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Saturday, February 6, 2016


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We appreciate our readership and hope to see you back on the 14th.



Friday, February 5, 2016


“Pro-life” broadcaster Sandy Rios dismissed concerns about the Flint water crisis and the Zika virus as liberal conspiracy theories that weren’t worthy of her concern.

Sandy Rios is the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs and the host of a daily syndicated radio program, said neither health crisis posed as much threat as Islamic State militants or Latino immigrants, reported Right Wing Watch.

A caller asked Rios, who campaigns against both abortion and contraception, why she and other conservatives had been largely silent about the Flint water crisis, which was caused in no small part by directives imposed on city officials by the state’s Republican administration.

Rios blamed the city’s Democratic city officials, who were largely powerless to refuse state orders, and said she didn’t care about the issue as much as she feared ISIS and “our out-of-control borders.”
“The whole issue in Michigan — the left loves to, they’re now creating this, I’m sorry, I’m going to really go out on a limb here, this Zika virus which I haven’t talked about,” Rios said. “They love to come up with tragedies and they love to blame and they love to scare people. I think this issue in Michigan is a serious one, but I don’t think it’s the big issue that these other issues are.”

The Zika epidemic in Brazil has been blamed for an increase in microcephaly — a congenital condition that causes abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development — and other fetal medical conditions.

Legal scholars and at least one judge say the harm is so profound that they’re prepared to challenge Brazil’s restrictive abortion laws — which ban the procedure unless the mother’s life is endangered or the pregnancy is the result of rape.

Medical experts say all children under age 6 in Flint — that’s more than 8,600 kids, based on U.S. Census data — were likely exposed to lead in their drinking water.

There is no safe level of lead in the human body, but the toxic metal’s effects are most severe in the developing brains and nervous systems of young children and fetuses.

The caller accused Rios of “devaluing black life” in dismissing concerns about Flint’s drinking water — but the broadcaster insisted she had no idea whether the city’s residents were mostly black or white.

Rios, who has blamed abortion on “promiscuous white men” and “promiscuous black ones like our president,” frequently warns that Central American migrants are spreading measles and other diseases when they arrive in the U.S.

She also said women who have had abortions become “hard as nails” and “mean and evil and angry.”

Rios was won a variety of awards for her anti-choice and anti-LGBT activism — including the 2005 Henry Hyde Leadership Award, a Pro-Life Action League’s Protector Award, the conservative Eagle Forum’s Excellence Award and Family PAC’s 1999 Conservative of the Year.

Let's be clear readers, this right wing lunatic is the furthest this from "pro-life" 

Congratulations Ms. Rios, you are a dual award winner today. You are both today's worst person of the world and today's Darwin award winner. Enjoy numbnuts!

Roger West

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Lewis Black said the most surprising news out of Iowa was that Ben Carson, who briefly challenged Donald Trump for Republican frontrunner status, announced he was flying home to Florida for a change of clothes.

Black, who took part Tuesday in a panel discussion on “The Nightly Show,” said he can’t believe some voters went for Carson despite his latest bizarre pronouncement.
“That kind of leads into the other thing, that someone that really batsh*t crazy scores, like, 10 percent in Iowa,” Black said. “I mean, seriously.”
Black agreed with host Larry Wilmore and two other panelists, Rory Albanese and Franchesca Ramsey, that Sen. Marco Rubio likely posed the most serious challenge to Hillary Clinton.

But Black said he had serious concerns about Rubio’s qualifications for the presidency.
“The other thing with him, we’re going to watch on-the-job training, and I just can’t do this again,” he said. “I mean, Barack Obama, part of the problem was on-the-job training.”
Wilmore suggested that racist opposition to Obama played a bigger role in limiting his accomplishments, and Black agreed to a point.
“It was absolutely that, but also it was dealing with — it’s the same position of a guy who’s in the Senate who hasn’t been in the Senate long enough,” Black said.
Wilmore pointed out that Sen. Ted Cruz, who won the GOP caucuses in Iowa, has a similar background — and Black feigned a heart attack.
“Here’s what Rubio’s problem is right now — both Trump and Cruz are both bullies,” Black said. “So I think that they’re going to kind of punch him. What I really find interesting about Cruz, after everything else, is that people don’t seem to have noticed that he is a bully. Trump is an obvious bully. Cruz is the bully who acts weird, and he’s acting weird all the time, and so you end up doing what the weird guy wants you to do so he’ll stop acting weird.”


“I believe there’s a touch, and I know this will offend you, there’s a touch of ferret in his family,” he said.

Roger West

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Stephen Colbert celebrated Fuckface Von Clownstick’s [Donald Trump’s] second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses and the resulting mockery in the New Yorker’s hometown tabloid newspapers.

The “Late Show” host said Sen. Ted Cruz’s victory suggested his attacks on Clownstick’s “New York values” might have resonated with voters, but he said the city’s newspapers seemed to forget the real estate tycoon’s passionate defense of their shared home.


The New York Post, for example, ran with the headline “Cruz-ified,” while the New York Daily News used an illustration of Trump with sad clown makeup and the headline, “Dead clown walking.”

“Thanks for sticking up for us, Donald — oh, you came in second? Go fuck yourself,” Colbert said.
Despite the loss, Clownstick vowed to return to Iowa “many, many times,” and he even suggested he might buy a farm there.

If you can’t imagine Trump as a farmer, check out his during the 56th primetime Emmys program — when the reality TV star dressed up in overalls and sang the “Green Acres” theme song.

Roger West

Tuesday, February 2, 2016



The New York Daily News wasted no time ripping Donald Trump’s surprise loss in Monday’s Iowa Republican caucus.

The newspaper — which painted the erstwhile GOP front-runner as an Islamic State member late last year — called him a “dead clown walking” in its Tuesday cover story, which it unveiled Monday night on Twitter

Trump came in second to Sen. Ted Cruz in the caucus, and narrowly escaped slipping to third place behind another Tea Party lawmaker, Sen. Marco Rubio.

Roger West

Monday, February 1, 2016


A former staffer from Fuckface Von Clownstick’s [Donald Trump’s] 2016 campaign for president alleges that the campaign pays women staffers less than men as a matter of course and that sexism is rampant among the former reality TV star’s campaign staff.

According to the New York Times, former staffer Elizabeth Mae Davidson, 26, filed a complaint with the Davenport, Iowa Civil Rights Commission alleging that men working for the campaign were paid more than women doing the same jobs and that male campaign staffers were allowed to plan and speak at rallies while women were expected to keep quiet and follow orders.

Furthermore, Davidson said, when Trump was confronted with herself and another female campaign volunteer at a rally last summer, the billionaire mogul said, “You guys could do a lot of damage,” in apparent reference to their looks.

When the Times asked Trump if he’d made the apparently sexist remark, he replied, “That is not the worst thing that could be said. But I never said it. It’s not in my vocabulary.”

Davidson filed the complaint on Tuesday in Davenport, Iowa’s third largest city. Until she was fired, she worked as the campaign’s field organizer.

Trump’s campaign claims Davidson was fired for performance-related issues.

“My people tell me she did a terrible job,” he told the Times.

The billionaire real-estate mogul then lashed out at the Times for running the story a day ahead of Monday’s Iowa caucuses, saying the newspaper’s reporting “could damage my chances.”

Davidson alleges that she was fired for making disparaging remarks about high-ranking campaign staff and breaking the nondisclosure agreement she signed as a condition of her employment with Trump 2016.

Her termination came a day after the Jan. 14 publication of a New York Times article that accused the Trump campaign of being “amateurish and halting, committing basic organizing errors.”

Davidson explained in an interview that she made $2,000 per month as a part-time worker for the campaign. Men with similar positions and levels of authority were paid $3,500 to $4,000 per month, she said.

“As a result of this discrimination I have suffered lost wages, mental anguish and damage to my career,” Davidson said in her complaint.

Her lawyer, Dorothy A. O’Brien, told the Times that the complaint would trigger an automatic investigation by the Davenport civil rights agency. After 60 days, Davidson has the option of allowing the agency to continue its investigation or filing suit in state court.

When asked if she would be attending Monday’s caucuses for Trump, Davidson said, “Some of the bad things about him I dismissed, because I was working for the candidate. Now, I’m more critical, especially how he treats women.”


Sunday, January 31, 2016


Ben Carson is not a fan of the uneducated.

At his town hall meeting in Iowa City on Friday, the Republican presidential candidate insulted people with low IQs and lamented that they were allowed to vote. He said it was “disturbing” that many people are unable to pass the written test to get into the military. He urged the audience to “read up” on the history of Islam, and said progressives are “dumbing down our society” with calls for political correctness.

All of this intrigued Daniel Schnall, 29, a graduate student at the University of Iowa and registered independent. Schnall asked Carson: If you’re so passionate about being educated, then why don’t you accept the science of human-caused climate change?

Can you explain… why you’re not willing to listen to the experts?
“You’ve spoken a lot about using common sense and using your brain, and I really appreciate that,” Schnall said. “And in some of the questions in the debates, you responded that you really seek the input of experts.”
He continued: “The experts in the scientific community overwhelmingly agree that climate change is a problem. Can you explain that discrepancy, and why you’re not willing to listen to the experts?”

For the entirety of his presidential campaign, Carson has been unwilling to say he accepts the mainstream scientific opinion that carbon emissions from human activity cause climate change, and that climate change will have catastrophic effects if left unchecked. “There’s always going to be either cooling or warming going on,” Carson has said, implying that humans have nothing to do with how hot the Earth is becoming.

On Friday, he responded to Schnall’s question by saying that the climate science is “politicized.”
“I don’t subscribe to the politicization of the environment, because that’s what leads to things like the Clean Power Plan,” Carson said, referring to Obama’s regulations to limit carbon emissions from coal power plants. “The EPA has said that if we implement every aspect of the Clean Power Plan, it will lower the temperature of the Earth by 0.05 degrees Fahrenheit… that’s the benefit. The cost is billions of dollars and millions of jobs. That doesn’t make any sense, because that is ideologically driven.”
There’s a lot to unpack about Carson’s comments on the Clean Power Plan. For one, he said that regulations would be useless because they would only make a small dent in global temperatures. But that’s scientifically misleading — no one regulation in any one country can be significant enough to make a big dent in global temperatures. However, considering the United States is currently the world’s second-largest carbon emitter and by far its largest historically, the idea is that the U.S. must act first to motivate other countries to do the same.

If he’s going to stand up there and say we need to listen to the experts, and we need to use our brains — 97 percent of the scientific community agrees on this one.

And his claim that putting carbon regulations on the already-dying coal industry would cost “billions of dollars and millions of jobs” is also dubious — according to multiple studies, the regulations would actually create jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, since both will have to be increased to meet the regulations’ requirements.

But the most notable portion of Carson’s response was what he didn't say — and that’s anything about the actual science of human-caused climate change. Carson said the EPA had become politicized and that the Clean Power Plan wouldn't work, but he didn't say anything surrounding the actual question, which was why, scientifically, he doesn't accept that climate change is a problem.

Schnall recognized this, saying that he was “not really” happy with the candidate’s answer. Schnall said that while he’s “not the biggest climate change advocate,” he asked the question because he was frustrated with the polarization of climate change in politics. And for Carson in particular, he just didn't understand how someone could preach the importance of education while denying mainstream science.
“If he’s going to stand up there and say we need to listen to the experts, and we need to use our brains — 97 percent of the scientific community agrees on this one,” he said. “It’s not just politicizing the issue. It’s a little more than that.”

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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Bill Maher closed his show on Friday by sounding almost nostalgic for the era of GOP “zombie lies.”

“In a very short time, Republicans have gone beyond even the ‘zombie lie’ to just making shit up,” he marveled.

He singled out presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s insistence that she watched video showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing how to harvest the brain of a “fully-formed fetus on a table,” a charge she has defended despite all evidence to the contrary proving her wrong.


“That video doesn't exist, unless you subscribe to Nutflix,” Maher ranted.

Similarly, the host said, Donald Trump only doubled down when hit with the fact that there was no evidence to corroborate his claim that there were 10,000 Muslims “cheering” in New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks.

“He’s like Pinocchio — except when he tells a lie, his balls grow bigger,” Maher said.

One reason conservatives have been able to get away with this kind of brazen lying, he argued, was that the Internet had deteriorated from the “information superhighway” to “bullshit boulevard,” allowing more people to live their lives fact-free.

Conversely, Maher added, people who normally only had to confront their “right-wing uncle” at Thanksgiving now had to deal with them posting conspiracy theories on Facebook.

“That’s what so great about Facebook: you’re not telling lies, you’re just sharing them,” he said.

Roger West

Friday, January 29, 2016


I am certainly no fan of Ben Ferguson, but yesterday he annihilated Fuckface Von Clownstick and GOP front runner Donald Trump, accusing him of cynically taking advantage of veterans because it is “politically advantageous” to do so as the controversial primary debate loomed Thursday.

In a prolonged spat with Fox News over tough questions directed at him by moderator and network host Megyn Kelly, Trump abruptly announced he would boycott the Thursday night debate in Iowa just ahead of the caucuses. Trump said instead he will hold an event at Drake University and give all the proceeds to veterans and wounded warriors.

Ferguson wasn’t buying it, and let his fellow guest, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, know it.
“This is a sick and vile move by a guy who likes to throw those words around: Donald Trump,” Ferguson said to CNN host Chris Cuomo. “To use Wounded Warriors and their true battle scars to his political advantage, I would say this to Katrina: I’m not dumb enough to buy that this is about the veterans, because Donald Trump has never held an event for the veterans on his campaign.”
Ferguson also called Trump out for trying to stop veterans from selling items near his hotel on Fifth Avenue. According to a report by the New York Daily News, Trump lobbied lawmakers for years to limit vendors, which included disabled veterans, from selling items outside his swank property.

“While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its tax paying citizens and businesses?” Trump wrote in a 1991 letter to the then-chairman of the state.


Assembly’s Committee on Cities, obtained by the Daily News. “Do we allow Fifth Ave., one of the world’s finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and seriously downgrading the area?”

In light of this, Ferguson called Trump’s Thursday move hypocritical.
“So for him to come out now and to self-righteously say, ‘I’m gonna stand up for veterans, and I’m going to do an event that I haven’t had time to do’ until it was convenient for him tonight, many veterans are going to be turned off by this,” Ferguson said. “They went and fought for their country and now Donald Trump uses them as political pawns.”
Cuomo said the head of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckhoff, said the organization would take no donations from Trump.

Roger West

Thursday, January 28, 2016


With news that the leader of the Oregon militia occupying a federal wildlife refuge was arrested last night, and another member killed in a confrontation with police, it’s worth taking a look back at how the media has described the crisis in the last few weeks.

The armed militia first seized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon on January 2, and proclaimed early on that they were willing to kill and be killed if necessary. Since then, their occupation of the land, and their refusal to seriously negotiate with the FBI, has cost the U.S. government over $133,000 per day.

Regardless, much of mainstream media has continued to avoid labeling them as the occupying militia that they are. Rather, the go-to label for the armed group has been “protesters.”

Shortly after the militia first took over the refuge, the Associated Press also ran an article framing the crisis in Oregon as a “peaceful” gathering of protesters. After receiving criticism, the AP changed the original headline, but still did not note the potential for violence at the occupied government building.

Although seven other members of the militia have been arrested, and one has surrendered to authorities, remaining members plan to continue their occupation of the federal land. Jason Patrick, one of the remaining militants, compared the death of militia member Robert “LaVoy” Finicum to the police killing of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old carrying a toy gun. “The government can kill who they want for whatever reason they want with impunity,” Patrick said, according to VICE News.

But regardless of what Patrick thinks, the way law enforcement has interacted with the Oregon militia — and the way the militia have been portrayed in the media — makes the power of white privilege in the United States quite clear.

The media has labeled Black Lives Matter events a “threat,” and activists have even been accused of inciting violence “to the point of a hate crime“, despite the movement being largely peaceful. Police have repeatedly used excessive force against Black Lives Matter activists, deploying riot gear, tear gas, and smoke bombs on the unarmed activists protesting. And just last week, a Minnesota cop encouraged people to run over Black Lives Matter protesters. “Run them over,” Sergeant Jeffrey M. Rothecker wrote in a Facebook comment. “Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the street.” He then advised drivers how they could use the law to justify running over protesters with their cars.

Some people who have picked up on this double standard have asked the media to begin calling the armed militia in Oregon domestic terrorists — a term fitting for anti-government extremists, willing to kill and be killed, who have taken over federal land — but it seems many outlets still prefer “protesters” instead.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Six members of the militia occupying the Malheur National Refuge, including Ammon Bundy, were taken into custody Tuesday night following a shooting nearby, according to the FBI.

The Harney County District Hospital in Burns, Oregon is on lockdown, and a section of the highway is also closed. The altercation occurred at about 4:25 PM local time, when the militia was on its way to a meeting in John Day, a neighboring town.

The FBI released a statement confirming that one militant died in a shootout. Another militant sustained “non life-threatening” injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Bundy and his militia have been occupying the federal property since the beginning of January, and law enforcement has been hesitant to remove them. But conflicts with local residents have escalated recently; members of the occupation have torn down their fences and reportedly vandalized other property in the town. Locals have grown angrier at the lack of action to remove the militia.

Two other militia members were arrested last week when they stole federal vehicles to drive to Safeway. Meanwhile, the militia has been trying to convene their own justice system to attempt to arrest local officials.

There are reportedly still members of the militia at the refuge and it’s unclear what impact tonight’s events will have on the ongoing occupation.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Chris Cuomo of CNN suggested yesterday to conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Monday that he was partly to blame for “birthing Donald Trump” before deciding to endorse Sen. Ted Cruz in an attempt to derail the New York billionaire’s campaign.
“Donald Trump, I really truly believe is a dangerous man,” Beck warned GOP voters during a CNN interview. “I’m here to talk to you about the Constitution and what I believe is an absolute right or wrong… The mood of the country is very angry but you never make a good decision when you are angry.”
Beck added that he did not mind being personally insulted by Trump, saying, “Look at me, there’s lots of jokes to be made.”
“But here’s the thing,” Cuomo pointed out. “Is there a little bit of reap what you sow in some of this with the GOP, that engendering an oppositional mode towards government, in ratcheting up negativity as a mainline discourse, you wound up somewhat birthing Donald Trump?”
“And now some of those people who were angry about what was going on and telling people to be angry, now they’ve got somebody who is harnessing the power of exactly that, and you’re disappointed,” the CNN host said.


Beck insisted that he had “warned against this.”
“The progressive movement, and that is what this is — Donald Trump is a progressive, make no mistake,” Beck remarked. “The progressive party was started by Theodore Roosevelt, it was started by a Republican.”
“Bernie Sanders is at least honest about who he is,” the former Fox News host continued. “He’s not afraid to say, ‘I’m a socialist and I think we should be more like Denmark.'”

According to Beck, America does not support the “soft” positions of Hillary Clinton or the “anger of Donald Trump.”
“The real question that is before America is this: Do we believe in socialism or constitutionalism?” he asked. “Those should be the two candidates in the United States of America, and let the people decide.”
“Are we going socialist or back to the Constitution? That’s a fair and honest debate.”


Monday, January 25, 2016


Katrina Pierson, the national spokesperson for Fuckface Von CLownstick presidential campaign, on Sunday defended her call for a “pure breed” president by arguing that she was a “half-breed” like President Barack Obama.

In 2012, Pierson had complained that both then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Obama were not “pure breeds” because their fathers had not been born in the United States. She has also quipped on Twitter that Obama was refusing to help the black community even though he was the “head Negro in charge.”

On Sunday, Pierson told CNN’s Brian Stelter that “even minorities and women” were supporting Trump.

Stelter reminded Pierson that she had griped that Obama was not a “pure breed.”

“Would you like to retract that?” he wondered.
“No, not at all,” she replied. “These tweets — I’m an activist and I am a half-breed. I’m always getting called a half-breed. And on Twitter when you’re fighting with liberals and even establishment, you go back at them in the same silliness they are giving you.”

“So, I myself am a half-breed,” Pierson added. “We have entered silly season. Donald Trump is up in the polls. There’s desperate campaigns out there, they can’t take him down so they try to take down the people that are around him. And we’re just not going to get distracted by all that nonsense.”


Sunday, January 24, 2016


To the surprise of absolutely no one, Tina Fey returned to SNL on Saturday night to reprise her slaying impersonation of Sarah Palin, mocking the frantic and crazed endorsement speech the ex-VP candidate gave in Iowa earlier this week for Donald Trump.

Introduced by Darrell Hammond’s Trump, Fey began by saying she was taking a break from her “full time career of writin’ things on Facebook” to endorse the next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Cutting to Trump, he called her “The total package. Smart. Legs. Yelling. Everything. I haven’t seen a woman this impressive since Jeb Bush.”


Fey’s Palin noted, “I’m here because we Americans are struggling. So many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or our reality shows about Alaska. We’ve seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes.”

Then Fey launched into a riff on Palin’s sing-songy, rhyming babbling from the Iowa endorsement speech, including “a rock and roller, holy roller, pushing stroller, pro bowler with an abscessed molar.”
“She’s a firecracker. She’s a real pistol,” Trump said to the camera before pausing and adding a knowing smile, “She’s crazy, isn’t she?”
Then Fey as Palin went completely nuts.

Roger West

Saturday, January 23, 2016


On Real Time last night Bill Maher accused the militants holed up in an Oregon federal reserve of not being as tough as they like to portray themselves.
“How tough can you rugged individualists be when the first thing you did after storming the rest stop was to post an appeal online for supplies — a shopping list, really, that included such items as throw rugs, shampoo, foot warmers, and French vanilla coffee creamer. What, no scrunchies so you can braid each other’s hair?”
If they were so “ready to die,” Maher mocked, the country had plenty of wars available.
“You can go fight ISIS, ’cause what you’re doing isn’t saving the republic,” he said. “It’s more like when you’re a kid and you run away from home by hiding in the backyard.”


Maher singled out Arizona anti-Islam activist John Ritzheimer, playing footage from his heavily-derided “Daddy swore an oath” video and mocking him for going to such lengths to avoid his family for the holidays.

At the same time, however, he compared Ritzheimer to a Yale University student who loudly protested a school official’s email suggesting that the college not discipline students who dress in culturally-appropriative costumes for Halloween.

“If it is a micro-aggression, shouldn’t it just make you micro-angry?” Maher said of the Yale controversy, arguing that if she really wanted to protest oppressive outfits, she should start with Muslim burqas.
“It’s interesting that this Yale student and this hammerhead in the woods think they’re political opposites,” he said. “Really they’re the same person: martyrs without a cause, whipping themselves up into a lather for issues that would better be addressed with Xanax.”

Roger West

Friday, January 22, 2016


Stephen Colbert ripped Fuckface Von Clownstick's [Donald Trump] blatant and disingenuous pandering to evangelical Christians and his bizarre endorsement by the ghost of John Wayne.

The real estate tycoon and reality TV star gave a boastful convocation speech earlier this week at Liberty University, where he told students that he ranked his own book, “Art of the Deal,” just behind the Bible in quality and importance.
“Trump loves the Bible so much he doesn't even need to read it,” Colbert said.
The Republican presidential front-runner drew laughs from students by mispronouncing 2 Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” — rather than “Second Corinthians.”
“Saying ‘Two Corinthians’ is like saying ‘The Book of Job,'” Colbert said, making the aggrieved biblical figure’s name a homonym for the work Trump warns that immigrants will steal from Americans. “The Mexicans are coming here into our country to steal our book of jobs. But ‘the pander express’ did not stop there.”
Trump also gave an interview to the Christian Broadcast Network’s David Brody, who asked the celebrity billionaire if he ever cried. Trump, of course, said he wasn’t “a big crier.”
“Real men don’t cry,” Colbert said. “Donald Trump is a real man. How do we know? Because he just got endorsed by the manliest man who ever manned.”

Trump received an endorsement this week from John Wayne’s daughter, which she announced alongside the candidate and standing before a wax figure of her late movie star father.
“That’s right, with his newfound spirituality, Trump has reached with his golden hand through the veil of death and dragged back the endorsement of John Wayne — the Duke, the toughest man not alive,” Colbert said. “For anyone who doubts this endorsement, consider this: If John Wayne were alive, he would be a 108-year-old white guy — and that sounds like a Trump voter to me.”


Thursday, January 21, 2016


Stephen Colbert said there is no one on Earth like Donald Trump — except for maybe one other person: Sarah Palin.

The “Late Show” host began singing Kelly Clarkson’s hit, “Since U Been Gone,” at the mere sight of the former half-term governor of Alaska and failed vice presidential candidate — who endorsed Trump during a wild speech Tuesday in Iowa.
“God I have missed you,” Colbert said to Palin’s photo. “It’s like a magical eagle made a wish on a flag pin and it came to life — which is great for me. While Trump, admittedly, has given me so much material to make jokes about, nobody compares to the original ‘material girl.'”
He played a montage of Palin revisiting some her catchphrase “greatest hits” during the endorsement speech, and but she also showed off some new prattling idioms — and even transcended language itself at several points.
“Sarah Palin just guaranteed Trump the evangelical vote because I think she was speaking in tongues,” Colbert said, blowing a kiss toward her photo. “I just wish she could endorse every candidate, because I think it would sound something like this.”


Colbert said he would first use a Taser to shock the part of his brain that understands sentence structure before attempting his Palin impersonation.

He then launched into a colloquial but confusing litany of breathless endorsements of various presidential candidates, peppered with resentful attacks on the media and education, in general, and sprinkled with cheerful inklings of violence.

Roger West

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Rick Wilson, a GOP strategist calumniated supporters of Donald Trump on Tuesday, painting them as anti-Semitic lacking ambition, Crooks and Liars reported.

“The fact of the matter is, most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime,” Wilson told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”

The GOP, Wilson insisted, is still being driven by the belief in a limited-government platform.
“I don’t think that this other stuff that Trump is toying with is part of the mainstream conservative movement by any stretch of the imagination,” he added.
“The question to me is, this is all going to be tested, right?” Hayes responded. “I agree with you; there are large parts of people who are avowed Republicans and conservatives who genuinely care about limited government. But what we’re seeing right now is this sort of electoral test. And that’s what makes today so fascinating, this fight so fascinating.”
Hayes noted that, as The Week reported, “paleo-conservative” columnist Samuel Francis advised then-presidential candidate Pat Buchanan to pursue a line of rhetoric similar to Trump’s in 1996.
“[Francis] basically said, ‘Your best path is just get rid of all the conservatism — all the limited government, deficits, all that stuff — and just go whole hog on, essentially, ethno-nationalism.”
What The Week’s Michael Brendan Doughterty argued, the host said, was that Trump’s rise over more established politicians in the polls showed “just how thin the support for their ideas really is.”


“I think that’s absurd,” Wilson replied, arguing that support for limited government principles constituted a “very significant portion of the party.” 
“The screamers and the crazy people on the all-right as they call it, you know, who love Donald Trump, who have plenty of Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons and names,” he continued. 
“They sure do. I can back that up,” Hayes replied.

Roger West

Tuesday, January 19, 2016



Carlos Santana mocked Fuckface Von Clownstick, aka Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in an open letter posted on his Facebook page, according to International Business Times.

The message, obtained by Clutch magazine, praised President Barack Obama after his State of the Union address, and then compared Trump to an angry ape. But the open letter was deleted from Santana’s page a few days after he posted it.


“Regarding Mr. Trump,” Santana wrote. “I remember when I was a child living in Tijuana…I often crossed the border to visit the San Diego Zoo. I would hear loud screams and commotion in the distance. As I came closer to the sound, I noticed everyone was staring at an ape in a glass cage. The ape was staring back at the crowd that gathered. With an angry look of disgust, the ape defecated in his hand and threw it at the crowd. This is what I hear when Mr Trump speaks.
“He lacks consciousness as well as integrity. The Republicans and Mr Trump are selling hate and fear. That is the opposite of what our Country stands for. Let’s go forward with light and love into the future. Global Peace is within our grasp in this lifetime. Pull humanity up, take the high road and look at the aerial view. Peace on Earth now, not later.”

Roger West

Monday, January 18, 2016


Fuckface Von Clownstick [Donald Trump] on Sunday lashed out at Sen. Ted Cruz for continuing to attack so-called “New York values.”

On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos reminded Trump that Cruz had insulted “New York values” during a recent debate, and then the Texas senator escalated his attack on New York after he was asked to apologize.
“He’s doubled-down on this issue of New York City values,” Stephanopoulos explained. “He lumped you in yesterday with Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio.”
“The truth is he’s a nasty guy, nobody likes him,” Trump replied. “Nobody in Congress likes him. He’s a very — he’s got a edge that’s not good. You can’t make deals with people like that. It’s not a good thing for the country. Very nasty guy.”

Trump argued that Cruz was “a total hypocrite” because he had hosted fundraisers in New York and had not disclosed campaign loans from New York banks.
“I’m leading Ted Cruz by a lot. The polls are showing that I’m on the upswing. He’s on a big down swing. But if you look at what he said and the way he said it and the scorn toward New York, I think it’s a disgrace,” the billionaire opined. “He’s putting down the great people of New York. Who could have done what New Yorkers did under that unbelievable circumstance [after 9/11]?”

Roger West