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Sunday, October 16, 2016



Ive been saying it for months, and now a video from Media Matters [Carlos Maza] titled, “CNN has a Trump surrogate problem” is here for all to see in all its glory of just how fucked up a Trump surrogate is. Maza, who vivaciously scorches the “Trump Liars Club” pointing to their derelict in honesty and failing to uphold journalistic integrity in the process.

The foursome of bloviated idiots are — Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany, Scottie Nell Hughes and Cory Lewandowski — can be seen nightly mingling alongside ordinary, educated well read people of both parties on CNN. The foursome go about their duty of defending whatever putrid, disgusting thing Fuckface Von Clownstick has said or done in the previous 24 hours.


“At first glance, this seems harmless enough,” Maza said. “Need to show both sides, fair and balanced, yadda yadda yadda, we get it.”
“But these aren't normal political commentators,” he continued. “They are professional bullshit artists. They argue in circles, they change the subject” and use any tactic they can to “bring the segment to a screeching, unwatchable halt.”
In the end, the commentators set up to argue against these appalling liars are all either “tearing out their hair” or “just kind of blankly staring at the camera” in numb, shocked horror and disbelief.

Lewandowski, he said, has appeared as a “political commentator” on CNN" - all while pulling down paychecks from Donald Trump simultaneously, yet no one seems to find this a problem.

At the Media Matters website, Maza has details of the non-disparagement agreement Lewandowski signed as part of his contract with Trump that forbids him from saying anything negative about Donald Trump on the air even if he wants to.

Maza went on to say:
 "But don’t be mad at these four sad, morally bankrupt wind-socks who will defend any and every contemptible thing their candidate does..........“Be mad at CNN,” because what’s happening underneath all of this is that people are being “desensitized to bullshit.”
“It sets a dangerous precedent for all of us,” he said.
When I think of #basketsofdeporables, Nell Hughes, McEnany, Lord, and Lewandowski are at the forefront.

Roger West