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Thursday, September 9, 2010


9/09/10 1100 hours: This story is ever changing but we want to post a blog on this topic as we will be out of the office on vacation for the next few days.

The power of news. While I am the biggest news hoarder of the modern era-generation sometimes we advertise and harp on issues too much. With the non-stop onslaught of news regarding the Quran burning we can only expect to incite the masses....

In the likes of an obvious demented, angered, or maybe a calculated congregation increase salesman, the rev known as Terry Jones, shall now expose America to the radical Muslims increasing their numbers of banshees hack murderers and will - shall probably see a plethora of USA flags burnt in kind at the very least!

Quoting the FUBARED Rev. " I will cease and desist if the white house, state dept or pentagon calls me"

WTF. No, you burn the book and we throw your ass into the line of battle so that you can exhibit your wrath of anger!! Is this Christian like? Many purport to be such.... I would imagine God is shaking his head in disgust that the likes of you purport to speak the word of God. Are you kidding me?? I have to image that on your day of judgment you shall have a hard time presenting your position to Christ!!!!!

Often the case civilians never understand processes of war, theaters of war, engagement and protocol......... and self righteous acts of self martyrdom only solidify a more dangerous theater.

I am certainly glad I will not be in the theater as once was the case.

The great thing about American freedoms (the very ones I spent 25 years risking my life for) is that to often these very freedoms endanger more than aid the self professed 15 minutes of fame seeker!!

Once again America shall endure more bloodshed at the hands of the ASSHAT of the few!

Fight the good fight America, and burning a Quran isn't it!

Burning this book only staples us as the lesser of species, might I suggest if your passion is this high for the radical Muslim.......go to your nearest military recruiter and sign the dotted line for service to your country and stand a post....otherwise pipe it down a tone or two.......

I can assure you should you have ever viewed the mangled body of your fellow brethren in the theater you may change your tone a bit!

9/09/10 1300 hours: World alert has been issued for all travelers and Americans living abound.....Great work Reverend!! For ever action there is a re-action! This is not a war of religions folks!!

Guess those on the book burning bandwagon didn't think of endangerment of all Americans outside our borders, let alone the soldier protecting them and their right to burn.

Seen a lot of fellow Americans jumping the wagon with the right to burn...these very freedoms are a volatile cocktail in the hands of the misguided! Radical "Southern Baptist" can be as bad as the radical right winger or the "Quran carrying radical Muslim".

I disagree highly with those whom choose the "book of Mormon" in lieu of the great bible, but in the same breath I don't go burning Joseph Smith's rhetoric either [book of Mormon]!!!

Take heed proponents of this book burning , it could be your family soldier getting the worse end of this wrath, or Aunt Betty on her vacation to Greece..................

9/09/10 1821 hours: In a change of heart Rev dumbass has decided to call off the Quran burning saying he has received his epiphany from GOD and he has struck a deal with "Iman, when the Muslims title is Imam.
Dumbass stated he and Imam have struck a deal where no Quran is burned and no mosque near ground zero although............
Reuters, AP, MSNBC, CNN, FOX nor any other news group can validate this claim!

Just like the married man whom sees the gorgeous gal walking past him on main street, and he lusts for her in mind only, in the eyes of the Lord the deed is done whether the man actually sows his seed or not, its a sin, well in this same instance, the whacked Reverend whether he burns or not, his damage is done, the anger and hate has been elevated and deeply seeded in radical Muslim land!

While I doubt the wolf (Reverend) was ever going to huff and puff and blow the house down, maybe yet another premeditated or calculated posture on his part. I thought the initial burn theory was to show solidarity to 9 11, not to solidify mosque development near ground zero?

Also developing our AP sources are reporting that Donald "your fired" Trump has offered to buy the mosque from development group. NYC Imam was stated as saying on Larry King Live last night that he could not move the site as it would be against all principle that is Muslim.

Every high authority to include Interpol is swarming upon Reverend dumbass, may the FBI, Secret Service, or other agency lock this nut job up before he really does something stupid!

Stayed tuned the plot thickens...........