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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wiley Coyote Tries To Light Fuse On The Acme Scandals, And They Just Won't Go Off. Beep, Beep!


Who knew? Who knew that Darrell Issa was a lying schmuck? You didn't have to be Einstein to know that as time went on - that this IRS scandal would backfire on the American Taliban.

And just like with the Benghazi emails, the full transcripts have been released, [an oh shit moment for Issa] and they  reveal that there was absolutely no testimony or evidence that supports the right-wing lie that the White House was behind these actions.


Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Darrell Issa, in typical deceiving GOP fashion, knew this. That’s why he continued to delay the release of these transcripts, which decimated every conspiracy Republicans have tried to levy against the President.

Yesterday’s release from Representative Elijah Cummings contains the full transcripts that show the White House had absolutely nothing to do with this issue in the Cincinnati office.

Even the fallacy that there was an overwhelming number of “conservative groups” targeted was a lie. This graph shows that only 96 of the 298 groups listed were “conservative groups,” totaling about one-third within this investigation. But when you heard it from the American Taliban, this was some kind of direct attack against the tea bagger, even though there’s no evidence supporting this whatsoever.

In fact, there is an over abundance of evidence to show that Issa knowingly tried to conceal specific pieces of evidence from being released, while allowing specific comments to be “leaked” by his staff, perpetuating his lies that the White House was behind this.

Just like with Benghazi, the real story is much less eventful than what the American Taliban wants Americans to believe. And just like with Benghazi, the possible criminal activity doesn't come from the White House, but from within the American Taliban. Their concealment of factual information which easily debunks the lies which they were using to mislead the American public is now public, for all to see.

Benghazi’s “conspiracy” really stems from who edited the initial emails that the GOP used to build their attack on President Obama and Hillary Clinton, while the IRS “conspiracy” seems to be about why Issa continued to perpetuate a lie - a lie that had no merit and zero factual backing to support his claim.

The American Taliban cares little about facts —their number one mission, to point blame at the African American in the oval office. No matter what the cost, "pin the tail on the donkey"!

One has to wonder why Issa was so eager to keep this information from public view?

It's going to take some time to review the transcript in detail, but at this point, it looks like the IRS controversy, which was on shaky ground before, has almost completely been flushed down the toilet..

If, upon further review, these transcripts reinforce the perception that Issa tried to mislead the public, it's the California tea bagger and not the Obama administration, that will have some explaining to do!

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Darrell Issa proves to self, yep I am a schmuck!

Roger West