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Friday, September 28, 2012



Caution, when in doubt, always assume a camera is watching you! Two stories below that illustrate true voter fraud, and it's not whom we have been led to believe it is.

For months the GOP has enacted laws to suppress the voters. Maybe they should look know further than their own kind!


Nathan Sproul has been hired by Bush, McCain and Romney. He's been implicated in kickbacks to secure a billion dollar contract to run charter schools and learning centers. His dubious past includes allegations of election fraud when his employees tore up voter registration forms filled out by Democrats.

Republicans who have decided they can't win unless they cheat. Sproul is "credited" with many less than ethical initiatives over the years.

The Republican National Committee has fired Nathan Sproul and his consulting firm it had hired to register Republican voters over allegations of that the firm turned in 106 potentially fraudulent registrations in Florida, NBC News' Michael Isikoff reports. Over the last few years, Republicans have pushed for stricter rules like showing a valid photo ID at polling stations to combat voter fraud, under the suspicion that lots of people are out there criminally and fraudulently voting. As it happens, this case, Isikoff writes, "appears to be one of the first to have led to a criminal inquiry in this year's election."

The RNC has paid Strategic Allied Consulting $2.9 million this year, but terminated the contract after the elections supervisor in Palm Beach County discovered the suspected fake registrations, some of which listed home addresses as those of a gas station and a car dealership. Iskoff reports:
Out of 304 Republican voter-registration forms recently dropped off by a firm employee at a small "satellite office" of the Palm Beach elections office, 106 were flagged as potentially fraudulent -- including "a lot" with "similar looking" signatures and others with apparently phony addresses, [Palm Beach election supervisor Susan] Bucher said in an interview.

Story Number Two El Paso County Colorado:

Outside of a Safeway in El Paso County, Colorado a young woman is allegedly trying to register voters, but she has a little scam going. She first says she is taking a poll and asks if you support Romney or Obama. If you say Obama she says ok, thanks you, and moves on. If you say Romney she will ask you if you are registered to vote and if not, she will attempt to register you.

An unamed woman who took the video, a local Democratic precinct boss, was savvy to the registrars tricks and caught her in a lie almost immediately. The worker admits to only registering Republicans. She then denies it, but admits to the fraud and says "we're trying to be honest."

A gem of a video, must see!

The Huffington Post reports that this video was shot over a month ago by a Democratic "campaign operative" and was recently released to damage the Republican party.

It was locally reported by that their local news team contacted the El Paso County Clerk & Recorder Wayne Williams to answer questions. Williams stance is that "pre-screening voters with preference questions isn't against the law. You don't have to offer a voter registration form to everybody."

The law becomes complex as a person registering is not required to offer anyone registration, but it is illegal to not give information if requested. It is also illegal to not submit completed voter registration forms.

Let's be clear readers, anyway you slice the cake, this is what voter fraud looks like, in case of confusion, re-watch these videos again and again until it sinks in!

Roger West


After the past weeks of just painfully pathetic public prat-falls capped off by the devastating latest polling numbers, leaves Mitt Romney’s patrician glass jaw smashed into tiny bits, you’d have to imagine that the Tea party-led rightwing shock troops, having pinned all of their post-2010 electoral hopes and dreams on the deeply flawed shoulders of one Thurston Howell III AKA Willard Mitt Romney and the GOP is more than a little worried.

The man is at best a excruciating embarrassment as a candidate. Mitt’s a self-parody who jumped the shark before he even became the official nominee! What a “Debbie Downer” on the GOP morale he must be? It’s hard to keep rooting for the home team when the quarterback is such a witless plonker, isn’t it? The GOP is terrific at getting the vote out, but will the faithful line-up to vote for a tax-dodging plutocrat with Cayman Island bank accounts like Mitt Romney?

Their brows jagged in frustration and their lips tighten with anguish, as the GOP/tea party train has crashed for the last time.

In a desperate attempt to save his campaign, Romney channels Abe Lincoln; “I can screw 47% of the people 100% of the time, and favor the 1% 100% of the time, but it seems I can't fool anybody any of the time.”

Below are three videos that depict a desperate GOP party.


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Seriously, Mittens, instead of pandering and lying and twisting words, why don't you try and tell us something useful? Maybe show us something with relevance, like your tax returns, and then maybe we could all just stop talking - and start planning Obama's victory celebration.

Roger West