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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coulter, Cain, and Cut Throat Politics

In the fallout of the Herman Cain sexual harassment story, Ann (“the man”) Coulter has quickly become one of the most prominent voices defending the Republican presidential candidate, calling racism against him and other black conservatives for their politics. She went a step further on Hannity the other night, claiming that “our [conservative] blacks are so much better than their blacks,” and the following night she proved to Joy Behar she didn’t just say that because she was among ideological friends.

Coulter is a right-winged teabagger who often has nothing to offer but hatred, accusations and unfounded blathering.

Ann is certainly not ever going to receive accolades from NFTOS, as we have often pointed out Coulter’s poor judgment of character and intellect when it comes to politics. There is probably not another woman on terra firms more despised than Coulter, which to her is an honor. Coulter is often ridiculed for exhibiting a man like Adam’s apple and on more occasion’s than I can count has been called on her anatomy and sexual orientation.

Coulter is an American conservative pundit, a syndicated columnist, a best-selling author (to RINO’s only, Republican In Name Only), a frequent television (Faux News) and radio guest (Glenn Beck), a self-described “polemicist,” and a self-promoting hatemonger. Best known for purveying hate, Coulter revels in the mass loathing she herself inspires a delight so aberrational as to invite speculation that she may in fact be an alien life form. That, actually, would explain a lot.  

Politico stunned the republican presidential campaign Sunday night with a hit piece on Herman Cain alleging with unnamed sources that two women accused the Republican candidate of "inappropriate behavior" decades ago. As we heard on the Ed Shultz show last night a third woman is accusing the “Godfather” of inappropriate actions.

Cain’s campaign team is blaming Rick Perry’s for the outing; Herman Cain lashed out at rival Rick Perry on Wednesday, accusing the Texas governor’s campaign of orchestrating the original report about allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Cain said his opponents were "trying to destroy me" and got testy with reporters demanding answers even as reports surfaced of a third woman claiming she was harassed.

Cain chief of staff Mark Block issued a scathing indictment of rival conservative Perry's camp which he said had spread false allegations:

"It's an outrage," Block told Faux News. "The Perry campaign needs to apologize to Herman Cain and his family and America for this despicable action."

Cain and Perry are fighting it out to be the main conservative challenger to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican nomination to take on President Barack Obama next year.

Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan said the charge that the Texas governor's team was behind the sexual harassment claims that surfaced over the weekend were both reckless and false:

"Contrary to the Cain campaign's false accusations, there is not one shred of evidence that any member of the Perry campaign had anything to do with the recent stories regarding Herman Cain -- because it isn't true," Sullivan said in a statement.

Cain, the former chief executive officer of Godfather's Pizza, struggled to get control of the escalating crisis just as he was leading in many polls of Republican voters.

This in-fighting reminds me of two rednecks at a family picnic fighting over a cousin for marriage. If teabaggers are so willing to cut the very throat of their own kind, what does this mean for you and I when these less than desirable characters get into office and our livelihoods are on the line.