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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The End of Andrew Breitbart's Credibility

Breitbart if he had a good reputation and was of sound credibility, its certainly over as it should be!

On CNN Anderson Cooper asked Ms. Sherrod if she would sue Breitbart, hell I'll pay her legal bills to so do.

This guy is the epitome of a "asshat". While its hard to actually earn the ownership of this title, this guy is losing it in front of our eyes. His visions of grandeur has slanted what might have been of a once sound mind!

My query is, does he sink Dana Loesch with him.....We can only hope she is as stupid, and she stays on the sinking Breitbart dingy.


Breitbart: 'I am public enemy No. 1…' - Kenneth P. Vogel -

Breitbart: 'I am public enemy No. 1…' - Kenneth P. Vogel -

This buffoon can't understand why he is now the most hated human in America. The first reason Einstein is you haven't and will not apologize for
for lying, deceiving, manipulating, and trying to derail a humans life long work! You supposedly have a four year degree, well you have got be the dumbest ass to have ever graduated!

Loesch remained on the low down after the fall of her bed buddy Breitbart today.

Andy is the original propagandist and smear tactical leader. Lying absolutely, I think the guy borders on pathological and is so into himself and the rush of blog/Tv fame.

Breitbart is a paranoid freak. I can envision him becoming a David Koresch.
This mans psycho babble bullshit is only the tip of the iceberg. What baffles me is the freaking right wing extremist suck this guy up like he is God, to which he is far from.

Doctoring videos should be a crime and this dude has discredited himself as a legitimate journalist and human being for that fact.

Again, Breitbart and Loesch thrive on angering the left and do what ever the deem fit to do so. Ruining someones life is of little consequence or circumstance to these idiots. I wonder how the shoe would fit on the other foot?


Olbermann Blast the King Tea bagger

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No man gets it more than Keith Olbermann. He rips Breitbart to shreds along with others! Someone whom can see the "make shit up as we go" party (Tea Party extremists)for what they are.

I am giving Loesch and Breitbart more time than they deserve. I say to both of you until you have worn a military uniform and stood a post sit down and go back to whatever it is you do best. Loesch was rambling on about her stint with Penn Gillette on LKL. She speaks as if she had been a 4 star in a C4ISR environment. I guess in retrospect this tool is the know all aficionado on all topics. Please, you insult our military with your little knowledge on the subject. As a 25 year veteran of C4ISR I tell you Dana and Andy....Stand a post, or sit your boney asses down and put a cork in it!

That's what erks me, is that I spent 25 years of risking my life for asshats like you...I'd rather you just say thank you and go about your business.....