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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Corporate Welfare States

Corporate Welfare is not a new tool in the radical teas tool box.

If you want to see exactly what kind of war republicans are waging against the middle class, look no further than the budget plan created by Ohio governor John Kasich. The former Faux News anchor calls this his "jobs budget"? If you look at it, it looks awfully familiar, to anyone who's been paying attention to what's going on in Wisconsin and New Jersey. This jobs budget comes right out of the Scott Walker's- Chris Christie's playbook. Cut corporate taxes and go after the working men and women of America.

This budget is woven with one reform after another and most would say that it is the most reformed oriented budget presented in modern Ohio history.

Republicans use the word reform, because they really don't have the guts to tell you exactly what the they're talking about.

(If your local, State, and National politician is republican and they mention "reform", grab your wallet and hold on tight, for soon they will steal that from you as well.)

Here are the reforms Kasich is talking about. Kasich plans to cut funding to Ohio:

Public schools by 25%. the budget slashes $12 million from children's hospitals. nearly $16 million from an adoption program for children with special needs. $1 million from the food banks.

Ohio must be broke, that's why they have to do this...... wrong. Governor Kasich's own policy director told the Columbus dispatch newspaper, "even if there weren't an $8 billion deficit, we'd probably be proposing many of the same things."

So one has too assume that it is their ideology. So we've now got Ohio and Michigan, New Jersey and Wisconsin, they're all in the game, making it harder for the middle class, and a hell of lot easier for the rich folk.

This is only the beginning readers, as here are some other budget proposals from other GOP leaders around the country. If you don't think they're out of a radical tea bag playbook, take a look again:

Governor Rick Scott, Florida, wants to slash corporate income tax in Florida while cutting education funding and Medicaid by around $4 billion each. Georgia house leader Larry O'Neil pushed a budget that cuts corporate taxes 33% while increasing health care costs for state workers by more than 20%. Iowa governor Tom Barnstead wants a corporate income tax cut and a freeze on school spending. From the senate to the governor's chair in Kansas, eliminating the corporate income tax all together while cutting $50 million to education. Tea bag governor Paul Lepage wants a tax cut Maine's richest 1% and property tax hike, meaning moving up, on the pay list for the state's middle class. Let's take a look at Pennsylvania where governor Tom Corbett is proposing a corporate tax cut, along with a freeze on teachers' salaries. Governor Nikki Hayley, she wants to end income tax in South Carolina and cut physical education from schools, along with Medicaid reductions.
If this isn't happening in a state near you, just stick around, it will. Please feel free to let these radical republicans take control of the legislative session and allow these governor's to reside in State mansions - this is the kind of government you're going to get.

Its truly amazing when you look at the plan that's coming out from all these different states, where republicans just happen to be in charge.

Republican governors across this great land are taking us from the United States of America to the "Corporate States of America." Governor Kasich's budget is all about creating a low wage work force. How does this equate to you, you ask? You have the have mores, the have the somes, and you have the have not's. When these radical governors are done in our land you'll have many more have not's. This shall be absolutely devastating to the worker bees of this country.

If you look at the totality of this choke and puke politics this isn't really a left-right, republican or democrat issue. If you look at the poll numbers of Mr. Kasich - just recently got elected to the governor's chair and his approval ratings (done by a university of Cincinnati) are at 40%., and  47% disapprove of his 3 month stint as Ohio's Governor. Independants and moderate conservatives alike are tired of this over reach and jam it down your throat ideology as well.

Radical republicans have a priority list, (Disseminated by the puppet masters like NRA, Chamber of Commerce, and Koch Industries) and it seems that the priority list by those in power really don't believe in shared sacrifice.
NFTOS Editor-in-Chief Roger West says "it doesn't matter if you kill me by accident or kill me on purpose, dead is dead. Republican governor's are creating an environment in our country that will not promote growth, but will promote death."