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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Voter Suppression: Pulling Back The Curtain


Voting rights are under attack in this country as state legislatures nationwide are passing voter suppression laws under the pretext of preventing voter fraud and safeguarding election integrity. These voter suppression laws take many forms, and collectively lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right.

The GOP/tea baggers know the only way they win in November is to cheat, or in this case, suppress the American voters. They use the excuse that fraud is the reason. Yes apparently the tea bagger thinks that the number one crime is to dress as someone else, pose as another and vote. Holy Guadal canal Batman, yes the bone thugs of the world want - instead of running drugs/murder/robbing and stealing, criminals want to vote as me and you or vote for someone whom is dead. Lord knows these thugs producing these fraudulent votes shall garner a bountiful pillage - which shall reduce their desperate cause to support their addictions. We all know how drug dealers will barter a fraudulent vote for an eight ball of coke.

The governing voting group has identified 2,068 alleged cases of voter fraud since the year 2000, a period during which there have been more than 600 million votes cast in presidential elections alone. This body noted an "infinitesimal amount." It also showed a total of 10 cases of in-person voter fraud during that period.

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Yes readers, your more likely to be struck by lighting while watching porn in your local Stagg movie theater - than for voter fraud to occur.

The stated rationale behind the tea bagger campaign to require voter ID at the polls is utterly baseless, evidence from a new study confirms.

Tea bagging legislatures are increasingly imposing strict ID requirements for voters, ostensibly to deter in-person voter fraud. But voter fraud in general is rare. And that particular form of voter fraud is "virtually non-existent," according to the extensive public-records search conducted by a nonpartisan investigative news project funded by the Carnegie and Knight foundations. Researchers filed more than 2,000 public-records requests and reviewed nearly 5,000 court documents, official records and media reports to get their information.

I will agree to voter fraud, if the tea baggers will go through their own voter suppression.

This would include the Government of Pakistan [American GOP] having to watch every Tyler Perry made movie, and to have to pass a literacy test to be eligible, and have the right to vote.

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In Mississippi, during the years of 1982-1916 these very tests existed. During this period a United States Supreme Court case that reviewed provisions of the state constitution that set requirements for voter registration. The Supreme Court did not find discrimination in the state's requirements for voters to pass a literacy test and pay poll taxes, as these were applied to all voters.

In practice, the subjective nature of literacy approval by white registrars worked to drastically decrease and essentially disfranchise African American voters.

The Court considered the new Mississippi constitution passed in 1890. It upheld disfranchisement clauses which established requirements for literacy tests and poll taxes paid retroactively from one's 21st birthday as prerequisites for voter registration.

Agrandfather clause effectively exempted illiterate whites, but not blacks, from the literacy test by relating qualifications to whether one's grandfather had voted before a certain date. Because the provisions applied to all potential voters, the Court upheld them, although in practice the provisions had discriminatory effects on African Americans.

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We all know that the current GOP tea bagger is illiterate in two aspects of American life [Grammar and Spelling, US Constitution]. Force the tea baggers to take a test, make them prove their patriotism, make them show the country that they understand "the founding fathers" ideals and ideology, understand that there is more than two rights that Americans are entitled too. [guns and freedom of speech]

This GOP strategy leaves no doubt to me that these tea baggers plan to influence the outcome of this election [because there would be no other way for these lunatic fringes to win this election in November] - by discouraging Americans from exercising their right to vote. It is a disgusting pattern from this pugnacious party of putrid radicalism - which is to change likely voting behaviors by changing the rules on ones constitutional right, the right to vote!

Roger West