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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


“tentherism”, is right wing radical views that state pretty much everything the federal government does is unconstitutional. Several "thenthers" got waxed at the polls last night.(Miller, Buck, Raese, Angle, O'Donnell).

A snapshot of the GOP Class of 2010’s extremism: (Provided by thinkprogress)


50% deny the existence of manmade climate change
86% are opposed to any climate change legislation that increases government revenue


39% have already declared their intention to end the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of birthright citizenship
32% want to reduce legal immigration


91% have sworn to never allow an income tax increase on any individual or business – regardless of deficits or war
79% have pledged to permanently repeal the estate tax
48% are pushing for a balanced budget amendment

Rand Paul Explains His Support For Plutocracy: ‘There Are No Poor…We All Work For Rich People’ Paul announced his intention to do anything it takes to shield the privileged rich and corporate America. Asked if he would end the $830 billion, unpaid-for Bush tax cuts to the rich and return tax rates for the wealthiest bracket to Clinton-era levels, Paul snapped and said such a move would cause a “second great depression” and declared that “anybody who proposes such a policy really is, I think, unfit to be making decisions.”

Paul then clarified his delusional worldview by telling Blitzer that “there are no rich” and “there are no poor.” In Paul’s mind, even taxing yachts would somehow punish the working poor in Kentucky. “We all either work for rich people or we sell stuff to rich people,” concluded Rand: (Source thinkprogress)

As of 11/3/2010 House republicans still can’t name any programs they would cut to pay for Bush tax cuts.

John Boehner , Mitch McConnell et al say America spoke last night when in reality it was conservatives that spoke. Exit polls show at least 1/3 of the Dems that voted in 2008 sat on their hands this go around.

Today after our tea bag hangover, we mourn the death of the moderate Republican.

All the while, you would think Breitbart and company would be ecstatic over the tea bag slaughter, but yet today, the whine and cry that "daddy" was pwned by ABC and that MSNBC mocked everything that is tea bag is a plethora on

Ebay founder Meg Whitman spent 146 million to lose the Gubernatorial race in California. The Nevada Senate race spent 50 million with the majority of that funded by Karl Rove & Co. Yet more monies wasted on a losing effort. US Chamber of Commerce spent a total of 31.8 million to defeat the left. The fruits of the chambers labor is 36 seats gained by their monies.

Not one African American was voted to the senate this go around.

Congress has not seen a tsunami like this since 1948.

47% of seniors supported tea bags. 86% of the angriest Americans are tea baggers and 56% of those are highly un-educated whites.

Sharron Angle refuses to concede to Harry Reid, now talk about class.

Of the 20 exit polls NFTOS reviewed today, 22- 26% of republicans stated that someone within the household occupied a "Union" job. Isn't this against everything that is republican?

Tan man John Boehner stated today that health care prior to health reform "was "the greatest" health care on the planet". Yes if your a congressman.

A plethora of untruths emitted from camp tea bag prior to the elections yesterday. Most Tea bag candidates slung whatever mud they thought would stick, regardless of the facts. Just a handful of less than factual truths presented to America where: (The below facts are provided by

Healthcare - Misrepresentations of the new health care law have been a staple of Republican campaigns. Some ads go so far as to claim (falsely) that the law would cause Medicare patients to lose their doctors, or (also falsely) that Democrats favored giving Viagra to sex offenders, or (false again) that typical families will pay $2,100 more in premiums.

Taxes - Another misleading Republican theme is that Democrats are about to unleash a huge tax increase on the typical family, or on small-business owners. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said "Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in U.S. history." Similar claims have been spread by Republican TV ads, by widely forwarded chain e-mails, in interviews and even by "tweets" and other social media.
It’s true that the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 are set to expire at the end of this year, under terms set in law by a Republican Congress and President George W. Bush. But Democrats have said all along that they don’t intend to let all of the tax cuts expire, or even most of them. President Obama and most House and Senate Democrats favor keeping all the cuts that apply to taxpayers who earn less than $250,000 as a couple, or $200,000 as single filers.

As for the claim that Democrats favor "a huge tax hike on small business," in the words of one ad, that’s also wrong for the vast majority of small-business owners. Only about 3 percent of those with any business income showing on their personal returns would see a tax increase. Republicans retreated to claiming that half the small-business "income" — as opposed to business owners — would see an increase. But that’s wrong, too. Much of the "small"-business income they are counting comes from businesses with yearly income of $50 million or more — which is big business income in just about anybody’s book.

Stimulus Spin - Ads by Republicans in Connecticut, Florida, Washington, South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere have claimed that the economic stimulus has failed to create jobs. We heard the same claims on talk shows and in speeches. House Minority Leader John Boehner even said in an address that the stimulus had harmed the job situation, since "America’s employers are afraid to invest in an economy stalled by ‘stimulus’ spending and hamstrung by uncertainty."
In fact, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the stimulus increased employment by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million people, compared with what employment would have been otherwise. Observers may differ on whether that’s a reasonable return on investment, but it’s not accurate to say that the stimulus harmed employment or that it didn’t help.

Bailouts - Everybody took the Wall Street bailout’s name in vain this campaign season. Democratic House incumbents in nine states claimed that they voted against "the bailout" — meaning the Troubled Asset Relief Program — when in fact they weren’t yet in office when it was enacted. (They voted against a later bill to allow release of the second half of TARP funds, a purely symbolic and futile vote. The Senate had already approved release and only disapproval by both houses could freeze the funds under terms set by the original bailout legislation.)
Meanwhile, some Republican ads accused Democratic House members of voting to give huge bonuses to Wall Street employees. That’s a misleading reference to the stimulus bill — its final version contained looser restrictions on bonuses than the version originally passed in the Senate. But the actual funds used by companies for those bonuses came from TARP, not the stimulus, and nothing in the bill the Democrats supported called for or supported bonuses.

The enacted bill simply failed to prevent as many of them as the Senate version might have.

"The claims we’re asked about most often don’t always come from the mouths of politicians, or even their TV ads. Maybe because these claims are pure bohonkey. The falsehoods circulate widely by e-mail, forwarded by people who either don’t know or don’t care that they are spreading misinformation the way a virus spreads disease."

And lastly, other viral claims that are just not fact are:

The health care law puts a 3.8 percent tax on all home sales. Actually, the new health care law’s tax only applies to the sale of a primary residence in rare cases. For individuals, it falls on profit that exceeds $250,000, if the individual’s income exceeds $200,000. For couples, the tax falls only on profits exceeding $500,000, if joint income is more than $250,000.

Obama plans a 1 percent tax on all bank transactions. That’s based on a single House member’s bill that isn’t supported by the White House, has no cosponsors, and has never even gotten a hearing in committee.

For the next two years America is stuck with representatives whom could careless about truth, honor and integrity. The aforementioned is just a smattering of falsehoods claimed by the tea bag society.

What can America expect from this newly founded house containing a majority of "axis of idiots"? If the above is any inclination, then America, hang on tight.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) last night if she was “hypnotized.” Matthews was pressing her on whether the new GOP majority would use its subpoena power to investigate Democrats for “un-American activities,” but Bachmann refused to give a straight answer and would not “budge from her talking points on jobs and the economy.” “Has someone hypnotized you?” Matthews asked, “Because no matter what I ask you, you give the same answer.” A reoccurring theme from righty.

At the end of the day readers, what we can expect from this new congress is major gridlock. Taking into effect that the Democrats hold the majority in the Senate, and the current sitting POTUS is a Democrat whom holds the ultimate trump card (VETO power), leaves one to conclude that we are not any better off after "Americans spoke" last night.

In closing, we leave you with the spirit of a true Democratic politician, Our new hero is HARRY REID! The entire world said he had no pulse! The very ethnic cleansing his opponent encouraged was the very ethnic group whom told Angle to take a flying leap off a rolling stone. And ole man Harry lives another day!




Every pundit told us Reid was toast. The resilience of Reid never wavered, and the very ethnic cleansing Angle encouraged and wanted (rid the country of Hispanics) was the very ethnic group that voted her to the street...96% of Hispanics voted for Reid. Angle provided the ugliest and nastiest campaign that we have ever seen. The belittlement of everyone whom wasn't white was appalling. Nevadans got it right,as did Delawareans, and Californians. Angle avoided every interview offered to her other than Faux. Clearly this was the nail in the coffin of this obvious snide, out of touch racist.

Losing the house is not great news for America, but these tools losing makes all things right with NFTOS.

Earlier today (Noon) NFTOS called and predicted that O'Donnell, Angle, Miller, Whitman, Fiorina, Paladino would be losers in their respective races. As of 1 AM EST all have bit the dust but Miller, and his polls closed seconds ago. Should Miller get dumped, NFTOS will have a 100% prediction rate.

Americans have voted, and their voices have been heard loud and clear, polls, pundits, and Faux News' voices means very little. Voters have seen the very extremist for what they are, and America unequivocally says HELL NO!

Does the Republican party really want Sarah "snowbillie" Palin backing them....O'Donnell, Whitman, Fiorina, Angle, and Paladino say no.

BREAKING....1/4 votes in at Alaska Senate seat and "write-in-votes" have the lead. Go Lisa Murkowsksi!