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Friday, September 3, 2010


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How many ways in the English language can you say NO! Clearly G.W. is the epitome and leader of the new "know nothings".

The "paradigm" [rhetoric], "parable" [illustrating moral], "allegory" [indirect representation or story telling] of our beloved 43 third POTUS.

You have got to love a political party that supports shit like this! And yet in the same breath you wonder why MSNBC, CNN, and any other cable news network besides FOX to include the laymen left winger[self included] mocks, laughs, and owns you at every turn you take! I have Got to tell you folks, if this is your mentality then "Houston, we have a severe problem"!!!!!

This is certainly not what our constitution, our core values, and forefathers envisioned so many years ago! I would imagine your best product to date [bonzo's babysitter, Ron Reagan] is having a coronary in his resting place a party that is clearly run amuck and rampant, and is grasping at the proverbial straw at best.

The republican speaks of unity, honor, and how often they speak of how the systems have let them down, and or how America is turning to communism and or socialism [becks thoughts]. The republican would rather amend our constitution to rectify there ills in our society, yes the very same document they claim to love so much. Balderdash!

While America has many leaders whom failed our country, but there is not a torch in the world that can hold a light as bright as G.W. Bush. The above clip clearly depicts a deviant, self professed pathological liar!

How can any American stand for actions like this, never mind a tea bagger? Mike McKinnon [Bush aide] is the spark for this debate and is quoted is his posterior smooch blog to G.W. saying
"An impatient people, we are quick to judge those who occupy this office", we would imagine B-ROCK is saying the same words. McKinnon goes on to say "As a nation, we measure the service of these mortal men against the long shadows cast by giants of the past, sanctified for posterity in marble and granite. But time passes, and truth is discovered."
Why does they right side not apply this to the current administration? What is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.

Olbermann goes on in his horseshoe to provide us with a plethora of egregious statements from both McKinnon and G.W.

Re-iterating from previous blogs, is this what we really want to revert back too? How quickly the radical right forgets as clearly the lot can't be this FUBAR. Maybe their is a reason why the Bush administration was called the "Axis of Idiots". Can we assume this applies to the entire tea bagger society as well?

The last breath of McKinnon states "
The one Obama continues to blame is the one from whom he could learn"
.....yes if he chooses to want to be a pathological liar and a drunk!

To the new "know nothings" is say "A gonad is a gonad, but they are certainly no substitute for brains"