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Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Virginia is a tin horn dictatorship. Instead of a single “strong man” or “strong woman” we have an inbred cadre of state GOP legislators and crony politicians operating in a symbiotic effort to loot the commonwealth.

Many of our state GOP legislators are feeble minded - but cunning people who squirm to elected office through a blind obedience to their party. Many want elected office not because of a sense of duty, but because holding that office will elevate their social status and standard of living.

Take a look at the benighted governor of my state, Governor Ultrasound; "Sponge" Bob "transvaginal" McDonnell - who recently said in a live radio interview that his wife's office organized the 2011 event at the executive mansion for a company run by a donor whose relationship with Sponge Bob is now under investigation.

Maureen "Madame Ten Percent" McDonnell, wife of the embattled governor, is said to have traded thousands of dollars worth of Star Scientific stock supposedly without her husband’s knowledge. [Indonesia when iron-fisted Suharto was leader. His wife was known locally as “Madame Ten Percent” because in order for a foreign firm to get gas or oil or mineral rights, she needed a 10 percent payoff.]

In May, 2011, Jonnie Williams Sr., head of the troubled Star Scientific dietary supplement maker, gave Madam Ten Percent $50,000. Used $30,000 of it to buy 6,500 shares of Star stock without husband Bob’s knowledge. 
When the stock tanked, Madam Ten Percent sold it, only to repurchase more shares later, again without husband Bob’s knowledge. Why? Buying Star Scientific stock isn't exactly like purchasing Apple stock. 
None of this was clearly reported. Under Virginia law, stock holdings of a public official and a spouse of more than $10,000 must be filed in an annual statement of economic income. Gifts to immediate family members do not have to be reported. The stock holdings were apparently reported in such a vague way no one could easily make the link between the McDonnells and Star Scientific stock.

So, if I understand this correctly, husband Sponge Bob, cash strapped because his vacation properties weren't renting, did not know that wife, Madame Ten Percent was trading thousands of dollars worth of stock while also promoting the firm’s products? He also didn't know that a $6,500 Rolex was a “gift” from Maureen when it was really purchased by Williams?

MADDOW Video courtesy of MSNBC

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The above clip shows that Sponge Bob is willing to toss the love of his life under the proverbial bus to save his own political ass. This blogger gets a macabre feeling that the professional handlers and trouble shooters protecting Sponge Bob, have elected and decided that throwing Madame Ten Percent under the bus has less collateral damage than Sponge Bob himself taking the fall .

I am both agog and perplexed at the “coincidence” that Madame Ten Percent took the gifts intended for her husband and daughters and got money from the same company - bought and sold stocks from the same company, and Bob did not know.

At the end of the day this boils down to one of two things:

1. Did Sponge Bob use Madame Ten Percent for the illegal shenanigans, or

2. Did Madame Ten Percent use Sponge Bob for the illegal activities?

While all if this may be intoxicating - making for great fodder, whether who knew what, when and where, no matter which McDonnell had a hand in the illegal grafting, its time [ a third call from NFTOS] for Sponge Bob and Madame Ten Percent McDonnell to go!

Roger West