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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, The Wicked Witch Is Dead.

UPDATED 3/2/2012 21:55

As I write this, I wish I could tell you all that I am sorry or sad that Breitbart is gone. I can't!

Breitbart was a poison to this country and society as a whole, he was everything not to be as an "American" or better yet a human, in the bigger scheme of things, we're better off with this type of firebrand off terra firma.

Having never met the man in person, only in virtual land, I can tell you that I will not miss his take no prisoners style of political discourse. Breitbart was the poster child for what’s wrong with our political system today. Breitbart was made for TV. Inviting him on a talk show was like carrying a lit Bic lighter through a gun powder facility.

"Patriot" - Breitbart was no patriot. He represented everything wrong with American discourse today. He was a pathological liar, a video manipulator and a destroyer of anything not tea bagger . To call him a patriot is to believe in the same mythology that equates the Tea Party with the men who conducted the 1773 Boston Tea Party … you know, the one where the colonists said no to corporate tyranny, versus the “Tea Party” of today that defends corporations and attacks anything that creates a more kind and caring society.

Often is the case with tea baggers and the Andrew Breitbarts of the world, they often thought or think they are being patriotic for their radical ideology and rants of "behave yourself" at CPAC conventions -  I tell you in the same breath that even Napoleon Bonaparte thought he was being patriotic as he was being arrested for treason and for being a traitor!

I actually believe the man thrived on hate and discontent. If you watched his twitter account he'd be battling 15 different fights at the same time, all of them raging against the Breitbart regime. He must have been from the same mold as I, as I often get hate mail from tea baggers, and quoting NASCAR racer Kyle Busch, "haters are motivators".

I sit here in wonderment, could karma be considered a "natural cause?" I received a call today at the office, and here is the quote from the conversation, in it's entirety:
Death at such a young age (although he looked so much older) is normally a tragedy….but in my opinion, the Grim Reaper couldn’t have visited a more deserving recipient. Hooray! It’s a gift!

These are the sentiments of most [but most won't say it in public] spoken behind closed doors and in private conversations. I am not one to be politically correct, and I won't start with the death of Breitbart!

They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, so I deleted all the stuff I wrote about pissing on his grave, doing a happy dance of joy over the good news and feeling elated to know that one of the single nastiest, most sociopathic human beings ever to stain American civic life has shuffled off this mortal coil.

Here are a few headlines that I thought fitting of Andy's death:

Andrew Breitbart, A Gandhi for Liars, Dies at 43

Death Cuts Short a Life Of Dishonest Video Editor

Breitbart–Biased, Blogging Beacon to Boobs–Buys Farm

The Passing of Web Media Hero Ends A Life of Stopping Progress

Race Baiters Lose Their John Lennon

Andrew Breitbart, Who Was Glad When Ted Kennedy Died, Probably Wishes He Could Take It Back

Exposer of Weiner’s Weiner Exposure Expires

Breitbart Dead; Who Will Frame Black Public Servants Now? Ask Racists

Man Who Destroyed Affordable Housing Program With Cooked Video Footage Ascends to Heaven To Sit at the Right Hand of Ultra Conservative and Spiteful Jehovah

Pioneer News Aggregator Crosses A Less Happy Frontier

Breitbart’s Passing Reminds People that All Death Diminishes Us, Even a Slime Bag’s

Republican Jesus rejoices as Breitbart enters "Pearly gates"

But I thought "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" was most appropos.

The last thing Breitbart would want now is a bunch of insincere tributes, and I can assure you I have been as sincere as I possibly could, but I will say this: The man was good at pissing off people like me, and for that I commend him, job well done, for I feel the same - if my blog hasn't pissed off a tea bagger then its' time to hang up the keyboard.

I am wondering, will O'Keefe usurp the throne? The Beritbart kingdom is in chaos! One thing is certain, Breitbart will never 'tweet" again.

So as to keep up with the Breitbart spirit:
"The autopsy is reporting that Brietbart’s ticker popped when he heard yet more good news on the improving American economy. That he died on the toilet may be my own spin or editing, but spread it around anyway: it’s the Breitbart way!" Edited video to follow!
Breitbart lived and spent his adult life "beyond the pale"..... I say Karma’s a bitch, isn't it? All Breitbart accomplished with his life was to make his world a meaner, shittier place to live in.

I leave you readers with this quote:

“I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.” ~ attributed to Mark Twain.

Roger West