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Monday, September 27, 2010

University of Beckistan

Yes Glenn Beck University!Beck University is an Online education program website launched in July 2010 by American radio and television host Glenn Beck. Beck University offers online classes in subjects such as religion, American history, and economics. The classes are offered to anyone who subscribes to Beck's "Extreme Insider" program for a fee.

Despite the use of the term "university" in the title, Beck's courses are not for credit. As of July 2010, available courses include Faith 101, 102, and 103; Hope 101, 102, and 103; and Charity 101, 102 and 103. The classes consist of weekly lectures every Wednesday night.

How apropos is this, a man whom couldn't attain a higher education degree himself has a University, although NFTOS can't for the life of us fathom what you might get a degree in, maybe BSBS (Bachelors in Bullshit) (Masters in mice with human brains or Masters in evolution). Yes readers, Glenn Beckistein failed and dropped out of not one but two Universities!

Maybe you'll think next time you listen to the first guy whom holds the coveted BSBS degree.

Beckistan University slogan "PUTTING THE DICK IN VALEDICTORIAN".....



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Dana Loesch today on her blog boasts how that her fellow axis of idiot is only nine points behind her democratic opponent. WTF Dana, truly your want us to believe that your smarter than this!

Bill Mahr releases yet another great clip on Christine O'Donnell, all the while the ladies of the last frontier or the last defense or whatever these obtuse idiots are for, seem to be still backing the ideology of mice with functioning brains, witchcraft, and now evolution, or the lack there of. It's amazing how both Chrissie and Dana with barely a high school education can be subject matter experts on anything but with specific regards to "policy" and or political matters.

After viewing this new clip, one would assume this asshat would just ebb away, but no, hate and anger mongers like Palin, Beck, and Loesch will see this to their political ends!

Reiterating from our previous blogs, while Dana and the frontier woman are great for many laughs with their buffoonery, the potential travesty here or the realism is that should the this "know nothing" win this seat (Delaware)deems this woman will be making real 'Policy" for America.

This readers is not funny! Hate and spiteful voting hurts everyone to include the asshat whom votes from such idiotic ridiculous beliefs like Loesch and O'Donnell.