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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Does The Republican Care About The Middle Class?

Republicans are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the rich and the powerful. Case in point is senator Dr. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. He had the testicle fortitude last week to speak about shared pain, cutting our deficit after the republicans just gave the rich hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts.

If we didn't take some pain now, we're certainly going to experience apocalyptic pain when 2011 rolls around.

Who does Coburn think he's kidding? After the giant, mammoth, enormous tax cuts for the rich, and now it's time for ":shared pain"? Coburn's rhetoric of course is code words for making you take your share of the pain.

When can we expect these austerity programs to share equally, you know so the rich will also have to pay and not just the middle class?

This was the tea bags strategy all along, look out for the wealthy first and then blame the economic problems on the middle class. If you want to help balance the budget, then go snatch the $400 billion in tax cuts that we just gave to the top 2% back for us. Until the righties do that, we shouldn't cut a dime from the middle class. Coburn, who voted against the tax cut deal, not because he gave away too much of the rich, but because he did too much with the unemployed, then and only then did Colburn have the nerve to talk about sacrifice.

If only we could cut $100 to $200 billion and help ourselves, there cannot be anything that's not put on the table, there will not be one American that will not be called to sacrifice, and those that are more well-to-do will be called to sacrifice to a greater extent.

Do we really believe that for a second. they just gave them $400 billion. are you kidding?

Colburn is also the guy who tried to cut down the 9/11 first responders bill, you remember, this was to cover the health expenses for those workers who worked down at ground zero and now they only get coverage for five years instead of ten, and thanks to senator Coburn, the responders lost $3.1 billion in health care coverage, it went from originally being a $7.4 billion bill to $3.4. 70% of these people have respiratory illness because they sacrificed for our country. There certainly was no bigger sacrifice, but Coburn cut their lengths out, and now he wants to speak on or about sacrifice?

These are not honest actors. The entire republican party has one and only one mission -- help the rich and the powerful, and everyone else be damned and screwed.

George Bush said at a dinner engagement while in office "What an impressive crowd these haves and the have mores, some people call you the elite, I call you my base."

If and when you look at the numbers, you realize that George Bush actually wasn't kidding. Since 1980 the share of the nation's income that goes to the top 1% has gone up from 9% to 23.5%. It hasn't been that high since right before the great depression.

The income of that top bracket has also gone up 281%. since that time. The rich have gotten much richer, and that's what we call the "Reagan revolution", a revolution for and on behalf of the rich. Coburn now has the nerve to talk about the destruction of the middle class? Really?

What does the future hold for the middle class? NFTOS thinks that you'll see a 15% to 18% unemployment rate, and a 9% to 8% decline in GDP in the very near future. We think that you'll see the middle class just get destroyed with a Republican rule in 2011, and the people that it'll harm the most will be the poorest of the poor.

Republicans would love to balance the budget off of the back of the poor and the middle class and not the rich, but somehow in republican logic, that's supposed to help the poor.

The realities are that Colburn and Company will destroyed the middle class by giving tax breaks to the companies who outsource their jobs.

For reference, the republican party blockade bill would take away any subsidies gained earlier in year, and this will also make them disappear. By giving every conceivable tax advantage to the rich, including dividend and capital gains taxes of only 15%.

Republicans will make these subsidies disappear by crushing the unions, and then hence there goes our ability to negotiate with multinational corporations that are making workers work longer hours for less pay.

What about balancing the budget? When's the last time the republican party balanced a budget within the last 30 years? NEVER! Reagan, had giant record-breaking deficits. George H and W Bush, NEVER! Both Bush's recorded larger deficits than Reagan.

The tea bags are not capable of balancing budgets period. Why, because they're too busy giving tax breaks to the top 1%. Leaving the republicans any surpluses (like the one democratic president Bill Clinton gave them) was just a piggybank for the rich. How much credibility do the Republican have on deficits? None, zero, zilch, nada, not one iota. No one should ever take them seriously on the topic.

The republican party doesn't talk about the middle class, or shared sacrifice of the deficit. They've have never really gave a damn about any of these things.

59 million Americans have no health insurance, and these numbers are rising while the insurance company's fees are rising. We bailout the banks, whom are now wallowing in profits, they're not lending, and home foreclosure are on the rise. 4 out of 9 million Americans are in poverty and they can't pay their mortgage, nor their rent. 4 million Americans are now on food stamps.

All of this is like ham and egg justice, you come in the house and you smell ham and eggs, and it blends perfectly, it seems like it's one, but whenever there's a vote, the hog votes against it and the chicken votes for it. The chicken drops a egg, the hog drops a leg. So it looks even, but it's not even, and the fact is that one sacrifices much more, and in this case those who work hardest are in fact paying the most taxes.

Do you really think the John Boehner's and Mitch McConnell's of the world care about you, the middle class? How misconstrued you would be to think so.