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Thursday, September 26, 2013


After listening to part of Ted Cruz‘s 21-hour Nazi-invoking filibuster, Jon Stewart was convinced that whatever Cruz was speaking out against must be nothing less than the zombie apocalypse. So he was more than a little confused at how Cruz was going on about Obamacare, mocking Cruz’s constant tangents and his apparent lack of seriousness about really solving America’s health care crisis.

And, of course, the Dr. Seuss.

Cruz pledged to talk until he could stand no more. Stewart shot back, “Easy for you to take that kind of physical risk, you have government health care.”

Stewart went through all the bizarre pop culture references Cruz made, from Ashton Kutcher and Duck Dynasty to White Castle and Star Wars. But what really killed Stewart was Cruz’s somewhat ironic invocation of Green Eggs and Ham.
“So to express your opposition to Obamacare, you go to the book about a stubborn jerk who decides he hates something before he’s tried it, and when he finally gets a taste, he has to admit after he’s tasted it, ‘This is pretty fucking good.’”

Stewart then went after Cruz on the specifics of his health care objections, and ended the segment with an epic reading of a fake Dr. Seuss book called The Bore-ax, containing phrases like “showboatiest blab” and “hours of mouth masturbation.”

BILL AND TED PART I Courtesy of Comedy Central

BILL AND TED PART II Courtesy of Comedy Central

Cruz is both crazy and emotionally stunted? He is much like Ben Shapiro from, a man-child who was put on the intellectual fast track to nowhere, thereby freezing his emotional maturity at age fifteen. Ted Cruz, "Rain Man" with an attitude - is a selfish pompous prick.

Ted Cruz is an elitist, male-like version of Sarah Palin - hence why Sarahnoya approves so much of the bombastic right wing nut job.

Those rallying to Cruz's support are as tone-deaf as GOP Chairman Reince Preibus was when he tried to deflect the government shutdown as being something the Democrats were choosing. It was a slight of hand, er, word, and it was transparent, and frankly acted badly.

The stupidity is utterly amazing. The American Taliban is all puffed up and past its peak. They are as deflating now as their hare-brained plan to threaten to harm the country unless they get their way - which has now run its course - again.

Ted Cruz is being criticized from within the clown tent that he is actually a liberal who is trying to destroy the party from within?

The GOP, especially many of the tin foil hat society folk, have traveled so far down the liberalism-is-poison metaphor road that they can't even stand for the deepest principles without being called a fraud. Speaking about trees that are producing bad fruit.

The smorgasbord of incompetence and regression that the GOP puts out daily - is everything ludicrous, and to suggest anything to the contrary, is ludicrous. Conservatives nowadays aren't smart though; they're comparing bureaucracy with Nazism, which, at best, is bad comedy.

I do not like government, GOP-I-Am. 
Would you like it
with clean water?
The EPA checks it for ya' 
I would not, could not, for clean water.
My massive bank account buys me
EU-filtered water. 
A plague! Influenza! Measles, Mumps, and Rubella!
Would you fund the CDC? 
Neither diseases of the common folk
nor health for all, you see
could make me appreciate the CDC. 
Roads, bridges, you drive on them too.
Would you kill - the DOT? 
Soon I'll have not one helicopter, but three, you see.
So drown it in a bathtub, would I the DOT.
You are rich and elite, so you have no need,
but wouldn't you share a little of your wealth
as a moral good deed? 
Bah, humbug, you're changing the script.
About little people, I just pretend to give a shit.
The future, your father, Canada helped him out.
Wouldn't you now like to give a hand back?
You just don't get it, of nothing do I lack,
Re: helping others, for that I have no knack,
All I can say, is
I got mine, Jack! ~Shonagreg

Roger West