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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saul Alinsky, GOP Boogey Man and Newt's Beast (DEVIL)

Saul Alinsky Community Organizer

Newt "slim ball" Gingrich often pepper sprays us with ludicrous connotations of Saul Alinsky and his connection to both progressives and POTUS Obama - and there is a great reason for that.

"And I believe, if we have a big election with truly historic big choices, that we can defeat Barack Obama by a huge will be an American campaign open to every American who prefers a paycheck to food stamps, who prefers the Declaration of Independence to Saul Alinsky and who prefers a strong national security to trying to appease our enemies," said Newt Gingrich

Why do Newt and fellow teapublicans fear the Alinksy boogeyman? Because he was a civil rights activist who advocated for blacks. Just like Democrats and our POTUS.

From Wikipedia:
"After a few years, by 1939, he became less active in the labor movement and became more active in general community organizing, starting with the slums of Chicago. His early efforts to "turn scattered, voiceless discontent into a united protest aroused the admiration of Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson, who said Alinsky's aims 'most faithfully reflect our ideals of brotherhood, tolerance, charity and dignity of the individual.'"
As a result of his efforts and success at helping slum communities, he spent the next 10 years repeating his organization work across the nation, "from Kansas City and Detroit to the barrios of Southern California." By 1950 he turned his attention to the African American ghettos of Chicago, where his actions would later earn him the hatred of Mayor Richard J. Daley, although Daley would later say that "Alinsky loves Chicago the same as I do." He traveled to California at the request of the San Francisco Bay Area Presbyterian Churches to help organize the black ghetto in Oakland. Hearing of his plans, "the panic-stricken Oakland City Council promptly introduced a resolution banning him from the city."

So its clearly easy to see why the pasty white racist would make the connection to Alinksy and POTUS, as they represent the same thing, "black America", which as we know is not something  within the thinking mechanism of GOP - dom - which is, recognizing that African Americans are human too.

Wikipedia's definition goes on to say:

"Nor did he have much respect for mainstream political leaders who tried to interfere with growing black–white unity during the difficult years of the Great Depression."

A documentary was done titled "The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky and His Legacy," which states that "Alinsky championed new ways to organize the poor and powerless that created a backyard revolution in cities across America."

The Democratic Promise

Real Time's Bill Maher - Alinsky related video starts @ 2:23, but for entertainment watch entire clip.

Lord knows how dangerous it is to empower the poor, destitute and non-whites. Every time Newt mentions Alinksy, the deep rooted racist within him is exposed - by his nasty diaphoresis laden sports jacket. When you start piecing the Gingrich puzzle together, you assemble a vile, repulsive, racist, and the Alinsky puzzle piece is a hug component to showing us how immersed and subaqueous this racist is.

Whether your issuing and approving racist hate letters, or speaking from your lectern on Saul Alinsky, a racist is a racist no matter how you try to exscind it.

Roger West