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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


How many blacks and Hispanics where in attendance at the TAB [The American Taliban] convention last night? Not many! I saw more pasty white humans with bad teeth at this convention then in my previous 51 years on terra firma! You would think that oral hygiene and oral health would be top priority to these folks! [Just for reference I am a white male]

What was the theme of the convention last night? "ME", its all about me. John Kaisich, Transvaginal Bob McDonnell, Nikki Haley, Rick "Frothy" Santorum, Scott "Koch Whore" Walker, and Chris " I can't push my lard ass away from the dinner table long enough to lose a gram of weight" Christie, spoke about themselves when the platforms intent was for America to learn about Mitt and his magical underwear.

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While the lard ass [Christie] took his anger out on Democrats and POTUS, he failed to tell the convening troglodytes, is that both he and Mittens states run the bottom of the lists in unemployment.

That's the thing with these hypocritical American Taliban's . This group is [GOP=TAB=The American Taliban] is the "Team Not Quite In Last Place."

This pretty much defines the plummeting Romney/Ryan ticket, when the guy that everyone in the GOP is excited to hear speak, is not even running for president or VP!

This lard ass [Chris Christie] touts his brand of conservatism and fiscal responsibility in a marquee speech at the TAB convention yet his own state brings up the rear in unemployment!

During tonight's TAB convention, try NFTOS new drinking game. Safe drinking game: Drink when you see a non-white person in the TAB Convention audience.

See why the TAB courts the pasty whites with rotten teeth. Robme/Ryan are so unpopular and out of tune with women, African Americans and Hispanics - Ann Robme's "women" speech was both insulting and condescending, watch for yourself.


We are surrounded by fallacious ideologues - all this nonsense about Mittens and Ryan leading the country into some sort of golden age of austerity. What utter nonsense and bull shit!

There's no way in hell that Romney / Ryan can win the way they constantly lie about Obama's accomplishments in the wake of constant teapublican opposition in the Congress -- purposely blocking every meaningful piece of legislation (including jobs bills) from Day One.

What's more they claim Obama raided Medicare, which is absurd not only because it's not true (he re-allocated Medicare Advantage funds to the regular Medicare fund where it belongs) but that's actually their plan!

See more disgusting stories from camp American Taliban below:

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