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Monday, June 30, 2014



Justice Ginsburg has some problems with the Hobby Lobby 5-4 decision. Some excerpts from her dissent via Mother Jones:
 "Religious organizations exist to foster the interests of persons subscribing to the same religious faith. Not so of for-profit corporations. Workers who sustain the operations of those corporations commonly are not drawn from one religious community." 
 "Any decision to use contraceptives made by a woman covered under Hobby Lobby’s or Conestoga’s plan will not be propelled by the Government, it will be the woman’s autonomous choice, informed by the physician she consults." 
 "It bears note in this regard that the cost of an IUD is nearly equivalent to a month’s full-time pay for workers earning the minimum wage." 
 "Approving some religious claims while deeming others unworthy of accommodation could be 'perceived as favoring one religion over another,' the very 'risk the [Constitution's] Establishment Clause was designed to preclude."

You can read the full dissent here. (It starts on page 60.)

In other words, your boss has more of a right to free exercise of his religion than you have because, well, money!

Voting has consequences, screw who is POTUS, they only have 8 years to screw the pooch, their selections of Supreme Beings, can have generational effects, as these folks stay until they rot, which can be decades. 

The damage done today is a major setback for women, let alone ACA.
For-profit companies have religious rights, and those rights trump the rights of women who work for them. ~ Justice Alito

Quoting Col. Nathan R. Jessup in a few good men: "all you did was weaken a country, that's all you did. You put people's lives in danger. Sweet dreams, son.....................

Roger West