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Friday, December 2, 2011

Disgusting Rhetoric From Eye of Newt

Gingrich doubles down on blacks and poor and Rev. Al Sharpton is there to call him out on it.

Conceding ever so slightly to flak he’s taken for calling child labor laws “stupid” and suggesting that schools fire janitors and replace with them poor kids, GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich got more specific yesterday, saying working-class students should be limited to jobs like cleaning bathrooms. Bowing to concerns that janitorial work is dangerous, Gingrich floated, “What if they became assistant janitors and their jobs were to mop the floor and clean the bathroom?”

Incredibly, Gingrich compared making kids work as janitors to a successful program that paid kids to read books. Of course, reading books is not hard labor and is directly relevant to education — cleaning bathrooms is not.

Gingrich said his idea would be beneficial because the kids “have no habit of work.” Certainly, cleaning up the soiled bathrooms of their classmates will break these children of their bad habits.


Amen Rev. What's amazing is that we're supposed to believe that Gingrich actually thinks it's going to help him win the GOP primary to do something like this and go about one inch shy of just outright calling black people lazy negros, which is what he did here. This wasn't a dog whistle. It was a siren. And it was meant to inflame people like Sharpton, and liberals or anyone else who's not just openly racist in the United States and would dare to speak out about it.

Rev. Sharpton rightfully pointed out, there are 45 million working poor in America and 22 million children in poverty, and there are another 51 million that are working just above the poverty line, but Gingrich wants to paint them all as a bunch of lazy slackers looking for a handout with no work ethic and drug dealers.

Eye of Newt went fishing and he caught Rev. Al. It comes as no shock to me that Newt crossed this line, as teapublicans espouse racism like the Pope is catholic.

Here is the adulterers take on the poor:
Responding to controversial comments he made about child labor in late November at Harvard University, Newt Gingrich yesterday told a crowd in Des Moines, Iowa, that children in poor neighborhoods have “no habits of working and nobody around them who works"

Gingrich was asked by an audience member to clarify the comments he made last month in which he called the current child labor laws ”stupid” and would replace janitors with schoolchildren to work in the community school.
“They have no habit of showing up on Monday and staying all day or the concept of ’I do this and you give me cash,’ unless it’s illegal,” Gingrich said.
Gingrich said that successful people he knows started work early by doing small jobs like babysitting and shoveling snow.
“You have a very poor neighborhood. You have students that are required to go to school. They have no money, no habit of work,” Gingrich said. “What if you paid them in the afternoon to work in the clerical office or as the assistant librarian? And let me get into the janitor thing. What if they became assistant janitors, and their job was to mop the floor and clean the bathroom?”
The drugster (Limbaugh), UnBeckistan (Glenn Beck) and now the adulterer (Eye of Newt) have all shown their true colors, and African American is not a favorite.