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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bush to hold book release till after mid-term

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Strategically probably a good idea, because I would imagine much damaging content resides between the book covers.'Fake intell" "releasing Bin Laden from Tora bora", only minor bumblings of the coke sniffing drunk driving buffoon! How about outing a CIA operative, oppps forgot that was "Dick" Cheney's and Scooter Libbie's fuck up!

How soon the tea baggers forget a President whom couldn't put two coherent sentences together...hmmmm sounds familiar doesn't it Dana and Andie?

Its just getting to easy to ignite the asinine thoughts and actions of these extremist!

Stayed tuned later today will take a peek at Loesch's comments on her blog to see what cocncoted bullshit she has come up with in the last 48 hours....


Mr Right Winger

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Will the majority GOP join their right wing extremist? To me it seems like politico suicide, but please have at it GOP! Here is a funny food for thought. Sen Jon McCain was caught bitching about 1.7 billion in stimulus monies, but yet somehow his brain waves choose to omit G.W. Bush's taxes cut to aide the rich which costs us 837 billion? Where is the frigging logic? That's the thing with tea baggers, their thought process is misaligned with normal thoughts.

How soon they forget the reason we are here is because Bush created this and we certainly cannot revert back to Bush era Presidency!

While I am not a big proponent of Dr. Dean, but if you LISTEN he clearly makes great sense!

The more you speak Mr. Republican the more you show us your ignorance!