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Wednesday, February 6, 2013



The re-birth of the GOP - attempted 4 times prior by Eric Cantor - with no takers for righting the mother ship. Yesterday, Cantor attempted a fifth time to shake the fecal matter from his parties core. Under-construction signs were posted everywhere, -re-engineering strategies where conducted behind closed doors to re-brand, manufacture a more appealing women hating, racist, pasty old white man regime. The infrastructure of the GOP is laden with Paul Broun type tea baggers, so how to rid thyself of the Paul Brouns?

The GOP is seen as outside the mainstream, for the wealthy, out-of-touch with reality, uncompromising, uncaring, and unfazed by facts.

Rachel Maddow points out that eradicating the filth that is the tea bagger - not so easy. The conservative is so far right - carpet bombing radicals - that the point of no return is upon them.

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No matter many layers of the onion you peel away, GOP crap is still GOP crap. It's more than a facelift that this group needs, its more like a Frankenstein-esk brain transplant.

Cantor's 2013 version of the GOP, is the same ingredients as before, just labeled differently to befuddle the buyer. So, buyer beware.

In breaking news, Daily kos is reporting that Cantor's plan has been crushed before it could take flight, just 24 hours into the is no more.

Roger West