have just won yourself the coveted 'Asshat of the week" award! Way to go, I am positive those before you are proud of your feat!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Dumber America Under G.W. Bush

A life in a America under G.W. Bush was a travesty at best! And yet the tea bagger society, the make up shit party, wants you to believe that this is where we as country and society need to be! [See above attached election map of the winning G.W. Bush which is provided by "Earth First" Stephanie Rogers]

A country run by G.W. Bush was, quoting Ms. Rogers of Earth First as "The Dumbing Down of America Under Bush".

What is clear is that the Bush administration did intentionally designed the downfall of American intellect to fall into line with its narrow, savagely partisan neo-con agenda. Guilt Christians into believing that Republican policies follow the teachings of the Bible? Check. Throw the ‘Anti-American’ label on anyone who doesn’t display mindless patriotism? Check. Push hot-button issues like gays, guns and God to the forefront of discussion to cause a deep political divide? Check. Tactics like these allowed Bush and Co. to run rampant for nearly a decade, tossing around words like ‘terrorism’, ‘national security’, ‘Jesus’ and ‘CIA intelligence’ whenever convenient to prevent people from asking too many questions.

The worst part is, Americans display an almost childlike refusal to accept the idea that there is anything wrong with the culture that had been building for decades and has been brought to a mind-boggling dumb crescendo under the Bush administration. Our fellow citizens used patriotism as a shield against the unwelcome spear of reality.

Many people started to awaken from our Bush induced idiot coma, well before the BROCK election. You can bet that the Swift Boat propaganda machine was well in the works working on attacks against Obama and attempts to make McCain look like the savior of mankind. Four years ago, it seemed like Bush had already done so much damage that there was no chance in hell the people of this country would be dumb enough to reelect him. We all know what happened. Sometimes, culturally cultivated stupidity knows no bounds.

We see the term ‘elitist’ thrown around like it’s a bad word: it’s part of what ruined John Kerry in 2004. Elitist! The funny thing is, don’t we want our leaders – especially our President – to be smarter and better than us? Leaders are supposed to emerge from the masses as those who see a better way, and can – you know – lead us to a brighter future on the horizon. Many Americans voted for Bush over Gore in 2000 because they found him ‘more charismatic’ and because ‘he made them laugh’. As a result, instead of a President, we got a court jester. Great job, America!

Clearly we where misguided and misrepresented by the buffoon called Bush! If this is all the current GOP extremist has, might I suggest you take that ideology and half truths and politely stick them where the sun doesn't shine!

We expect much of a POTUS, and lying and making shit up about WMD, outing CIA operatives, padding the rich while stealing from the poor is not the qualities we want from POTUS. Sorry Dana, Ann, Laura, Glenn, Bill, Hannity, Karl, Breitbart.....thanks but not thanks!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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‎2651 days since the buffoon called GW Bush claims "mission accomplished" in Iraqi freedom" this day or evening or morning depending on your place on the globe is now over.

7.5 years, 4415 dead in the theater, and 32 thousand wounded. NBC/MSNBC the only news group to embed on exit while droves where there for the initial en...trance. What a travesty!! Fox was as always bitching about the left wing and only had less than five minutes of air time for these brave soldiers. We see you for whom you are Fox News!

Having been a part of this war before and during, I am glad this has ended. I have seen many dead to include about 15k in one setting in mass graves at the hands of Saddam gasings, to our own troops, beheaded reporters, and civilians of all types.

While most FaceBookers, fellow bloggers, citizens, news casters will post, write, speak, blog about taking the dog out, drinking a beer, bashing the Democrats,going to a party, whether billy bob is gonna get booted off a reality show and basically speaking of nonessential bullshit......

The piece of shit known as Dana Loesch is blogging about emilys list and their grizzly bear mockery of her beloved asshat Sarahnoya Palin. That's the thing with those whom won't and didn't stand a post for their country, Yes what a POS she is!

Dawn a uniform and earn your right to bitch...asshat!

To the right wingers I say once again, quit bitching have a solution for your complaint, get up off your ass and make a difference, its the least you can do for your country and these brave and fallen humans......Writing a blog Dana does not constitute fighting for your country.....


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fox Pays Mr. Tea Bagger

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Are we shocked of this latest news out of the Fox News Camp? Absolutely not. With Beck, Rove, Ingraham, Hannity, and others wasting air time it should be fully evident to any viewer that the cable news network is nothing but a tea bag supporter!

What a shame as some horseshoe workers in their camp are actually good news folk.

I have since stopped watching Fox news many moons ago!

The sixty four thousand dollar question is should a major news organization be subjecting so much influence into this already hostile environment? Robert Mudrock says no. What say you America?

At least 15 on air personalities have affiliation or have grabbed dollars for support of the tea bagger society.

Fox should at least have the testicle fortitude to rename itself "The Republican" something. Fox is a political organization period! A astounding amount of dollars has been collected [50 million] by these said "reporters". Daily they bash and mock the left wing and often like Loesch, Coulter, and Ingraham there one sided vernacular is to incite anger in the viewer.

MSNBC/NBC/GE gave the democratic team 105 thousand dollars, or in the same breath they gave that same amount to the other side. Hmmmmmm.

The one million dollar donation is largest to date. Why is Fox News so hell bent in defeating the left wingers? Walks like a duck, reports like a duck, lies like a duck. We here at NFTOS call it like we see it!

Shame on you Fox!!


Saranoya Getting Punked

Its finally great to see women get it as well! I think the quote "Sarah doesn't speak for us" should be the cry of the land. Although "grizzly momma' Doesn't quite get under my skin with the likes of Ingraham, Loesch, and Coulter. I hope she sees she isnt the bad ass at all.

We take Sarahnoya with a grain of salt, why because she is to stupid to know any different. Someone behind the scenes [maybe fisherman hubby or Bristol's on again off again boy] is pulling her puppet strings.

I really despise when political folk invoke their remarks as something that I stand for, and state in the very same breath that they speak for all. No I speak for myself but thanks.

I often wonder in Beck, Limbaugh, Loesch and others review their utter bullshit after they have spewed it. I'd say not, or maybe yes and they are just too high on themselves to believe in there fucked up Psyche and physcho babble bullshit.... which whould explain why they are often seen on tv with those crappy friggen smug looks!

The Republican party, as perverted and subverted as they are have got to be looking in the mirror and saying "yeap I am a schmuck" and I am ok with that because I am making millions.

When the right winger sees these videos like above, how does that make you feel. You folks are becoming the laughing stock of the country!

Lets see, change the first amendment to tweak Muslims, 14th amendment to rid us of the Mexican...You folks are such frigging biggots its crazy.

Sarahnoya Palin once mayor of a town of 12 the Govenor to which she quit to game monetary gain. This is not someone whom I want having access to nuclear key codes. This chick is such a friggen bumbling buffoon, she matches the Dan Quayles and the on and only G.W. Bush.

How many more asshat right wingers are we to be subjected too?

I say we add an amendment to abolish the asshat called Tea bagger, right winger, and finally Republican.


Monday, August 16, 2010

To Build or Not To Build

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I would imagine with the hate for the building plans going forward that this may escalate to all out war on 51st street. The first amendment says (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law "respecting an establishment of religion", impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

While I respect this, I am thinking a little insensitivity is shown by the Muslim faith whether its a center for chefs or basketball, its just a little to close to home!

Obviously the right is going to make this bad and its anxiety shall only lead to more anger and possible blood shed.

The Muslim world whether these POS whom flew planes into the USA are a portion of them or not...its more guilt by association whether right or wrong , if you cant corral your faith to be honest decent humans than you have too expect Americans to be gun shy with the religion.

I have chased terror for 25 years and thought being near a mosque was the safest thing for me... when this couldn't be further from the truth as bullets whizzed by my temples.

The extremist see this as another victory as America has to follow her founders and nothing more than having a "community center" 300 feet away from the most sacred ground of out time.

Whether right or wrong its going to be interesting!


Friday, August 13, 2010

The Horror That Is Laura Ingraham

I have possibly found someone more annoying than Dana Loesch. I am thinking maybe these two where twins at birth, or maybe better yet they are from different parents but where somehow brainwashed and morphed into the crap we now see, hear, and read all over the superhighway and airwaves!

I guess this blogger has lived under a rock because I didn't know of this annoying tool until watching Larry King Live tonight. She has the same smug irritating theme of the make up shit party, and the foot in mouth party.

She claims a degree from Dartmouth and a law degree from my state (Virginia). If this is what Dartmouth and UVA produce GOD help us all! While reading a blurb from here BROCK Vagina monologues cartoon book she had a sentence that contained 14 words, 13 of them where uhhmms and ahhs. WTF, you would think a doll with her "education" could put on coherent sentence together on national tv.

Lets see what our fact checks find on the darling Ingraham. Booted off Fox news. Huge antihomosexual gal whom was estranged from her own brother whom just happens to be gay.
This tool was so off the shelf I am quoting "she went so far as to avoid a local eatery where she feared the waiters were homosexual and might touch her silverware or spit on her food, exposing her to AIDS" Hows that make you feel America and more specifically Gays?

This blogger can't see that she has been married but she was several times engaged once to New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli. WTF was wrong with this dood, With her holier than thou attitude Its obvious why she is not married!

Its air apparent that she considers herself witty, humorous, and funny as her "collection of satirical diary entries supposedly by Barack Obama, criticizing Barack Obama, his family and officials in his administration." To which she read a blurb from her book on LKL tonight.

This blooger thought it sounded as if at best a 13 year old had written the piece, and this gal was a speech writer for Reagan.

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation named Ingraham as one of the "worst anti-gay and anti-transgender voices of 2008," citing her statements regarding transgendered people and "allusions that being gay is a 'bad choice'." Ingraham also has wrote a few controversial articles during her tenure, such as a piece characterizing a campus gay rights group as "cheerleaders for latent campus Sodomites". She also secretly tape recorded the organization's meetings, and sent copies to the participants' parents.

I don't know about your thoughts readers, but this is one ballsy chick!

Synopsis is Ms. Ingraham is from the same mold as Coulter, Loesch. and Breitbart. This blogger shall now refer to these tools as the "fab four". Like her asshat predecessors she interrupts when her counter part is speaking, she has no facts, and speaks to irritate the left winger. She us like all the other tea baggers, i.e. have no platform and no solutions for all her complaints. But as we know thats the tea bagger mentallity. If they would look at our blog facts on G.W. Bush they might just shut up, but then again they wouldnt be the annoying tools they are if they just buttoned it up and went away.

She was seen in a Fox news video bashing MSNBC and NBC for not embedding in with soldiers. Well we know NBC lost the man whom invented the concept (David Bloom). She was bitching because Matt L was at Olympics and not taking bullets. She thinks reporters need not be in hotels and balconies but in the theater of war. As a once Director at the Pentagon I am considered a Subject Matter Expert in this field! Ms. Ingraham has been pictured dawning a flight suit as a VP guest here at my base (Naval Air Station Oceana). Let me tell you sweet cheeks, until you sign your name for commitment to the service, dawn the uniform, grab a weapon and stand a post, your nothing but hot F^%king air! I also tell you, babysitting the likes of you in the theater of war is dangerous, not for you as I could give a crap less...... but soldiers having to coddle you ass in the theater is outlandish! Do us all a favor and stay on USA soil and bitch about the very freedoms we as military provide for you!

Id just rather you shut your corn hole say thank you very much and go back to.....whatever it you do when not pissing off the masses with your utter BS.

For this Ms. Ingraham, you get the coveted NFTOS ASSHAT of the month award! Atta girl!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Mission Accomplished"

‎2,645 days since George W. Bush profoundly declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq while wearing a flight suit and landing on an aircraft carrier. But like so many other catastrophes associated with the Bush administration, in the end, Bush always seems to get the last laugh. Maybe declaring "Mission Accomplished" was not that crazy after all. If the "mission" in Iraq was to bilk the federal government for hundreds of billions of dollars in "no-bid" contracts for politically-connected corporations like Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater-Xe, reaping enormous profits for Dick Cheney's Old Boys' network -- then it's safe to say: "Mission Accomplished."

Or if the "mission" was to privatize a socialist-leaning economy in the heart of the Middle East through bombing parastatals and government enterprises to create future investment opportunities for U.S.-based conglomerates and other multinational corporations -- then it's safe to say: "Mission Accomplished."

And if the "mission" was to seize sweeping Executive powers and use the Iraq war to scare the hell out of the American people with graphic descriptions of "weapons of mass destruction," "smoking guns," and "mushroom clouds"; if the objective was to win the 2002 midterm elections in an atmosphere of war and win re-election in 2004 as a "wartime" president; if the "mission" was to tarnish your political opponents as "unpatriotic" whenever they criticized your war of choice; if the purpose was to lock-in obscene Cold War-levels of military spending for the foreseeable future -- "Mission Accomplished."

If the "mission" was to wreck a nation that once prided itself on its modernity and level of economic development; if the goal was to weaken a nationalistic Arab country that has water resources, agricultural land, a technocratic class, and immense oil reserves; if the aim was to turn Baghdad into the most violent city on Earth with hideous blast walls, bombed-out buildings, and open sewers, forcing millions of Iraqis to live in squalor as an example to those who might challenge U.S. power -- then it's "Mission Accomplished."

Afghanistan's is where the war needed to be, and no Mr. Bush this conflict can not be called "Mission Accomplished"! Asshat!

What say ye tea bagger??

These are the facts and they are indisputable, while this blogger rests his case he reserves the right to call rebuttal witnesses........

Excerpts taken from Joe Palermo blog May 2009


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its Too Easy to Ignite the Tea Bagger Society

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Where is Dana Loesch when you need her?!?! Dana.............You got a comeback?
I guess Andie Breitbart has lost his testicles with the "Sherrod" incident. Dang, what a shame, it was fun having BOZO the clown to laugh at!

Tea Baggers, can you feel the ship sinking yet?


Bush By The Numbers

The above two charts portray an ugly office for George W. Bush! This is what the tea baggers want you to forget. Where is Dana, Ann, and Andrew when it comes to these numbers? "Refudiate" this Sarah. This is why both tea baggers and non-extremist Republicans can't come to us with a platform. This is why they attack BROCK as if he was the one whom created this huge despicable debacle. No Dana, this is the works of the buffoon called G.W. Bush! The state of the Union is this way due to the afterbirth of G.W. Bush!

While the poll ratings are astounding, take a look at the before Bush V after. Not a pretty sight, and we want more of this Dana? Thanks but no thanks bitch!

This is how you bolster your position tea baggers, come to the table, the tv interview, your blog, your idiotic PJTV, and give me data and facts. Not your concocted bullshit, or your half truths of what you perceive in your FUBARED mind as correct!

You've been owned tea baggers by NFTOS!!

These are the facts and they are undisputed. While we rest our case, we reserve the right to call rebuttle witnesses.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bush Tax Cuts Facts

Between 2001 and 2003, the Bush administration instituted a federal tax cut for all taxpayers. Among other changes, the lowest income tax rate was lowered from 15% to 10%, the 27% rate went to 25%, the 30% rate went to 28%, the 35% rate went to 33%, and the top marginal tax rate went from 39.6% to 35%.In addition, the child tax credit went from $500 to $1000, and the "marriage penalty" was reduced. Since the cuts were implemented as part of the annual congressional budget resolution, which protected the bill from filibusters, numerous amendments, and more than 20 hours of debate, it had to include a sunset clause. Unless congress passes legislation making the tax cuts permanent, they will expire in 2011.

Some policy analysts and non-profit groups such as OMBWatch, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and the Tax Policy Center have attributed some of the rise in income inequality to the Bush administration's tax policy. In February 2007, President Bush addressed the rise of inequality for the first time, saying "The reason is clear: We have an economy that increasingly rewards education and skills because of that education". However, prominent social scientists, such as economist Paul Krugman and political scientist Larry Bartels, have pointed out that education fails to explain the rising gap between the top 1% and the bottom 99%, which has been the site of most increases in inequality. They point out that if education were to blame, a larger group would be pulling ahead of the rest of the population, and that wages of highly educated earners have fallen far behind those of the very rich. Furthermore, they point out that the U.S. is unique among developed countries in seeing such a sharp rise in inequality, while the composition of its economy and labor force is not - if education were to blame, one would expect the same trend across all post-industrial nations. Bartels has asserted that the skill base explanation is partially used as it is more "comforting" to blame impersonal forces, rather than policies.

The tax cuts have been largely opposed by American economists, including the Bush administration's own Economic Advisement Council. In 2003, 450 economists, including ten Nobel Prize laureate, signed the Economists' statement opposing the Bush tax cuts, sent to President Bush stating that "these tax cuts will worsen the long-term budget outlook... will reduce the capacity of the government to finance Social Security and Medicare benefits as well as investments in schools, health, infrastructure, and basic research... [and] generate further inequalities in after-tax income." The Bush administration has claimed, based on the concept of the Laffer Curve, that the tax cuts actually paid for the themselves by generating enough extra revenue from additional economic growth to offset the lower taxation rates. However, income tax revenues in dollar terms did not regain their FY 2000 peak until 2006. Through the end of 2008, total federal tax revenues relative to GDP have yet to regain their 2000 peak. In contrast to the claims made by Bush, Cheney, and Republican presidential primary candidates such as Rudy Giuliani, there is a broad consensus among even conservative economists (including current and former top economists of the Bush Administration such as Greg Mankiw) that the tax cuts have had a substantial net negative impact on revenues (i.e., revenues would have been substantially higher if the tax cuts had not taken place), even taking into account any stimulative effect the tax cuts may have had and any resulting revenue feedback effects.

In terms of increasing inequality, the effect of Bush's tax cuts on the upper, middle and lower class is contentious. Most economists argue that the cuts have benefited the nation's richest households at the expense of the middle and lower class, while libertarians and conservatives have claimed that tax cuts have benefited all taxpayers. Economists Peter Orszag and William Gale described the Bush tax cuts as reverse government redistribution of wealth, "[shifting] the burden of taxation away from upper-income, capital-owning households and toward the wage-earning households of the lower and middle classes." Between 2003 and 2004, following the 2003 tax cuts, the share of after-tax income going to the top 1% rose from 12.2% in 2003 to 14.0% in 2004. (This followed the period from 2000 to 2002, where after-tax incomes declined the most for the top 1%. At the same time, the share of overall tax liabilities of the top 1% increased from 22.9% to 25.3%, as the result of a tax system which became more progressive since 2000.

While this blogger rests his case we reserve the right to call rebuttal witnesses. These are the facts and they are undisputed!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Rhetoric of the Patriot Dame....AKA Dana Loesch

Self proclaimed politico know-it-all Dana Loesch is all about pissing folks off, both on her radio and her plethora of blogs she participates in. While our researchers can find little if any education after high school for Ms. Loesch, she does speak with what she perceives or wants her readers and listeners to perceive as PHD level. Like her counter part Mr. Glenn Beck whom after high school struggled with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and substance abuse, no surprise to this blogger!

Both Beck and Loesch are masters at promoting conspiracy theories and they both employ incendiary rhetoric. Is it a wonder that our dear Dana receives hate mail, death threats, and that she blocks all comments on her blog.

Our findings define "Tea Bagger" as a an American socio-political movement that emerged in 2009 through a series of locally and nationally coordinated protests.The protests are partially in response to several Federal laws: the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Federal Reserve Transparency Act and a series of health care reform bills.

The name "Tea Party" is a reference to the Boston Tea Party of 1773—a protest by American colonists against various acts by the British Government which, among other things, attempted to establish a monopoly on the importation of tea into the colonies by giving a cut on re-importation tax imposed on the East India Company. The colonists felt disenfranchised because of their lack of representation in the British Parliament, and resented the British government's efforts to control them. Tea Party protests have invoked themes, images and slogans similar to those used during the pre-revolutionary period in American history.

While Loesch is claimed to be the co-founder of the and I quote " the Missouri" tea party which at best is less than a few hundred thousand. Give me a F*&king break! I have commanded more troops in the theater of war for heavens sake!

Another point, both Beck and PJTV momma Loesch never served their country nor provided civil service work. Its easy to bitch and complain when you've never stood a post for your country!

The real Republicans with a level head and a simile of an agenda has to be just livid with the Coulter's, Loesch's, and Breitbarts of the world. Extremists in every sense of the word! A extremist is a term used to describe the actions or ideologies of individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. Sounds like the fab four to me (Limbaugh, Coulter, Loesch, Breitbart)

Our researchers came up with this quote from a left wing friend of Loesch's (which honesty astonishes the bloggers of NFTOS that she has Democratic pals). Quoting photographer Steven Treusdell who has no problem calling out dear Dana... "You have the character of a hate radio DJ down pat," Truesdell wrote in an e-mail to Loesch in October. "Your continued rise in this arena will be fun to watch. You have the aggression, the looks, and the vocab to go far in 'Hate broadcasting' and right wing idolatry. Do be careful though, one day the outrage you urge in others will turn to violence and innocent people will die in your name. This is assured. That is a lot to live with, even when one has Religious righteousness and a fervent belief in their absolute rightness. I hope when that day comes you can live with the results of what you have sown."

Wow Steve! Heavy cutting words, but NFTOS is positive that your eloquent words fell on the deaf ears and is obvious that Dana does not have enough neurons to grasp her flaming rhetoric. Only when the aforementioned happens will she sit back in retrospect.

She has often stated that making the left mad is her motive. Designing up half truths and utter bullshit is the MO for Limbaugh, Beritbart, Loesch and Coulter. The fab four shall have to do better to piss off the bloggers here, but with only a high school mentality we expect nothing less! Besides Coulter the remaining tools appear to have never gone to college or they have taken a few semester only to fail miserably, as Rush's mother is quoted as saying. You can't get an education, but yet you want us to follow and believe you wikipedia research, which turns into something that the soap "the bold and Beautiful" would be proud of!

How can such losers in the educational arena become such heated opponents in a setting such as politics? As the lollipop commercial goes, owl licking the lollipop to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll lollipop.......the world may never know"!


Senseless act kills the un-armed

While their intent was great, they shouldn't be in the most hostile area known as Afghanistan. Our troops and country has more to worry about than a fleeting few saving "teeth" of all things. There are many more in the USA whom could use this free service and you would be in less harms way if you did so.

I don't know if martyr or hero are terms for these folks. The church that sent these folks need to be spoken with as they are quoted as saying that they will continue to stay in the region. Maybe a block on foreign travel to the area might make them rethink their position.

Its a shame we have wasted these lives, again so many Americans needing services yet the churches of the world think there martyrdom is more self proclaimed in theaters of war.

This also shows why our troops need to stomp the crap out of the Taliban. How despicable to kill execution style unarmed humans. But that is the mentality of a extremist. Instead of worrying about proper war edict, go in there with air combat ablaze and don't stop until they are all dead or they cease and desist!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Bush to hold book release till after mid-term

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Strategically probably a good idea, because I would imagine much damaging content resides between the book covers.'Fake intell" "releasing Bin Laden from Tora bora", only minor bumblings of the coke sniffing drunk driving buffoon! How about outing a CIA operative, oppps forgot that was "Dick" Cheney's and Scooter Libbie's fuck up!

How soon the tea baggers forget a President whom couldn't put two coherent sentences together...hmmmm sounds familiar doesn't it Dana and Andie?

Its just getting to easy to ignite the asinine thoughts and actions of these extremist!

Stayed tuned later today will take a peek at Loesch's comments on her blog to see what cocncoted bullshit she has come up with in the last 48 hours....


Mr Right Winger

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Will the majority GOP join their right wing extremist? To me it seems like politico suicide, but please have at it GOP! Here is a funny food for thought. Sen Jon McCain was caught bitching about 1.7 billion in stimulus monies, but yet somehow his brain waves choose to omit G.W. Bush's taxes cut to aide the rich which costs us 837 billion? Where is the frigging logic? That's the thing with tea baggers, their thought process is misaligned with normal thoughts.

How soon they forget the reason we are here is because Bush created this and we certainly cannot revert back to Bush era Presidency!

While I am not a big proponent of Dr. Dean, but if you LISTEN he clearly makes great sense!

The more you speak Mr. Republican the more you show us your ignorance!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea Party Can't Win With Sarahnoya Backing

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Tea Party runners can't quite pull it off. Maybe America does get it. If you see the Dana Loesch blog today she is boasting about winning health care reform for state of Missouri...Does Missouri have anything or anyone worth two bits there? Anyhow the right wing extremist can only bolster a small victory at the polls yesterday.

Okay Americans its down to B-ROCK or Sarahnoya...whom you going to choose?

I would assume the GOP will soon succeed from the radical tea baggers, the movement has lost its steam and the lies and bullshit will increase as their grasp loosens on the rope.

I would imagine when Breibart, Loesch and Coulter fall from the rope that we shall hear a big thud!

Whether voters are for reform of health or not my own state is top on the list to fight this in the court system, at which time this shall end up in the top court. At which time we shall be told that B-Rocks health reform stands! Period! Its no wonder Missouri is the dump it is, refusing health care for all, I would imagine income per capita is lowest in the Union here. And if Loesch is your leader Missouri God help you and you deserve all the shit you get. Its like following her brilliance into a theater of war....thanks but no thanks...


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Drill Baby Drill"

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And this is the human whom we want next to control nuclear key codes. Consider this America, your destiny is at hand, waiting for the returns to come in we have Dana Loesch, Andie Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, and any one Democrat are on the ballot for POTUS, whom do you want having nuclear key codes, executive order, veto power, and the leader of the free world.

Bill Maher said it best while the visiting Ann Coulter was on..."you just make up shit"! That is the comeback line of the right wing extremist. You can't give me factual information, you give us doctored videos, half truths, and utter bullshit!

Ms. "drill baby drill, now bear momma extraordinaire shows her lack of intelligence again.

Does a tea bagger think before they speak, probably not because their main intent is to incite anger in the other side, which in itself shows the mentalility of the Loesch's of the world!

Why is it these folks will not get on TV with the Keith Olbermans of the world, Why? because Dana, Ann, Sarah, and Andie would be completely out of their element! Clearly anyone whom stands up to these asshats has the upper advantage.

I would give my eye teeth to debate "truths" with these tools.

I am thinking maybe Sarah and Dana should stick to ensuring their kids make the right decisions in life and let American political issues reside with those of subject matter expertise. Getting your material from or Wikipedia is not where your data should come from ladies.

Sarah, help stop teenage promiscuity and pregnancy, you can't be a mom and you see visions of POTUS...give me a break lady! You fall way short of presidential material!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Darling to OUTCAST!!

Andrew "Andie Asshat" Breitbart has gone form shining Republican "GOD" to tool of the asshat club! What a shame it took of all this time for the right wingers to see Breitbart for what he is! I would love a one on one with Andie!

Now if you read the Dana Loesch blog of late she rambles about her lack of knowledge about everything. Does this gal have a education? The more and more I see her blogs...... her visions of grandeur and bullshit place her among the kings of asshat! WTF Dana, can you put a coherent sentence together by yourself? Your head is so far up Breitbarts ass your suffocating tea bagger!

Quoting Loesch, "The only way that her remarks could be taken out of context would be if, after the 23:53 remark where she says that opposition to health care is racist (wtf?) she followed it up with a hearty “NOT!” and the “NOT” was removed in editing. But it wasn’t. The video, the remarks were in context." She goes on to continue her insult on the intelligence of her readers and quote "So this is Sherrod’s defense, in layman’s terms for those reading who like books with pictures".

"(WTF?)" ......Dana such language from such a pristine bitch! Loesch self titled the "the conservative alternative". You my dear are the alternative to the dumbass Breitbart but we expect nothing less from a asshat that has morphed into the pimple on the ass of society that we now see in you on CNN and Fox News.

Go get a college education and then lets see you establish something other than "the make up shit party" that you are!

The only sad thing is Sherrod hasn't included you and Coulter to the suit along with with Andie asshat!

Dana the real M-W online dictionary states racism as;

Main Entry: rac·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-\
Function: noun
Date: 1933
1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

— rac·ist \-sist also -shist\ noun or adjective

You disagree because your IQ doesn't allow you the freedom to now whats right from wrong. I for one am certainly glad you are not a liberal. Your rhetoric and your being is as putrid as Adolf Hitler!

Please Loesch, follow your mentor Breitbart to the end, keep praising this buffoon and the other book end Annie three certainly have a place in history, that is the mockery of twenty first century asshats!

I am not sure whom your cheerleading squad is, and I often wonder after you embarrass yourself, your family and your political party, why you get up the next day and do it again....OH forgot, its great to make a living and to live in a country where you've never served your country, nor have you ever done civil service work for your country, but yet in the same breath you mock the very same country that allows you this right and freedom! Id rather you say fuck you and then carry your ass out of the country!

I've said this before... that when you give someone a little knowledge and a open forum to speak, we get the shit called Breitbart, Coulter, and Loesch. Three tools of the right wing extremist. Dawn a military uniform, grab a rifle, and stand a post...until you do so shut the hell up!