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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea Bagger Commandments


Thou shalt not employ, support, or protect those who have come to your nation seeking a better life legally, for they are illegal, and therefore enemies of Christianity and America.

Thou shalt maintain and Army, and arsenal capable of destroying the entire earth, and frequently test capabilities on communist, Muslims and other non-Christians.

Thou shalt maintain many personal weapons, in order to quickly kill communist, Muslims, and criminals who manage to infiltrate our streets.

Thou shalt not support a government which uses taxes to provide free medicine to the sick, and food to the poor. For republican Jesus does not bless those that do not assist themselves.

Thou shalt grow your Army and arsenal. while shrinking the government which controls it for larger government is more vulnerable to infiltration by communist and Muslims, and power should be consolidated in the hands of the few.

Thou shalt exalt those with little education, for he represents the plight of the common Christian, without the burden or disease of knowledge of diversity of experience, and of questioning faith.

Thou shalt speak only and do business only with those who speak English, for its has replaced Hebrew as the tongue of God.

Thou shalt oppress homosexuals and others that would destroy the 1950's image of the American Christian family, but a man can take as many wives as he so chooses, but not all at the same time. He must marry, divorce, and move on to remain in Gods favor.

Thou shalt hate those among you who would destroy these commandments, to include liberals, socialist, communist, gays, Muslims, minorities - but do not research or learn the definitions of these words, because you may then become tempted.

Only by voting republican, shall you be allowed in Gods kingdom.

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Steve "Damn Nazi Liberal" Chevapravatdumrong