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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



HBO's "NEWSROOM" slams the tea baggers in it's closing seasonal episode.

"Ideological purity, compromise as weakness, a fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism, denying science, unmoved by facts, undeterred by new information, a hostile fear of progress, a demonization of education, a need to control women’s bodies, severe xenophobia, tribal mentality, intolerance of dissent and a pathological hatred of the U.S. government."

“They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves conservatives and they can even call themselves Republicans, though Republicans certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are. The American Taliban.”
That's right readers, the "Tea Party = The American Taliban.

This clip is a very real depiction of this radical group called teabillies, teapublicans, and tea baggers.

Jeff Daniels [Will McAvoy] provides a very witty commentary on our current political system, one that deserves proper attention. This should be mandatory viewership for all American, especially minorities. The American Taliban is putting a choke hold on voters. While this is a fictional show the facts in this six minute clip is overwhelmingly powerful -and why is this you ask? Because these are the facts and they are undisputed!

Tea bagger sites, like the dead Brietbart's are up in arms over the show - which just happens to be spot on point with this lunatic fringe.

This scathing attack on the radical tea is well deserving, their no nonsense bullshit of attacking every corner of our society, [old, young, black, Mexican, the war on women] needs to be exposed, and exposed it is via HBO's Newsroom.

I personally can't wait for next season. Remember readers, a pissed off tea baggers equates to a great day.

Please share this blog and video clip with all your Democratic and tea baggers friends.

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