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Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Could Absorb Another Terror Attack"

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We normally keep our Facebook activities off the NFTOS blog, but while in our horseshoe meeting today we thought this was a topic not to be ignored. Also the mouth of Liz Cheney added to our "reality check" so as to enlighten the less than intelligent daughter of Richard Cranium Cheney.

Fellow Facebook pal states that "While I am sure that the nation could absorb an attack I am fairly confident that the families of future victims cannot. Mr. President, the acceptable number of American victims of terrorist attacks is ZERO. Is this faithfully executing the office of President? I think not".

We first say why not propose this statement to your fellow tea bagger George Bush!?

Reality check........We see the folks jumping the "absorb terror" attack by B-ROCK. While we never expect the laymen to understand theater of war engagement or DHS protocol, and we are not sure where the constitution states all citizens are safe from any attack. Reality is....

Once again the Republican is 10 years too late, a couple trillion dollars short, and many dead and wounded which occurred during the first absorption of terror (current time) which was on the tea baggers watch. How short the memory of the right extremist is.

How soon they forget that while being attacked their President failed to engage the situation and after being told he decided it was best to stay at school and keep the kiddies tucked in for cookies and milk while reading too them. Only some 45 minutes later did he decide to tuck his tail between his ass and head for bunker land.

The reality of terror and war is total annihilation of target and "collateral damage" exists while that is sad, its the REALITY of circa 2010 terror. There is nothing good and right about terror on your homeland, but are we safe from another attack, absolutely and unequivocally NOT. For you to think anything other is completely and utterly ludicrous.

We are aghast that folks think in our country that the USA is bullet proof, sorry folks, that only exist in cartoon land, especially when it comes to terror! Our country has made phenomenal strides in protecting YOU Mr. Republican from harm, but for you too think that we shall never be attacked again and that YOU somehow won't become "collateral damage" is asinine at best!

While I understand honesty hurts and maybe its a little shocking and scary to you, but this is your "REALITY CHECK" tea bagger! Its amazing to me how far off in dream land the Republicans are.

To think zero deaths shall be the throughput due to terror........Not going to happen....sorry.

We could go on and on schooling the right wing extremist on terror and GWOT efforts, but why waste the time as it appears that their intelligence quota is unsustainable yet maybe the above might "educate them some", but like most tea baggers I am sure they shall come up with more outlandish wishes from their" Alice and Wonderland" life style.

Republicans, be sure to tell GW Bush about your ZERO TOLERANCE regarding terror and how some 10 years later, 5 thousand dead, and 40 thousand wounded occurred due to his lack of understanding to your delusional ZERO TOLERANCE theory .

Liz Cheney states (daughter to DICK) that B-ROCK owes America an explanation to his absorb statement. No asshat, your dad and his sidekick owe us the explanation as to why they failed America with regards to terror!

Liz Cheney gets "Asshat" of the month award!

Foot note: Blogger Roger West has over 25 years experience as a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in GWOT (Global war On Terror) efforts.