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Thursday, April 4, 2013



Connecticut's lawmakers sent a message to gun huggers last night - and their decisions marks a line in the sand with both the NRA and those whom choose to hoard weapons, that this will ho longer be status quo for their state.

In the wee hours of this day Lawmakers in Connecticut’s House voted approve a bill that limits the capacity of rifle magazines to 10 rounds, requires background checks for all gun sales and grows the state’s definition of “assault rifle” to ban more than 100 different models across the state, including the one used in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

The vote passed Connecticut’s Democratic-controlled House 105 to 44, just hours after the similarly liberal Senate approved an identical bill, balloting 26 to 10. Gov. Dannel Malloy (D), who emerged as one of the nation’s biggest proponents of expanded gun control after the slaughter in Newtown, is expected to sign the bill into law later today.

Similar gun-control measures are supported by President Barack Obama and many congressional Democrats, who’ve been all but stymied by Republicans on even popular measures like background checks for all gun sales.
“The American public is calling for a comprehensive solution that not only addresses tragic school shootings, but also helps prevent the thousands of senseless gun deaths each year” The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence insisted in a prepared statement this week. “Expanding the background check program, which nine out of ten Americans support, is one place to start.”

Thinkprogress has a story on States with lax gun laws having a higher rate of gun violence. Do we really need to have a study on what we already know? With lunatics like Mike Huckabee suggesting that POTUS is "panning to grab guns and launch a Nazi-Like Dictatorship" it's no wonder gun huggers are in a frenzy, as this type of rhetoric sends the huggers into mass chaos. 

Gun lobbyist Dudley "do-right" Brown suggest it's "time to hunt Democrats" because back ground checks are just a step towards identifying gun owners so the government can seize their weapons. Personally I think it's time to put the NRA on the list of known terrorist groups.


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The bar has now been set for all states to follow. Now is the time to pressure all states to adhere to what's right - to follow suit with Connecticut, for we cannot continue to allow citizens to hoard, hug, and kill innocence. I have said before, my right to not be shot by the "responsible" gun hugger way out weighs their right to hug a weapon of mass destruction!

Roger West