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Thursday, July 16, 2015



It’s always great to see this countries “special patriots”; you know the ones, the guy with old 1980’s Chevy S 10 pickup truck with four confederate battle flags hanging high off the bed of the rusted ole jalopy, the flags rattling in the breeze as he drives the highways. The guy with the John Deere baseball cap with the bill of that hat laden with chewing tobacco juice, - who also is also dawning the two toned grease monkey shirt with his name sewn on so he doesn’t forget who he is.

The guy who never had the balls to really stand up for his country, dawn a uniform, stand a hill, and fight for the true American flag, the guy who’s ancestors never fought the civil war, but yet has the hard on for the confederate battle flag. Of course you’ve seen him, his ilk is everywhere.

I leave you “special Patriots “with the words to an old Johnny Cash tune:


I walked through a county courthouse square

On a park bench an old man was sitting there

I said, "Your old courthouse is kinda run down"

He said, "No, it'll do for our little town"

I said, "Your old flagpole has leaned a little bit

And that's a Ragged Old Flag you got hanging on it"

He said, "Have a seat," and I sat down

"Is this the first time you've been to our little town?"

I said, "I think it is" He said, "I don't like to brag

But we're kinda proud of that Ragged Old Flag

You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when

Washington took it across the Delaware

And it got powder-burned the night Francis Scott Key

Sat watching it, writing 'Say Can You See'

And it got a bad rip in New Orleans

With Packingham and Jackson tuggin' at its seams

And it almost fell at the Alamo

Beside the Texas flag, but she waved on though

She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville

And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill

There was Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, and Bragg

And the south wind blew hard on that Ragged Old Flag

On Flanders Field in World War I

She got a big hole from a Bertha gun

She turned blood red in World War II

She hung limp and low by the time it was through

She was in Korea and Vietnam

She went where she was sent by her Uncle Sam

She waved from our ships upon the briny foam

And now they've about quit waving her back here at home

In her own good land here she's been abused

She's been burned, dishonored, denied, and refused

And the government for which she stands

Is scandalized throughout the land

And she's getting threadbare and she's wearing thin

But she's in good shape for the shape she's in

'Cause she's been through the fire before

And I believe she can take a whole lot more

So we raise her up every morning, we take her down every night

We don't let her touch the ground and we fold her up right

On second thought, I do like to brag

'Cause I'm mighty proud of the Ragged Old Flag

History, heritage you say? There is only flag that has remained tall and proud through it all, and that is the American flag, not the battle flag of the confederacy.

Roger West