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Friday, August 31, 2012

This Is Your Brain On Republican

Good Morning NFTOS readers.

We survived "The American Taliban's convention!

Somebody get the straight jackets out and call the local Looney bin as there is elderly old man - a stammering simpleton if you will - that wandered onto the stage at the RNC last night. If captured, be careful, he is armed and dangerous, he's high on tea bagger.

Last night, Clint Eastwood, the Academy Award-winning actor, director, and screenwriter, delivered one of the most bizarre political convention speeches in American history.

Speaking without prepared remarks, Eastwood carried on an imaginary conversation with an invisible President Obama seated in a chair next to him on the convention stage. I can't even begin to try to summarize Eastwood's rambling address to a bewildered audience and press corps. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, looked less than pleased with Eastwood's speech. And the Hollywood star's invisible Obama skit quickly spawned its own Twitter feed—@InvisibleObama—and a satirical 2012 presidential bid. As well as #eastwooding.

POTUS Tells Tea Baggers That The Presidential Chair Is Taken

Clint has once again showed us why movie stars should be seen on the big screen and not at political conventions. Clint was quoted as saying:
"We don't need lawyers in the White House" [Speaking on POTUS' law degree], I guess Clint failed to know that Mittens has a law degree from Harvard.

The last time I saw a relative act like this they where diagnosed with dementia, keep an eye on Clint., Maybe that should be the new Eastwood reality TV show, looking for Clint's mind.

If I was a caring man I'd say that Clint's stunt was really sad. I'm pretty sure he can't help himself, but it's behavior like that - that gave rise to the phrase "there's no fool like an old fool."

What's more disturbing, Clint Eastwood losing his mind on stage, or the crowd cheering his every word even though it made no sense - and they had no idea what he was talking about? That's the thing with these mindless troglodytes, I heard a stat on MSNBC that stated that The American Taliban, [US GOP] require little information when picking a candidate to vote for, DUH, no shit Sherlock!

What could make a religious revival mixed with a right wing high school pep rally even better, get a stuttering old man to talk down to an imaginary opponent. The only thing that could have topped this fiasco was to have the old man piss himself because his depends were already saturated.

He reminded me of "Uncle Herman" at the family picnic, drunk off his ass. I just don't understand why the tea baggers didn't get Clint's daughter , Francesca to chainsaw, ax, and burn Ann Romney's 100,00.00 Birkin handbag on stage as a protest to Mrs Obama's wardrobe choices in the past 4 years. At least that would have been entertaining.

The entire convention was a white elitist party, that contained more bullshit - or was full of more shit that Christmas turkey. This convention is why we don' t let friends drive while high on tea bagger. Mr. Eastwood is a prime example of your brain on Republican.

Clint Eastwood debates empty chair........and loses.

Post Script: Did you all play NFTOS' drinking game during the convention this week? [Where you were to take a shot of liquor every time you saw a minority]. The country was the soberest it's been in 100 years this week.

The white elitist party called the Republican National Convention


Roger West