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Monday, November 3, 2014



As a rule of thumb, whenever a conservative right wing nut job tries to make a point about racism in America that defends the GOP - you should either ignore them, laugh at them, or like I do call them out on their lies.

Any American with a positive IQ, who follows politics knows about the Southern Strategy that Reagan and Nixon used and which was later honed to perfection by the late Lee Atwater. So whenever Democrats point out how racist the GOP and the Tea Party are, their new hole card is to call that racism.

Maybe more importantly, this blog should be about Stein's expertise at being a womanizing pervert instead of his "political intellect" [snark]. When did this "D" grade actor, "F" grade conservative speech writer become someone who we should listen too with regards to racism?

Stein made his name as one of "the president's men" writing speeches for Nixon and Ford. In a sane world that would have translated to a lifetime bagging groceries but in typical conservative "famous" stature, Stein went from writing speeches for Mr. Watergate to peddling eye drops and bogus credit reporting websites. Conservatives shill for dollars, its what they do best, peddle bullshit.

Stein is just another of - Fox News's parade of:

Robbers, and

Reminder in all this, we have had Presidents who have owned slaves, and how this tidbit of facts eludes this asshat - Ben Stein proving yet again, that Ben Stein is a colossal Dick. [and no I don't mean his name is Dick]

- the FISTERS brigade (for what they continue to do to our country)--continues to roll on and on and on.
Congratulations Ben Stein, you are both today's worst person in the world and today's asshat of the day. Wear your awards with pride numbnutz.

Roger West