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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Kill Your Wife And Get A Pardon

UPDATE: 1/12/12 15:47 One of the people Governor Barbour pardoned for felony DUI was having his parole revoked -- after a new arrest for felony DUI, in a crash where a teenager died. Governor Barbour, meanwhile, is off to work as a lobbyist and for a law firm.

UPDATE BREAKING 1/11/12 20:38: Mississippi judge blocks release of pardoned prisoners.

Haley "Pardon Me" Barbour

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (Yes the one and same who wouldn't denounce Mississippi KKK leader License plates) has left office, but not before creating more damage than all the disasters combined in 2011. Of course when out going teapublican Governors leave office, it means it’s time to issue pardons. Unfortunately for the teapublican party, Haley Barbour has further befouled an already tarnished image of his radical political party. In the days leading up to his departure from the Governor’s Mansion, teapublican Haley Barbour surprised the world by granting more than 200 pardons, clemency or early release for people convicted of crimes including murder, rape and armed robbery.

Barbour's "How To Kill Your Wife And Get A Pardon" list below:

David Gatlin (wife killer)

Joseph Ozment

Anthony McCray (Wife Killer)

Michael David Graham (wife killer)

Clarence Jones (girlfriend killer)

Paul Joseph “Jody” Warnock (girlfriend killer)

Bobby Hays Clark (girlfriend killer)

Among the killers Barbour pardoned includes Anthony McCray who shot his wife in the back after an argument in a cafe in 2001, depriving a 3 year old daughter and 9 year old son of their mother. Another murderer, Joseph Ozment, robbed a store with several accomplices in 1994. He put a gun to a man’s head and executed him with two point blank shots after the man had already been wounded and could do nothing more than crawl on the ground seeking help. A third killer, Charles Hooker, was sentenced to life in prison in 1992. The fourth killer, David Gatlin, shot and killed his estranged wife while she was holding their baby.

Clearly none of these men deserve a pardon. Yet Haley Barbour freed them nonetheless - even though Gatlin had been denied parole just months earlier. The teapublican party in Mississippi has apparently adjudicated to stand on the side of killers. Of course, Barbour isn’t the first teapublican to pardon a dangerous and undeserving criminal. During his time as Governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee pardoned many convicted criminals throughout his tenure including suspected cop killer Maurice Clemmons, who later went on a cop killing spree in Washington state.

This is a most heinous and unacceptable way for any human to "Govern", but tepublicans make it a disturbing pattern, a pattern of very bad judgment, a pattern of bad taste, and more importantly, a pattern of callous, uncouth, and uncultivated evilness!

Its amazing how they salivate over executing innocent prisoners, and are willing to imprison innocent people in private prisons for the sake of profit, and yet they willingly free the Aleister Crowley's of our country.

Teapublicans also want to imprison doctors who perform abortions, and women who choose to have them. NFTOS has said for two years that teapublicans are of the biggest hypocrites to troll the earth. Their ideology says a doctor who provides an abortion is a murderer who should be sentenced to life in prison or murdered by a gun toting radical southern militia, or better yet, executed. But a man who shoots his wife in the back, and a man who kills his estranged wife while she’s holding her baby, well they should be pardoned and forgiven. This is the problem with those right of center circa 2012!

What does it say about the likes of these people, when they glorify and approve violence against women and helpless people? This kind of deranged logic is infuriating, maniacal, psychopathic, and just down right demented!

This blog truly shows how deplorable, wicked and vicious the teabagger party has become.

"Executive privilege" - Maybe it's time to revoke "The Pardon Before Leaving Office" privilege for Governors

Roger West