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Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Even as House Speaker John Boehner insists daily that jobs are the GOP ers number one concern and objective - yet we see to often, and we hear too little - zero job bills being sent to the President for signature - and more and more we are bombarded with the American Taliban's urinary incontinence from their mouth and constipation of their brain. with regards to immigration reform, LGBT rights and women's body parts. This group of Neanderthals, they continue down the destructive path to everyone despising them, everyone that is but the pasty white men [and Marsha Blackburn] whom concoct these narrow minded ideologies.

Rachel Maddow opened her show last night taking the American Taliban to task for their continuing insistence on fighting for stricter and stricter anti-abortion laws, culminating in the GOP-led House passing a huge federal anti-abortion ban bill last night.


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Maddow said the GOP attempted to try and put out a more articulate voice by letting Marsha Blackburn push for the abortion bill. However, on MSNBC, Blackburn said that when women report rapes, it gives police people to track down and bring to justice.

Maddow then added “House Republicans effectively forcing you to use your uterus and access to it as a means of helping the police with their investigations.”

"Fetal Masturbation"? What medical school do these American Taliban congressmen go to? The same one from the movie "Dead Ringers"?

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This "do good-er" seems so shocked, really Blackburn?

The Wizard of Oz is 70 yrs old, and oh how times have changed. Today if Dorothy where to meet men with no heart, no brains, or no testicles, she wouldn't be in Oz, she'd be in the GOP lead house of representatives!

My question is, if fetuses can truly masturbate, why are we all not blind?

Roger West