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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


During the "values" convention recently, Beverly Snowbillie Sarahnoya Palin received 7 % approval for the a seat at the White House. I guess someone out there gets it!

4 States in our country mean very little in politico USA, while they are a part of our history and heritage, honestly at the end of the day their voice means very little as they are so small. Those states are Alaska, Delaware, Vermont, and North Dakota. Two of these states house the most powerful of tea bagger, and yet neither of these ladies can hold a job, tell the truth, and or be in any position of power in running our country! Palin of Alaska was a Governor of a state with little people and couldn't finish her term ( hence part time Sarah, or half term Sarah). Really readers, just because you have a facebook or twitter page doesn't mean you have the requirements to sit in the oval office. Not sure as Dana Loesch says "can we discuss policy now" applies or fits in the context of social network sites, which seems to be Palin's outlet of choice for "speaking policy" but this would fit the MO of the "know nothings"

Chrissie O'Donnell's records show she claimed 5,800 dollars with no job to speak of other than campaign fund robber. Certainly there are a host of issues with the "virgin Mary" to challenge her honesty and integrity. Rush Limbaugh on his axis of idiots radio show was fully in support of his potential fifth wife. (Really there are four woman whom would marry this buffoon?) Both Limbaugh and Loesch will go to their respective resting spots supporting a gal whom claims that " mice with human minds roam the earth". How's that make you feel readers?

52 % of all moderate and extreme tea baggers believe that B-ROCK supports terrorism. Honestly, we can't make this shit up, and is America really this misguided, stupid, or brainwashed?

"We the people" and their contract with America (Republican bullshit document) want to;

1. Cut Social Security
2. Pass yet again tax cut for the rich
3. Choke off funding to health care
4. Amend the U.S Constitution to suit their views on immigration

And the list goes on. 62% of Americans do not support a tax cut for the rich. Health care under the axis of idiots (named Bush Cheney) had and has gotten so out of hand that one sixth of every American can't afford or does not have insurance.

If O'Donnell wins the seat for Delaware, would she be the first Senator to be on welfare in our history? And if she was, wouldn't that, and doesn't that go against everything Republican. I mean hey, "anyone on welfare is lazy and good for nothing".

Food for thought;

A. O'Donnell fully believes that mice have human like brains and wander the earth. Lets try this, lets see if we can find a tea bagger with a fully functioning human brain. Sources say, probably not, and if so it may take us awhile to find one.

B. Lets have a "Million Masturbation March"

C. Karl Rove for once in his life got the O'Donnell issue right and was tossed under the bus for doing so. (Again never turn your back on hate radio mongers like Loesch, Beck, and Limbaugh as you may bleed to death from stab wounds in the back) But now Karl bows to the pressure and supports the lunacy that is O'Donnell. Draw a line tea bagger and make a stance, for once in your life no waffling.

And in closing "citizens for responsible ethics in Washington" has posted their list of 2010 crooked candidates. See if your favorite tea bagger made the list.



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I am just flabbergasted at the remarks of this asshat! Jack Burkman gets owned by Ex Senator Joe D'Amato while on FOX Business. Its amazing in this time in American history that have this color hate mentality.

Once again Dana Loesch will spend a week getting her writers to support the disgusting voice of Burkman. She'll use words of great vernacular and yet in the same breath not understand the definition to any. That's why we have come to love Dana!