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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breitbart & Loesch Continue Their Rhetoric

Breitbart speaks of exculpatory video evidence. Does he know the fucking definition? Probably not. He has a blog, he doesn't need the cable media outlet for his banter and manipulated videos!

Loesch is quoted on her blog today as saying "for the lack of a better word, antithetical"!

These tea baggers with their obvious limited education speaking the rhetoric of the right wing extremist. These very people must live like Buster Brown..... in the shoe!

Breitbart speaks of other videos, does he think we are going to believe any further bullshit he or the make up shit party brings to table. The make shit up party is just that.

They still conjure their conceptual ideological BS like liars do, so that not only we believe them, but they believe themselves. These two are oblivious as too the real video. If they keep speaking maybe this shall come to fruition.

What human post a video like this and in the same breath says "my intent was not to get Sherrod fired" what the fuck do you think asshat is going to happen!?!?

Loesch the obvious follower, speaks in agreement to Breitbart continued boasting of his 15 minutes of fame. It appears she has little of her own banter to bring to the table, so she is going to ride shotgun. Great strategy probably as when someone with testicle fortitude comes up and sues the Breitbarts for defamation of character or other like slander she can invoke I was the Jr asshat, he was the engine I am just the caboose.

Its funny how humans like to establish what ones intent is in a situation. Unless you are Ms. Sherrod tool (which is unlikely to happen) your thoughts and rhetoric is just speculation. Slanting a story to make your position or stance is despicable, and putrid.

This is the make up shit party discord.

To continue to follow this shitty path, to blatantly lie, deceive, manipulate someones life is just plain fucked up! And to continue your rhetoric and not apologize shows the piece of shit you really are Andy! I would love to see a lawsuit slapped on you!

At the end of the day your trumped up story to make yourself look better is sad, and you obviosuly suffer from "the whoa is me syndrome" , or the "my Mommy didn't pay enough attention to me as a lad".

Either way you and Loesch are good bed mates and I hope soon that the canope of that bed tumbles hard on you both and your slander, lies, deceit gets you both some jail time.

Find another fall guy asshats, your scheming ways failed this time. I would imagine Orson Bean (Father in law) is cringing up in heavan at the asshat son-in-law.