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Friday, October 28, 2011

Glenn Beck…….Still An Idiot

Two weeks ago, Sgt. Shamar Thomas, an Iraq war vet who spent 14 months in Iraq, was captured in a viral YouTube video chastising the New York Police Department for using excessive force against demonstrators. “There is no honor in this!” he told them. “This is not a warzone!”

Since the video was put on YouTube, it has netted almost 2.5 million views, and has become a rallying cry for those protesting police brutality.  

On his radio show yesterday, hate radio host Glenn Beck mocked Thomas, implying that there was no police brutality that had taken place for him to be angry about. One of his co-hosts called Thomas just “one panicked man screaming”:

BECK: The guy who was like there’s no honor in this, these people are unarmed, there’s no honor in this and I’m watching this [laughing] and I couldn’t take it anymore, because the video shows this Marine yelling [mocking crying voice] stop brutalizing, we’re unarmed! And the cops have their hands in their pockets. [...] They’re like, “We know, we’re standing here.”

CO-HOST: What, you want us to brutalize you, is that what you want?

OTHER CO-HOST: That video taken from the right angle is just one panicked man screaming. As long as you take that picture from one side, it’s pretty dramatic.

If Beck and the co-host had bothered to actually watch the video to its completion, they could see that Thomas explained that he had witnessed police brutality earlier and that he wanted to tell the police to stop using those same tactics — not that the police who were standing there were directly responsible for the behavior. But it seemed like Beck was all too eager to mock this Iraq veteran to study the facts first. (HT: vinnys025 YouTube account)