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Saturday, July 20, 2013




Last nights Real Time, Dan Savage told Bill Maher about his reactions to this year’s monumental Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, the most laugh-out-loud awful anti-gay arguments, and one of his favorite ways to troll Christian conservatives. He also explained to Maher how gay male couples are most likely to be promiscuous, while lesbian couples are most likely to be monogamous, leading him to conclude that the problem with monogamy is simply “dick.”


Savage said how whenever he has people come up to him and tell him that gay people cannot biologically produce a child, he just tells them “Anything is possible for God,” and “I’m gonna keep inseminating my husband and keep my fingers crossed.” The camera jumped to a one shot of conservative guest Grover Norquist looking visibly uncomfortable, leading Maher to quip that Savage should move on so as not to induce any actual vomiting.

The look on the bastards face, that being Norquist was priceless!

Maher also found it amusing that Savage’s son came out to him as straight, joking how kids always want to rebel against their parents. Savage used this to slam the religious claim that kids adopt their parents’ sexuality, because 1) he had straight siblings and his parents weren’t particularly shitty just to him, and 2) gay people are born to straight couples all the time. That’s kind of how gay people come into the world.

Its funny if you think about it, that infertile couples can be together because God might grant them with a pregnancy, but homosexual couples can't because you need at least one penis and a womb to get pregnant. It's like humans have decided to limit God's power based on a random set of rules. How is it, that this all powerful OZ, I mean God, is incapable of futzing with those rules - seems very laughable to me. Apparently, OZ, I mean God can create man out of dirt, cause the infertile to bear children, cause a virgin to birth the Messiah, but when it comes to something like male pregnancy, He's flummoxed.

As Ellen DeGeneres says in the closing of all her TV shows, "anyway", its a great time had watching this most radical Talibangelical - Grover Norquist squirm in his seat.

Roger West