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Tuesday, December 18, 2012



The bully pulpit has spoken after several days of silence. The National Rifle Association has come out from hiding (sort of) for the first time since a gunman killed 26 people, including 20 children, in Newtown, Connecticut.

The most powerful lobbying group in America had been utterly silent for four full days about Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Any time a mass murder occurs in our country, the gun toting enthusiast go into psycho mode, and often hide behind the second amendment, and as Ed Shultz of MSNBC said last night, "this tactic doesn't cut it anymore"!

New York cities mayor Michael Bloomberg went on Meet the Press today and told Obama he should skirt Congress and the Constitution and take executive action against firearms owners in the United States. I agree! Bloomberg continued: “It’s time for the president, I think, to stand up and lead and tell this country what we should do — not go to Congress and say, ‘What do you guys want to do?’ This should be his number one agenda. He’s president of the United States".

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The Second Amendment to the US constitution is a fossil, preserving antiquated concerns that have no relevance to the modern world. The second amendment allowed for "muskets", not semi automatic assault rifles, nor pistols with large clips. We need to change this antiquated amendment ASAP!

The US Constitution develops over time, and as circumstances change, it should be reinterpreted in the light of those circumstances.

Any attempt to ban private ownership of firearms would require a constitutional amendment, and I don't see much likelihood of that, no matter how many schoolchildren die.

The question to consider is the degree to which the rights of the Second Amendment can be limited, because the Bill of Rights is not absolute. Libel law, for example, limits free speech, and I doubt that if Aztecs were still among us they could persuade the courts that human sacrifice was permissible as free exercise of religious belief.

You cannot legally take a car onto the road without demonstrating to the state that you are proficient to operate it without presenting a hazard to others. If we were in a sane Union, we would be able to discuss what reasonable limitations might be imposed on ownership of semiautomatic weapons, assault rifles, and other ordnance.

But, as we are all aware, we have not behaved much like a sane Union in recent years.

Yes Tea baggers, I am in fact, one of those liberals who would not mind if every handgun and assault weapon in the United States not in custody of the military and police were melted down into slag and dropped into the nearest shit hole. Please attend to the above before commenting in Red Dawn-inspired hysteria that Democrats are conspiring with POTUS the Antichrist to disarm you.

Call me crazy readers, but I think the right to own a gun is trumped by the right not to be shot by one.

Roger West