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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Remember in American history when Jefferson and Adams couldn't agree so they shutdown the government? Yeah, me neither.

After insisting that they did not want to shutdown the government, a prominent Republican congresswoman told Fox News Tuesday morning that closing down the federal government could actually help the American people.

Appearing on Fox & Friends just hours after Republicans in the House failed to pass a “clean” continuing resolution to keep the government open for 6 more weeks, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (American Talibaner) — a prominent party messenger — joked that keeping the government closed will probably help the public realize that they didn't need it in the first place.
“You know, I think you may see a partial shutdown for several days. But [Fox and Friend co-host] Steve [Doocy], people are probably going to realize they can live with a lot less government than what they thought they needed,” she said, prompting host Brian Kilmeade to add, “it’s like the sequester all over.”


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In reality, aside from the 800,000 federal employees who will not get paid during the shutdown, almost every aspect of government that does not serve to protect human life or property will be affected.

For instance, Small Business Administration will stop making loans, federal home loan guarantees will likely go on hold, and students applying for financial aid could also see delays and backlogs in applications. The people who need government services most will also feel the brunt of the shutdown. If the shutdown lasts more than a few days, for instance, the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition program could see their assistance dry up, leaving them food-insecure.

Blackburn indicated that she was in no rush to re-open the government and instead hinted at the budget fight ahead. “That is where the focus turns for the debt ceiling,” she said. “And we’re looking at that and beginning to work toward, what would it take for us to get them to the negotiation table on the debt ceiling?”

Maybe the Democrats should hold the country hostage over in-depth background checks for guns, why stop there, maybe demand that they [GOP] stop Gerrymandering, even further, stop the country because the right wing-nut job is conducting voter suppression! When does ideological BS end?

Some random comments taken from Twitter last night:

IRONY ALERT: The teaparty was so worried about Ambassador Stevens safety in Benghazi - just furloughed security for foreign diplomats. 
GOD: "America is now closed. Christ and I apologize for the inconvenience."
"The Republican Party has just thrown out the nation's utility bill in a display of fiscal responsibility." 
"Two years ago, Will McAvoy [HBO Newsroom] went on television and called the Tea Party the American Taliban. Today the Taliban has asked McAvoy to issue a retraction." 
"House Republicans have just done what Al-Qaeda could only dream of. Everyone, let me introduce you to the Christian Brotherhood!" 
"In other news, House Republicans have finally accomplished their plan from January 20, 2009 and will shut down the government." 
BREAKING: "In a surprise, "US Government" is the first cancellation of the new Fall season, reports TV Guide." 
"This government shutdown is brought to you by the GOP, a domestic terrorist organization that drove millions of Americans to financial ruin or suicide during the Bush years."
"BREAKING: In last minute negotiations House GOP agrees to avoid shutdown as long as Obamacare rollout is only limited to fetuses."

"BREAKING: Due to the government shutdown men will temporarily be forced to grab their own balls at the airport." 
"That awkward moment when the GOP shuts down the government keeping people from getting paychecks and services, because it wants to keep people from getting health insurance." 
"The Senate has a special "LOL" stamp from the Colonial Congress it uses for bills like the House is sending over tonight." 
"If you judge John Boehner by all the laws he's repealed rather than the laws he's passed, he's even worse."
"BREAKING: The House also has passed amendments to eliminate puppies, put Chuck Norris on our $2 Bill, and to make diarrhea our national poo." 
"The party that says global warming doesn't exist and ACORN does tells us that Obamacare will be a train wreck." 
"REMINDER: If you have a conservative boss you have to call in tomorrow and say you've been called to serve on a death panel." 
"Never ever underestimate Speaker John Boehner's willingness to risk your job to save his."

We as a society have entered the ignorant zone - when we can conscientiously say that "we don't want to have your cheaper healthcare" - when this becomes your mantra as a political platform - its maybe time for you to consider giving up using and wasting oxygen.

Roger West