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Monday, June 20, 2016

It’s a gun issue Stupid…

So it hit me around 3 pm last Sunday that Omar Mateen, American citizen by birth, 24 hours earlier represented exactly what the NRA is trying to protect - an natural born American citizens right to own a gun to protect and serve himself and/or the public. This was a man who was licensed to be a security officer. Who was presumably vetted multiple times, and continuously evaluated for mental stability as an officer licensed to carry a weapon. That is until the moment he snapped. The concept of a good guy with a gun is a fleeting one. This whack-job proves it.

That does NOT mean all of you gun toters are, nor does it mean you'll snap one day too. It is a reflection on why I find the concept “the good guy with a gun” so laughable. Not everyone with a gun is good, not everyone without a gun is a wimp or victim in waiting.

When the second amendment was conceived both the government of Great Britain and the citizens of the colonies had weapons that were similar. That could be repeatedly fired only as fast as they could pull a trigger. Bambie may be fast, but shooting her at 700 rounds per minute doesn't strike me as sport, nor will it leaving you with much to mount in way of a trophy. Swiss cheese venison anyone?

Face it. With that crows its the bigger the boom, the bigger the giggle.

Everyone seems to be wringing their hands over the terror plot the FBI missed. Did they?

The FBI investigated an American-born citizen who had committed no crime. Who showed a propensity for anger and aggressive behavior –like many a tea bagger I might add. Regardless, that is not criminal!

What would you have them do? Maybe if they put him on a watch list and prevented him from buying guns! Hey, what would the NRA say about that - An American-born citizen accused of being angry, who committed no crime, denied the right to buy a gun.!

Then the discussion becomes a Second Amendment issue. And this was my point. Common Sense dictates we should have placed this clown on a no buy list. Its time we start being really “well regulated”.

Bill Pickering