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Monday, November 8, 2010

"Canary In A Goldmine"


Glenn Beck is touting this week to expose the worlds end via the "puppeteer" George Soros and his Hunchback of Notre Dame Drummond Pike.

In Glenn Beckish fashion his latest daydream or hallucination is now to weave and concoct yet more scare tactics that could be of epic proportions. Like that of Orson Welles and his radio broadcast of "war of the worlds", Beck will try to scare tea bag followers this week into thinking that George Soros and Drummond Pike are the Antichrist and shall stop at nothing to rule the world. We here at NFTOS HQ think maybe Glenn has watched too many "Pinky and the Brain" cartoons.

Beck today claims that "his" economist state that in the very near future an "ear of corn" shall cost $12.50, a can of coffee will cost $75, and a average Hershey bar a mere $15 all at the hands of Pike and Soros.

Beck's extreme erection for both Soros and Pike stems from Soros' funding of the Democratic agenda, and Pikes assertion to call for advertisers to boycott Fox over Beck's dangerous discourse. Beck's man crush on Soros and Pike is evident with his daily diatribe, or barrage of rodomontade on the duo.

In a Beck twist of story line, he contorts Lawrence O’Donnell's statements (whom said on the air last week that he was a socialist.)to some sign that the end is near, and Beck says That’s because “the radicals revealing themselves” are one of the first steps leading us to “The Event."

Yes Beck is calling this the "event", it has a "birth date" and is derived from Mark Penn’s assertion that President Obama would be helped by a disaster similar to the Oklahoma City bombing. On today’s show, Beck pointed out that many critics are already setting him up to be the fall guy for this Event.

This "event" is the "end of days" Armageddon Beck is always predicting. Beck was seen on his set today describing his "birth contractions" and how they align with his ideology for the "pinky" and "the brain" take over.

NFTOS has said this often about Beck's anarchy, and his theme on "the world is ending" mentality, which is equivalent to someone entering a packed movie theater and screaming fire. Only Becks theater is much more colossal, and voluminous than your local theater.

When does this dangerous "freedom of speech" stop?

How is it that a guy with barely a intelligence quota of 95, and college drop out gain such a following on such worldly matters as economics, politics, world domination, hostel takeovers, and food prices?

Glenn Beck is a "media personality", and nothing more! If you know anything about the Mormon church, the very rhetoric he speaks of are the very learning's he gets in his 'ward" visits to the Mormon pulpit. Mormons have been claiming for years the "world is ending" and how "they" shall be the only ones left after the "event"! So should we be surprised that the number one Mormon "prophet" spews the same dregs and dross?

Famous Beck statements on "Pinky" and "the brain":

Beck compares Soros to the emperor villain from Star Wars.

"run for your life" if their church uses the Tides curriculum (Pike owns the Tides Foundation)

"Any doubt in your mind that the progressive left is coming for the kill on religion?"

Beck accused Tides of bringing "paganism" and "American native" thinking into churches.

Beck claimed Tides curriculum "manipulates" the Bible and is the "indoctrination of youth."

Beck tells his viewers how Democratic magicians have used "slight of hand magic" to baffle the right and contort the Government to communistic ways. Beck in his "cavalier" stance claims, "don't shoot the messenger" as I am just the "Canary in the Goldmine" here....obviously expressing or referring "to the demise of something that serves as a warning of potential danger to others."

Maybe Beck's botched hemorrhoid operation (when what should have been a routine outpatient procedure sent him to the hospital for five days. In the hospital, the serious painkillers he was on led him to contemplate suicide.) is still effecting him.

Might we suggest two things for you Glenn, "OBAMA CARE" for the roid issue, and end the "Armageddon" elocution, hyperbole, and magniloquence.