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Thursday, November 13, 2014



The Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a Missouri KKK group, has been distributing flyers around the St. Louis area promising to take potentially violent action against Ferguson “terrorists” who might get violent in the coming days.

Frank Ancona, the Ku Klux Klan's Imperial Wizard of Missouri steps up on Chris Hayes' show last night facing an incredibly amazed Chris Hayes. Ancona told him they’re very concerned about “random attacks on whites” and “sniper-type shootings.” Hayes had to point out the irony of threatening violence with… well, more violence and potential incitement.

Chris Hayes Video Courtesy of MSNBC

Ancona alleged that people “feel much better” about what they’re doing to create an obviously safe environment with such dire threats. Ancona also said that the Ferguson protesters are:
"the best recruiters" since Obama

Taken from RAWSTORY:
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and local officials have issued various statements this week telling protesters that violence would not be tolerated following the grand jury’s decision. St. Louis American columnist Lizz Brown criticized such remarks, saying they set an overly aggressive tone. 
“Protesters haven’t shot and killed anyone,” she said. “Protesters haven’t harmed people. So why are we responding to them? Because it’s ‘these types of protesters.’ You’re setting the tone that ‘these type of people’ need to be responded to in this way, and that opens the door for the Klan to go in and to recruit people. I lay it at the feet of law enforcement — how they prosecuted this case, how they responded to peaceful protesters, I lay it at their feet. This is their fault.” 
St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson did not directly address Ancona’s allegation about “off-the-record” conversations with officers. 
“The first guest didn’t help the conversation and the dialogue at all that’s going on in St. Louis,” Dotson told Hayes, only alluding to Ancona’s appearance. 
He also responded indirectly to Brown, saying reports indicating that police had spent thousands of dollars on “cluster grenades” and other equipment were being taken out of context. 
“To characterize it as an offense is not correct at all,” he said. “Really what it is is the tools that we have to keep us all safe in our community.”

Is this more proof that the Ferguson police department is racist, for if not, wouldn't they coral and stop these intimidating fliers from being distributed?

The sixty four thousand dollar question is, how many cops will 'fear for their lives" and shoot down Ancona and his ilk?

Roger West