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Friday, January 3, 2014



After a domestic dispute and call to 911 in November, George Zimmerman's girlfriend told police officers that he had threatened her with a shotgun. The allegations echoed those of Zimmerman's ex-wife following his acquittal on charges of murdering unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, and seemed to signal a pattern of uncontrolled violence.

Pregnant girlfriend of George Zimmerman explains in vivid details of his frequent "episodes" of anger and fondness for handguns, shotguns, and a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle.

"I feel like he always gets off," pregnant 27-year-old Samantha Scheibe told a police investigator after her boyfriend, George Zimmerman, pointed a shotgun at her and smashed her belongings. Scheibe was right, again.

Scheibe later recanted, saying in a sworn statement that she was "intimidated" during police questioning and believed investigators had "misinterpreted" her words.

A recently released video of Scheibe's police interview leaked online by, not only casts doubt on her disavowal, it also adds credibility and disturbing violent new details to Scheibe's original account.

Mother Jones reports, "Far from intimidating, the officer who questioned Scheibe, Stephen LaGuardia of the Seminole County Sheriff's office, is a mild-mannered civil servant. And Scheibe's description of events was detailed and vivid—not exactly the kind of thing most people concoct on the fly. Having broken off the relationship, Scheibe said she told Zimmerman to leave her house. He began packing his belongings, including his AR-15 assault rifle. As he removed the clip and shoved it in his rifle bag, a bullet fell on the floor. Zimmerman then grabbed and cocked his shotgun, apparently so that there was a shell in the chamber, and stuffed it in the rifle bag, too."
"Scheibe began carrying Zimmerman's belongings outside "to get him out faster," at which point Zimmerman grew agitated and retrieved the shotgun. "The bag was right there, let’s just say this is the couch, he grabbed it, unlocked it, opened it," she explained, acting out Zimmerman's gestures. Initially, she suspected Zimmerman might commit suicide. "I was trying to figure out, honestly, whether or not he intended to hurt me or himself." But then, Scheibe said, he pointed the gun at her."

Asked again how she felt when Zimmerman aimed the scattergun at her, Scheibe said, "I was trying to figure out, honestly, whether or not he intended to hurt me or himself at that very first moment.
"And then I realized he was pissed at me."

After Scheibe recanted her allegations, prosecutors dropped the domestic violence and assault charges against Zimmerman.

The sixty million dollar question is, will Georgie kill someone else before he kills himself, or vice versa? Its only a matter of time. Hopefully its the latter.

Roger West