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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Allen West Telling Democrats to "Leave America"

Yesterday I brought you a story on "agitators". Keynote speaker of my blog was Lt. Col Allen West (Again no relation to me). This morning West now sees his statements coming back to haunt him.

Lt. Col West is engaged in a rapid about-face, appearing both on CNN and Faux news this morning to insist that what he said is not actually what he said.

On CNN, West demanded that a skeptical host Soledad O’Brien to view the entire speech an realize that “he was simply trying to draw attention to the decline of a country” at the hands of people who hold values that are “not in concert with our constitutional republic.” “And if you can’t understand that,” he added, ” please come down to South Florida, you and I can read the Federalist Papers.” Later on Fox and Friends, West told host Steve Doocy, “I did not refer to any person leaving”:
WEST: The other thing is that I did not refer to any person leaving. If you go back and read the transcript of the message that I gave, it was about equality of achievement, it was about economic dependence, it was about enslaving the American entrepreneur’s will and spirit. That message needs to leave this country. And that was what I was referring to. And I think that anyone that sat back and looked at the entirety of that 12 minute, 45 second speech would understand that we’re talking about a contrast of visions of this country.


Looking back at the transcript as requested, it’s pretty clear that West specifically named “President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and my dear friend, the chairman of the Democrat National Committee (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz)” to “take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States.”

Nonetheless, West has made a practice of lobbing incendiary rhetoric across the aisle and then blaming the news media for the resulting backlash. Reacting to Faux pundit Bob Beckel’s demand that West apologize, a somewhat thin-skinned West shot back, “I think Bob Beckel owes me an apology for saying that he would not refer to me as a Congressional representative nor as a lieutenant colonel, retired.”

Teapublicans don't apologize, especially Lt. Col West. They blame others for making them say the stupid things they say. It's never the fault of teapublicans to make irrational statements.

Allen West has a very different "vision," not just of this country, but of how to socially interact. He has proven, time and again, that he has a "shoot first" approach to life, unwilling or unable to be thoughtful - considering the consequences of what you say. His lack of impulse control - is not of benefit to this country in any leadership capacity.

I would tell the Lt. Col, "say what you mean and mean what you say." West is a troglodyte for saying what he said, and then to blame the media for the error of his ways - the character "two-faced" (Batman's villain) comes to mind.

Lt. Col Allen West

West suffers from that teapublican disease, hypocrite-itis - he is nasty piece of work, all this posturing about should someone apologize or not is both whiny and nauseating. Why give a foul-mouthed bomb thrower the opportunity to walk back his bombs?

DNC Wasserman repudiating West

Hopefully, Florida will wake up and give the Lt. Col a not so subtle hint - that he needs a less responsible and impactful job.

Roger West