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When Roger West first launched the progressive political blog "News From The Other Side" in May 2010, he could hardly have predicted the impact that his venture would have on the media and political debate. As the New Media emerged as a counterbalance to established media sources, Roger wrote his copious blogs about national politics, the tea party movement, mid-term elections, and the failings of the radical right to the vanguard of the New Media movement. Roger West's efforts as a leading blogger have tremendous reach. NFTOS has led the effort to bring accountability to mainstream media sources such as FOX NEWS, Breitbart's "Big Journalism. Roger's breadth of experience, engaging style, and cultivation of loyal readership - over 92 million visitors - give him unique insight into the past, present, and future of the New Media and political rhetoric that exists in our society today. What we are against: Radical Right Wing Agendas Incompetent Establishment Donald J. Trump Corporate Malfeasence We are for: Global and Econmoic Security Social and Economic Justice Media Accountability THE RESISTANCE

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


To follow up from yesterday's blog, the viral outpouring from the lunacy of Alex Jones is at an all-time fever pitch.

We can always depend on Jon Stewart to bring common sense to tough issues.


"Their paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our atcual dystopic present. We can't even begin to address 30,000 gun deaths that are actually, in reality, happening in this country every year because a few of us must remain vigilant against the rise of imaginary Hilter."

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun", I guess NRA douche bag Wayne LaPierre didn't see this one coming. Radical gun owner found dead from single gun shot wound to the head. Maybe Keith Ratliff should have had a weapon, because we all know that good guys with guns always win versus evil. Oppps, Ratliff did have a gun, an arsenal in fact, there goes that theory Wayne.

Glenn Beck and Tea Party enthusiast try to distance themselves from Jones saying, "he ain't one of us"!


The number of tea baggers that espouse Alex Jones like qualities are a plethora. Whether it be Dana Loesch, Glenn Beck, or Alex Jones, they are all a part of this brand of special patriots, aptly named The American Taliban.

Sources close to NFTOS say that major changes are on the horizon for gun control, and rightly so. Its apparent that guns owners aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, so we have to make the guns smarter than the human, which shouldn't be all that difficult.

Vice President Joe Biden said this evening that the White House plans to act quickly to curb gun violence and will explore all avenues - including executive orders that would not require the approval of Congress.

Roger West