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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its Too Easy to Ignite the Tea Bagger Society

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Where is Dana Loesch when you need her?!?! Dana.............You got a comeback?
I guess Andie Breitbart has lost his testicles with the "Sherrod" incident. Dang, what a shame, it was fun having BOZO the clown to laugh at!

Tea Baggers, can you feel the ship sinking yet?


Bush By The Numbers

The above two charts portray an ugly office for George W. Bush! This is what the tea baggers want you to forget. Where is Dana, Ann, and Andrew when it comes to these numbers? "Refudiate" this Sarah. This is why both tea baggers and non-extremist Republicans can't come to us with a platform. This is why they attack BROCK as if he was the one whom created this huge despicable debacle. No Dana, this is the works of the buffoon called G.W. Bush! The state of the Union is this way due to the afterbirth of G.W. Bush!

While the poll ratings are astounding, take a look at the before Bush V after. Not a pretty sight, and we want more of this Dana? Thanks but no thanks bitch!

This is how you bolster your position tea baggers, come to the table, the tv interview, your blog, your idiotic PJTV, and give me data and facts. Not your concocted bullshit, or your half truths of what you perceive in your FUBARED mind as correct!

You've been owned tea baggers by NFTOS!!

These are the facts and they are undisputed. While we rest our case, we reserve the right to call rebuttle witnesses.